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October 19, 2014

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Nothing more valuable than having a friend that knows all the ins and outs of a ukulele. Luckily for all my kids growing up they had me and my husband  to at least give them a basics of playing at least two instruments. The Mahalo U-30 Painted soprano ukulele is very sweet looking my daughter can't wait to get her hands on it. You should read more about it. As a fun note my daughter waited three hours for the delivery man to show up with it. 

Cargo liner

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My hubby started a little early looking for his new truck. He got a great deal but the only problem was he had to wait five weeks for them to bring in the right color he wanted on it. Even the stereo system he had put in took four hours. The monster tires and rims make the truck after putting a lift kit in that raised it six inches. So cool being that we load our snow mobile in the winter and our four wheeler in the summer. We needed a heavy duty cargo liner to make sure we didn't scratch or dent the rear box of the truck. Things slide in and out. So much better with the protection on the floor. It's almost effortless to get the sled in and out.

September 1, 2014

Magnetic bracelets

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So many great displays at the New York State Fair new things, old things, and lots of great food. I put off for years buying magnetic bracelets but this year was different. On Labor Day it was buy one and get one free. There was so many to choose from that my girlfriend and I spent about half an hour looking at them all. After all the walking it's too bad that someone wouldn't come up with a magnetic insole to take away our tired feet.

Scott Kay

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When we first got married times were kind of tough. Struggling to get through school and hold a job for both of us was tough.We knew someday that we we'll make it out of our everyday grind. A lot of the first things that we bought for our house were cheap along with our first pair of wedding bands. So eventually we started replacing a lot of things. Our wedding bands were the first thing that I want to replace but the couch came first. We ended up picking a set from the scott kay collection. Now that made me the happiest of all.

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While working unexpectedly down in the Carolina's after a friend called me for help finishing his contract with the main general contractor, took more than what he expected. Trying to take care of payroll by faxing everything back to New York was just too much. I sought the advice from while we were there for seven months. Next time I told my friend let me know ahead of time when he is taking on such a big project.

NYS State Fair

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Another summer draws to a close. As labor day is here the state fair is running the dollar day today where all rides are a $1 for the kids. It such a busy day that it's not worth it going. There are so many people that you just can't move. We had gone earlier this week the rides were a lot of fun and the new and different kinds of food were so delicious.

July 17, 2014

Musicians friend

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We thought that updating our equipment would be an easy thing to do. It wasn't easy thing to say. Shopping around to get the best deal of quality sure takes a long time I have over two hundred different web pages in my favorites on the PC concerning our equipment. So far most of the equipment will come from We have three more weeks of practice before we have to be in Toronto for the weekend.

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