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December 8, 2015

Digital piano reviews

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Our son at nine years old is really into the percussion group of things. He loves playing the xylophone and his keyboard. Its amazing to sit back and listen to him playing by ear rather than reading his book of music. But he says to us the songs I like aren't in the book. So we've spend hours tracking down some of the music he likes to play. A friend of mine told me about the new digital pianos but I'm not sure  until I read digital piano reviews. I'm sure he will love it for his Christmas present.

Fish aquarium

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Our salt water fish are getting so big that my husband went on craigslist a few weeks ago and bought two bigger aquarium. We always thought that it would be nice to put the aquariums into a custom book case type stand in the living room. So to my surprise I came home and he had the whole stand built. Now setting up the aquariums can take some time with all the new things we have to buy.

September 13, 2015

Kiss guitar picks

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About three years ago it seemed like every couple of months we were changing out our guitar strings. The company that we had always bought our strings from had changed over from one manufacturer to the other. And just like an uncomfortable pair of shoes if they don't feel right they don't feel right. So we ended up trying two other brands until we found the right ones for us. At one point my neighbor brought over a bunch of guitar picks. But after using them a couple of times we went back to our kiss guitar picks that we can depend on.

Change in weather

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I can't believe how fast fall is on us just like winter to spring it seems to come on so fast. This spring we went from twenty five degrees to seven degrees in two days. Last Sunday we were at ninety degrees this Sunday we're at fifty degrees. Its too bad we didn't have more days at seventy degrees. Lets hope.

July 19, 2015 presents custom beer mugs

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I remember many years ago  as we walked through the state fair my son  pointing out different glass figurines on a display shelf of a custom glass company. The picture on a mug was of two kittens standing on their rear feet swatting each other and each of the kittens were exact images of our tiger kitten.  He was so excited when we bought that mug and brought it home. It still sits in a special place for our memory of our cat that passed away after many years. Glass can be so beautiful and hold so many memories of events through your life. We recently surprised my niece with her name and husband's name and date  of their wedding. She was talking about all the gifts that they received but nothing with the date of their marriage. Besides their wedding certificate and some napkins presents custom beer mugs is an awesome site that has so many different ways to describe your memory in glass for eternity.

Duck calls

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Once in a while its fun to watch Duck Dynasty. It goes to show you in America even a bunch of hicks with a good idea can make millions because I'm no hunter I didn't realize how much money could be made off in a single duck call especially from the duck commander.  Looking in an ad that was sent to us from a sporting good store  I can't believe the prices of a good duck call  could be upward of two hundred dollars. 

June 12, 2015

Aurora 16

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My neighbor next door has a few different collections. Besides having his own family band years ago he now collects old band equipment guitars, amps etc. It seems like every other weekend he's dragging something through the side yard to show me. My husband also has quite an expensive collection of guitars. This past weekends surprised my husband with something new. The aurora 16 as they were down in the basement hooking it up I heard my husband laughing with Paul saying I guess  you're going to start buying new stuff now? 

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