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April 30, 2008


Posted by Malou at 4/30/2008 08:39:00 AM
We went to Chaumont Watertown New York to take a look at the boat we recently won on ebay. It was last saturday we packed our stuff and hope for a nice day. Luckily the bright sunshine is all we can see a promise of a better day. I didn't make some breakfast so we decided to stop in to McDonald and eat. The trip is only about an hour from home. As soon as we get there i took my camera out and started shooting some pictures...Picture addict (lol!) what a lovely boat i told my husband if we don't have a house we can stay on the boat and live there. In the Philippines normally we have a small boat for fishing but over here there are a lot of choices from little to big boats. We are so excited same as Jarred he started doing his favorite game, treasure hunting. The previous owner had left tons of stuff plus little knick knacks. Later on we decided to drive on the bay, my husband throw his fishing pole on the water hoping to catch some fish. We stayed for a little bit. From the bay we can see the Canadian border i thought it was so cool...imagine only a few feet from where we stand another country lies. It was 6 pm when we decided to go to the nearest sub place to buy our food for supper. The town is so little there's not a lot of fast foods to choose from. I looked around me and watched the beautiful houses, some are made of brick and some are stones, later that night we had a heavy rain and the wind is blowing the tarp off the boat making loud noises, we didn't get to sleep that much because the temperature dropped down to 40's and it is pretty darn cold out there. We packed our stuff the next morning and headed home. We said hey that's something to do for a change...

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