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June 19, 2008

Motor Homes where would you take yours

Posted by Malou at 6/19/2008 10:02:00 AM
My dream is to have a motor homes someday. It always amaze me when we drove on the road and saw awesome looking motor homes. It is convenient for family who like to always travel. The thing is it would take you anywhere you wanted to be. If ever I own a motor homes I would get my parents from the Philippines to take them to Florida where I will park my motor home. They never been to the United States and that kind of experience would make them very happy. I never seen like this one to the Philippines where I grew up and owning a motor home is incredible. Although living in a non moving house is nice because of the camaraderie in the neighborhood but then you got to pay for everything even if you own the land and the house itself. Living in a motor home is very convenient too and you will get a chance to meet new people to make friends with.

When it comes to convenience all the luxury you need in the house is there you never ask for more, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom entertainment room everything. A whole house moving from place to place. You'll never pay for the land tax. All you got do is fill up your tank with necessary gas to take you to places you dream to go, pay for the rent where you park your motor house and buy your basic needs. That's all there is to it. If you have relatives who live close to you, you can just easily ask permission to park your motor home on their vacant lot for free.

We live in a very cold state of new york in winter and so I dream of us going to Florida in winter to keep warm in winter season just like everybody did. Park it in the RV park close to the beach and with my family that love the outdoor will be an awesome adventure. Go fishing, ride on the waves, fishing, jet skiing.This motor homes can take us to places we dreamed of.

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