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June 24, 2008


Posted by Malou at 6/24/2008 02:35:00 PM
As I was reading the popular science magazine I found this new words on the word watch corner of the article. I love reading the popular science magazine which my husband ordered for himself but I find it really interesting and when he told me about the articles he read on it I go 'I know that story because I read it too."
He goes it is mens' magazine it's not for women, I replied "I prefer to read it because of the informations that feeds my mind and it's really interesting to learn new inventions that normal people make. Anyhow I posted here the new words from it.

Fud (N.)
Acronym of 'fear, uncertainty and doubt." often used to describe the efforts of companies to disparage or undermine the soon-to-be-released products of competitors.

Physmatics (n.)
Used to decribe the increasingly blurry line between physics and mathematics. See also physmatician: "Brian Greene's book The Elegant Universe made him into the most famous physmatician since Stephen Hawking.

Witricity (n.)
Electricity transfered wirelessly between electromagnetic coils resonating at the same frequency.Though not yet practical, the technology could someday eliminate that rats' nest of cords behind your desk.

Ground-truthing (v.)
Investigating in person the nature of geographical hot spots identified through remote imaging. As in, :After we tentatively identified at least one new kind of Chinese nuclear submarine on Google earth, we'd still require ground-truthing to confirm its capabilities.

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