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July 25, 2008

green beans with pork

Posted by Malou at 7/25/2008 03:49:00 PM
My friend Fe from Germany and myself were talking about what we're going to cook for lunch. Filipino who went abroad like us always missed the traditional Filipino foods we used to eat. Sometimes you can't find here and so we decided to share pictures. Since I have a vegetable garden I decided to pick the fresh green beans. For me nothing is more delectable than a fresh vegetable. Here is my version of green beans with adobo.

As I was sharing this picture to Fe I realized that she was more interested of the place mat where the bowl of my vegetable was sitting. (lol!)The place mat was made of shell. It was uniquely designed and matter of fact it is 4 years old. My husband and I got it as a wedding present from a friend in the Philippines. It goes along with a set of table napkin with shell wrapped around it, a shell bowl and set of glass holder. I promised to put the pictures here on my next posts.

3 comments on "green beans with pork"

faye on July 25, 2008 at 4:43 PM said...

thanks for the special mention, and thanks too for links pasted there,hahaha..
kaso ingit ako sa gulay mo.lalo na sa PLACEMAT::::::hanap ako kaan sa pinas

Chubskulit Rose on July 25, 2008 at 8:22 PM said...

sarap naman.. thanks for the lovin $$$ and comments.. giving it back to u mwah.. have work today...

Cahaya Hati Nurani on July 26, 2008 at 4:17 AM said...

I agree with u...Fe will like the mat than the food in the bowl..ha..ha..

mm...but for me the food remind me to a garden by ur home...have u harvested it ? I can imagine u will be so happy to pick it one by one with ur family and cook it ! : fresh vegetable..

well, I am happy to see u all there happy..


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