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September 22, 2008

Here comes the train

Posted by Malou at 9/22/2008 12:15:00 PM
Jessica's house is close to the railroad. One time when we were at their house for a visit Jarred started out running in the front yard while pulling daddy outdoors to watch the coming train. He gets so excited seeing the train coming. He even raised his arms and said "toot" "toot" and wave to the train until it's gone which is so funny. The most precious moment to see. So on his birthday Daddy bought him a toy train but wasn't satisfied because the one's that he wanted to give him wasn't there. Finally, when they were shopping yesterday for Jarred's cousins birthday gift daddy spotted a remote controlled toy train and was so ecstatic to pay for it on the counter. That's for our little boy he said. Jarred couldn't get himself settled until daddy assembled it for him. Jarred's so happy. It's the late birthday gift for our little boy. Giving daddy a big hug for saying thank you daddy.

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