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October 27, 2008

Brosix 2.0 released

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 11:36:00 AM
Internet is one of the important means of communication of people around the world whether in business or personal use. For me instant messenger is the best communication used when talking to my love ones in the other part of country. My brother in Saudi Arabia and my parents in the Philippines, we are scattered in different places but I am more at ease now that I can talk to them anytime. Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger has just been released on the web and I think that this is another advantage to people where ever they are seems like the people you're talking to is just in front of you. For me this instant messenger has all the features that I am really looking for.

Press Release:
October 2nd, 2008 - Brosix version 2.0 was officially published.

Many improvements has been done in the area of stability and scalability of the system. Some improvements in the users interface here and there.

Some of the most important new features are:
For personal users (
Brosix is portable - You can install your Brosix on a flash drive and take it around with you.
Profile picture - You can set a picture in your profile. The picture will be displayed in the Text Chat window, in the File Transfer, in the Voice Conference and wherever appropriate.

For enterprises ( - includes all the features for personal users plus:
Users Activity Log - All Instant Messaging networks can log their users activities. Users Activity Log is accessible by the network administrator from the web control panel.
Customizing features - All Instant Messaging administrators can enable and disable features for their users. Administration of the features is available in the web control panel after the administrator logs in.

Other features that are already in Brosix are: Text chat with rich formatting, File Transfer, Voice chat, Video chat, Voice conference, Voice Mail, Co-browse, Screen-shot, Screen sharing and Whiteboard.

By registering for Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger, businesses create their own private network, which is hosted on Brosix’s own servers. This network can be easily managed via a web-based Administration console, thus allowing clients to have full control, manage contact lists, block users, etc. As the network is private, there is an automatic guarantee that all messages, files, and video or voice requests come from authorized users, thus keeping the risk of viruses and spyware down to a minimum.

Brosix was founded in 2006 to develop easy-to-use, secure communication tools for home and enterprises. Our goal is to enable people and organizations to benefit from innovative instant messaging and other Internet technologies without making substantial investments in hardware, software and infrastructure.

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