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January 20, 2009

Women should also know

Posted by Malou at 1/20/2009 02:04:00 PM
There are skills that not only men should know. Women should also know simple skills that would help them in the kitchen. A knife is very useful human tool that has been used for many, many years and it is useful the best when it is sharp. I had a problem one day in the kitchen filleting the fish. The knife is so dull. We don't have a sharpener so I went out, grab a stone that has been laying down in our hallway.

With a steady hand, I hold the knife and hone it against the stone. The trick is to hold the blade at the correct angle. Lubricate the stone with water and the knife on both sides. Push the blade against the stone in a sweeping motion, like you're cutting a thin slice off the stone. Then flip the knife on the other side and repeat the motion sweeping it across. A simple know how is a great advantage. Thanks for Mama who taught us the ways.

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