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May 8, 2009

early mother's day present

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 05:43:00 PM
The phone ring. I wasn't going to answer the phone because I hate it when you're going to dive on the phone and came to realize that the caller is just another tele-marketer. I change my mind and picked up the phone. It was my husband on the line and with a happy tone he asked me to prepare and go outdoors with our son because he's on his way home and bringing his surprise. About five minutes later he arrived with a smile on his face. He called Jarred to help him hand the plants to me and say happy mother's day. My day is complete. He brought me a lot of vegetable plants with different varieties such as jalapeno peppers, sweet pepper, tomato, broccoli, watermelon. There's also two rounded evergreen shrub, pansy plant and a white rose full of flowers on it. I made a joke on him and said looks likes he bought the whole farm already. I'm so happy with my early mother's day presents. We're sure going to have lots of veges this year.

1 comments on "early mother's day present"

len said...

hi sis
wow... napakamalalahanin talaga ng husband mo. Ipinapakita lang nyan na mahal na mahal ka nya.


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