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August 17, 2009

AT & T Samsung Eternity Touch Phone

Posted by Malou at 8/17/2009 08:34:00 PM
We decided to have another fun week end with our boat, went swimming, went fishing even had a picnic with our little cooker on an empty river bank. As night came upon us we decided to sleep on the boat we have battery backup on our boat. Thank goodness because we had to run a fan all night. The boat get a lot of condensation on the back canvass part roof. It didn't bother us in a caddy cabin because we had a fan and venting hatch. Only one slight problem, we left our celphones on the captain seat. Condensation dripped on them for probably five hours of the night. We looked at them and to our amazement the front screen were gone. oh no! so monday evening we were off to the celphone store. Only one of our phones was out of contract so we could only upgrade on one. I picked out this awesome samsung eternity. It has a tough screen. We also bought a protective case for it and picked up a monthly replacement policy. It cost a little extra but I think its going to be worth it. Its from AT& you can see a picture of it HERE .
PS my husband got stuck with the one with the old one with no screen 'till october 28th when that contract runs out.

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