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August 14, 2009

Buckle up for safety

Posted by Malou at 8/14/2009 08:35:00 AM
Wearing seat belts can save oneself saving your passengers lives including car seat restraints for young children and babies as well. It is required by law that should be followed. You can even see the big signs on the side of the road reminding everyone to buckle up. It is very important for the families safety. Forgetting to buckle up is impossible since our three year old always said the word "seat belts" before we take off, reminding us. It is so funny how he say it. Going back to my country in the Philippines sometime will be different and will become a new experience for my son since riding on the public transportation such as jeepneys and tricycles which doesn't have seat belts on it. Thank goodness for some other option is still available. Taxi's have seat belts even though the fare is quite expensive.

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