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October 22, 2009

Roof leaks starts at the top

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 07:45:00 AM
Did you ever touch something that you know you shouldn't? Like the old cliche' opening a can of worms. My husband went out to the repair of the small leak in the roof. he went to the area where it was leaking took off that piece of metal only to find out the water was coming from a different area. You could see where the water had travelled to the edge of the siding. He pulled some siding off you could still see where the water had travelled behind the siding up to the edge of the upper roof and then behind the siding to the next roof. So now by this time he has half a a corner of our house exposed tracking down this little leak that will now take three days to repair and put back together. He slapped his own hand and said never again. He'll do more investigation before he tears things apart.

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