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October 14, 2010


Posted by Malou at 10/14/2010 09:00:00 PM
We've finally had it with geek squad. After taking our computer to one store they said they fix it we picked it up it still doesn't work right. So we took it to another geek squad store  the first person that called us said that they were going to  send it out to service. It could be a couple of weeks, four days later we get a call saying our computer is ready. We're like yeah right. We go there and I asked the geek to plug it in and let it run while we walked around the store. When we  came back  a half an hour later our PC was flashing fatal error.  They never fixed anything. the geek says well I tested everything it tested fine and I said apparently not. Then the geek says I'll have you sign a service order and we'll send it out. I said I heard this before. Can you believe the same thing happened again?  No kidding! Five days later I get a call you're computer is ready to be picked up. They never sent it to service. Now we bring it home they took our Mcafee virus protection off of it. They put their own virus protection on and it won't let us delete the program so we can update  our Mcafee. Without this we can't go online.

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