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February 11, 2012

Atmosphere yoyo

Posted by Malou at 2/11/2012 09:01:00 AM
Growing up I really don't have a lot of toys good thing I had a really great imagination. I remember the first time seeing my friends yoyo spin through the air. That's all it took for me to be hooked on it. I couldn't wait for my dad to come home on the weekend so I could plead with him to take me to the store to buy a yoyo. I wasn't getting anywhere with mom. She never wanted to hear about money being spent unless it was food or clothing. Very conservative. These days raising my own children  I ordered two atmosphere yoyo as an introduction to my addiction through life. They were amazed at what I could do. They're a little frustrated at the learning part but still amazed by their new accomplishments with their yoyos.

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