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March 11, 2012

Techsmart store

Posted by Malou at 3/11/2012 09:59:00 AM
Without having a hobby or a passion for a possible project  life can get pretty boring these days. It doesn't have to be a big project just something that draws your interest  away from  the everyday grind of trying to stay ahead of your bills can be taken on a a project with the bad economy. Unfortunately before I found mine I was slightly addicted to eBay and buried myself into some debt that I didn't want hanging around.

At first I took up an opportunity to lower my interest rate by taking up an offer on another credit card. That helped quite a bit but boredom set in last Christmas and I ended up going a little overboard for the kids. After realizing what I had done I turned to Military Loans For Bad Credit. I really didn't have bad credit I had too much extended credit. My bills were paid on time but by the end of the month I was left with very little. After getting dressed one day I decided to clean out my closet  of all the extra clothes and shoes I had acquired on eBay. Soon after this using my credit card again I bought a nice digital camera and started taking pictures of all the clothes and different things around the house to sell them on eBay. I was able to pay back the Military Lending and most of my two charge cards withing six months. After that I kept the small balance charge card and have learned my lesson when it comes to burying myself in debt.

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