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April 17, 2008

Love Can Persevere Against All Odds

Posted by Malou at 4/17/2008 11:36:00 PM 1 comments

This is the real story of two people who testifies that true love will come to you no matter what. Every person has its own unique experience to tell when it comes to love. When you were badly hurt you don’t pause and finally stop loving instead you moved on with your life and look for a better and then you’ll realize that you are so glad you follow what your heart dictates. You woke up and ready to face the future. My husband is working that time in a multiple community in Central New York where he happens to meet a lot of people. He never stop looking for the right person someone nice, later the women he’d run into either want extreme riches or they bitch about everything or they scream at their kids like a trucker. One day a very petite Filipina was moving in the community, nice smile that captured his attention “darn she is married”. He gets to know them over a period of time. He even said to her “if you were only single id marry you in a heartbeat” she just smiled and went on their ways. Weeks later she called him and gave him a name of one of her friend’s in the Philippines and picture. It seem like a dream come true after looking for many years and here comes a 5’ tall and about 90 lbs girl, long black curly hair down her back. His little girl’s smile encouraged him to find a new mommy and wife. I was a catholic school librarian then. After I received a mail from a friend in New York saying someone is interested to get to know me and that she’s asking permission if it’s okay to give my email address to this person. I kind of stopped and think for a moment. Am I ready for this? I told myself why not maybe friendship is all i can offer first, we start talking with each other knowing the inside first before meeting in person. Exchanging letters, emails, text messages, phone calls we talked a lot over the internet. He finally succeeded in winning my heart after months and months of communicating with each other and then he proposed to me. He flew to the Philippines to personally meet me and my parents also formally say his good intentions. Growing up in a very conservative family my parents with my other siblings talked to him and was asked of so many questions and what his intentions are like he was in a court room face to face with them. (lol) Well, it’s quite dramatic and emotional situation on both sides. Finally he won my families heart because he is a natural kind hearted person, even though deep in my parents’ heart mixed emotions had been creeping into their heart. Happiness because finding a man like him is one of a kind, a man that has emotions, he put his family first before himself, will truly love me dearly, a good man that will cherish our love together forever, sadness because sooner or later I’d left their precious arms and build a family of my own in a faraway land I never set foot before doesn’t know of the unknown. Showing our love with each other is so strong and we are brave to face the future. Realizing this they finally accepted my fate. Before he left we decided to arrange the date of our wedding that will take place in our little town where I live. It’s a big honor for me and my parents watching me and my love facing the lord for the holy matrimony. He came back after six months for our wedding. We got married in Our Lady of the Gate Parish in Daraga Albay Philippines , Most Rev. Msgr. Noe B. Thomas was our officiating priest. He didn’t stay for long since he had to return for work in New York. One month has gone by a mail was in our doorstep. A plane ticket! My mom was there that time when I opened the mail, as I looked at my mom I saw some tears in her eyes & we both hugged each other tight. Papa was not there but we broke the news to him and to my brothers and sister later on. At the end of that month I hopped on the plane finally meeting my husband and especial people who loved him too. He met me at Syracuse airport and surprised me with a big hug holding me up in the air. Embarrassed by so many stares I hushed him to left the airport and went home. We got married again following second week of the month. It's only a simple ceremony in the town of Hastings, New York where a judge marries us. It’s going to be our 4 year double anniversary in October 6 and December 16 . We now have a 21 month old baby named Jarred, looked like mommy while Madelyn my husband’s 9 year old enjoyed playing a lot with her new brother Jarred. Moving on our life, enjoying the pleasantries of having kids growing up, discovering, learning, loving, a promise of life together forever.

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