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June 19, 2008

Drink 8 glasses of distilled water each day

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Drink eight glasses of distilled water each day. People think drinking water will make them gain weight and be bloated. The exact opposite is true. If you are overweight you need to flush the toxins from your fat cells. Water is absolutely needed for you to lose weight.

Last chance to win free pizza with Dr. Oetker

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Here is your chance to win free pizza. Dr. Oetker is offering the opportunity to win free pizza for a year with the site re-launch for a year ending June 27, 2008. The Ristorante Contest is in celebration of the site launch. The other features are ‘12 Minutes to Romance’ a 3-step process to bring romance back to the dinner table ; nutritional information ; ingredients ; store locations ; deals ; promotions. Dr. Oetker’s monthly newsletter provides readers with ongoing tips for cooking up a night of romance. The Offer is available to Canadian readers. Hurry up and don't let this chance pass you by.

Grass snake

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My husband found a grass snake in our back yard. Cute little thing but I woudn't dare touch it, it freaks me out! The grass snake has an olive-green body which camouflages it in the grass. They feed on frogs, toads and birds. They hunt in the day and spend most of their time near the water. When threatened the grass snake pretends to be dead and the predator usually leaves them alone. The grass snake usually lays up to 40 eggs which take up to two months to hatch. This animal feed on frogs, toads and birds.

Motor Homes where would you take yours

Posted by Malou at 6/19/2008 10:02:00 AM 0 comments
My dream is to have a motor homes someday. It always amaze me when we drove on the road and saw awesome looking motor homes. It is convenient for family who like to always travel. The thing is it would take you anywhere you wanted to be. If ever I own a motor homes I would get my parents from the Philippines to take them to Florida where I will park my motor home. They never been to the United States and that kind of experience would make them very happy. I never seen like this one to the Philippines where I grew up and owning a motor home is incredible. Although living in a non moving house is nice because of the camaraderie in the neighborhood but then you got to pay for everything even if you own the land and the house itself. Living in a motor home is very convenient too and you will get a chance to meet new people to make friends with.

When it comes to convenience all the luxury you need in the house is there you never ask for more, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom entertainment room everything. A whole house moving from place to place. You'll never pay for the land tax. All you got do is fill up your tank with necessary gas to take you to places you dream to go, pay for the rent where you park your motor house and buy your basic needs. That's all there is to it. If you have relatives who live close to you, you can just easily ask permission to park your motor home on their vacant lot for free.

We live in a very cold state of new york in winter and so I dream of us going to Florida in winter to keep warm in winter season just like everybody did. Park it in the RV park close to the beach and with my family that love the outdoor will be an awesome adventure. Go fishing, ride on the waves, fishing, jet skiing.This motor homes can take us to places we dreamed of.

Schermerhorn Harbor on the St. Lawrence River

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Thought I post my snap shot of Schermerhorn Marina New York located at 71 Schermerhorn Landing Hammond New York.

This is the general store on the marina which has lots items from Gifts
Marine accessories, Convenience Foods,Water toys, you need one. Bait & Tackle, Fishing License, Nautical Supplies are also available. The persons in-charge were friendly and nice.

This is the play ground where kids will enjoy playing.

These two pictures below was taken from the dock facing north.

Visit for more information.

June 18, 2008

Fix Auto June 18

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Talking about car hassles associated with an accident is not an easy job to overcome especially when you really need your car back on its shape. Fix Auto's job is to remove your burdens. The auto body montclair is a fix auto collision repair expert. Their simplified claims process with your insurer, their quality commitment and the Fix Auto guarantee all combine to ensure your peace of mind. Anywhere you see their sign, you’ll find the impeccable standard of quality that has made their name. Just ask your insurance company. To help you find out the locations closest to your place visit their site.

the eye witness

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My husband Kevin had his new tattoo done on his back that showed how much he love our family, he got all our names outside the rays of the cross that says together forever. It's wonderful dad!!!!!! we love you...

Find Cheap Gas

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All over the world prices of gas are soaring high, all we wish for is to go places this summer but we were having second thoughts to do it because of the gas price situation. We cut our budget for expenses to save money in our pockets. Luckily, at Find Cheap Gas get the Lowest gas prices we thought there's still ways how to do it. We went on this site and searched for the cheapest gas price we could have. You too can have chances of pursuing your plans by the help of this site. Visit them now and find out the cheapest gas in your area.

June 17, 2008

Funny English

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Filipino people here often mix English with their Tagalog speaking language like myself. Used to think that every word meaning something had the same pronunciation and sometimes don't realize that. Well in reality you can’t interpret a certain Tagalog words into English or it will sound a little different and it will sound hilarious. Daily conversation in English language is making a big difference especially in pronunciation. Practice will make it perfect so they say.

Phone Cards Avenue - Prepaid Phone Cards

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I went online to search for cheap phone cards to use in calling my love ones to the Philippines. Must be my lucky day after searching on different sites. I came across a cheap calling phone cards. Phone Cards Avenue provide cheap international phone cards and allow customers to save 80% or more over regular long distance providers like at&t, sprint, and such.

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So why do you need to choose them? Because this is the best online store where you can buy cards that has a lowest rate calling card plans. It has best variety of phone cards. It has a secure online purchase and instant delivery, no waiting plus an online management.

Phone Cards Avenue provides the best international calling cards online! All their phone cards are delivered online instantly so you can make the call right away. Buying phone cards online has never been this easy! Go ahead and start saving on long distance now. It's an easy step to buy these cards from them as easy as 1,2,3. You just need to check their best rates and select phone cards , check through their secure server and get your calling card and you're ready to call. Saves you money for the cheapest call you'll ever have. What more can you ask for? Get one for yourself now.

funniest moment

Posted by Malou at 6/17/2008 10:26:00 AM 1 comments
Have anybody told you that when you hop on the jet ski you can flip over? Well that's what happened to us the other day, my husband was on the jet ski waiting for me to hop on. As soon as I settled myself on the seat behind him he pushed off from the dock which started of rotation turning the jet ski on its side then flipping over.

He was trying to turn it around to face the open lake so it would be easier to start it facing the way you're going but the most embarrassing that happened to us is so unexpected.

My whole body submerged into the water gasping for breath a few seconds then my head popped up like a turtle. My husband is already above the water and he yelled to me asking to get over his side. I said I don't know how to swim! He yelled back "yes you can, you have your life vest you can swim. I realized I have a life vest and started swimming toward him. (hahaha)

Graduate Careers site

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Planning your future career would be confusing sometimes what you do and what you want to become someday. Graduate Careers and Job Information is your way to find out especially if you are planning to have a new future in graduate careers and jobs. This website is full of information's on careers and job information's you will be interested in. If you are looking for a job abroad, they teach you to find out what your true personal goals and drivers are; who are you, what does intrinsically drive you and what your goals in both work and life are. Find out what kind of jobs and industries suit you based on your skills, interests and experiences. Remember self-assessment is the starting point for a successful job hunt. This site has an education data base search. Details of courses and further learning opportunities are featured in this education database. You can search by subject, either as a research programme or as a taught course. You don't have to answer every question. Try starting with a broad search and if there are too many hits, refine the search criteria. This site also has a career database search. The Careers Database features thousands of Graduate Opportunities across Europe. You can search by any combination of industry, type of occupation, degree/diploma qualification or country of employment. You don't have to answer every question. Try starting with a broad search and if there are too many hits, refine the search criteria also. When it comes to lifestyle in European country you will learn Science, Fact, Sports, Activities, Travel which this site would tell you. Check their website now and find out what I was talking about.

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