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July 26, 2008

Small-eyed sphinx moth

Posted by Malou at 7/26/2008 08:50:00 AM 3 comments
Does little creature like this catches your attention when it flies around you? Have you ever noticed how beautiful they are? When I was little and until today I always liked to observe them not only butterflies but also little insects crawling. I don't know but it always amazes me. My husband was in the garage and when he came to the house he asked me "would you like to get your camera and take a picture of the moth in the hallway? So I get the camera so excited to see it. I downloaded lots of pictures on different angles but I decided to post this one. The thing about this moth is its huge 3 inches across 3 inches tall. Biggggg!To find out the species of this kind i went online and end up on this web site that tells the name of this particular moth. It's a Small-eyed sphinx moth (Paonias myops). Here is its species details. The source comes from this website
Attributes of Paonias myops
Family: Sphinx Moths, Hawkmoths (Sphingidae)
Subfamily: Sphinginae (Sphinginae)
Identification: Female is usually larger than the male. Forewings are smoothly indented, not scalloped. Colors and markings are variable. Upperside of wings varies from brown to black. Forewing has wavy lines ranging from pronounced to faint; hindwing has a small to large yellow patch enclosing a single black-rimmed eyespot.
Life history: Not reported.
Flight: . Several broods; from February-October in Louisiana, and from May-September elsewhere.
Wing span: 1 3/4 - 2 15/16 inches (4.5 - 7.5 cm).
Caterpillar hosts: A variety of plants including western chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), black cherry (P. serotina), sour cherry (P. cerasus), service berry (Amelanchier), and basswood (Tilia).
Adult food: Adults do not feed
Habitat: A wide variety of deciduous woodlands and wooded habitats, and suburbs.
Range: Nova Scotia and Maine south to Florida; west to British Columbia and Washington, California, and Arizona; also south into Mexico.
Conservation: Not usually required. NatureServe Global Status: G5 - Demonstrably secure globally, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

Management needs: None reported

I hope the information is useful to appreciate more of this wonderful creatures.

July 25, 2008

green beans with pork

Posted by Malou at 7/25/2008 03:49:00 PM 3 comments
My friend Fe from Germany and myself were talking about what we're going to cook for lunch. Filipino who went abroad like us always missed the traditional Filipino foods we used to eat. Sometimes you can't find here and so we decided to share pictures. Since I have a vegetable garden I decided to pick the fresh green beans. For me nothing is more delectable than a fresh vegetable. Here is my version of green beans with adobo.

As I was sharing this picture to Fe I realized that she was more interested of the place mat where the bowl of my vegetable was sitting. (lol!)The place mat was made of shell. It was uniquely designed and matter of fact it is 4 years old. My husband and I got it as a wedding present from a friend in the Philippines. It goes along with a set of table napkin with shell wrapped around it, a shell bowl and set of glass holder. I promised to put the pictures here on my next posts.

July 24, 2008

more developments

Posted by Malou at 7/24/2008 07:40:00 PM 1 comments
Today is the second time our son Jarred put his shoes on without us helping him, two days in a row. That is really awesome! I think it is pretty smart for a 23 month old boy. This morning his dad was on his way out to the door to go to work but Jarred already had his shoes on and his arms were up saying "come" . That means he wants to go with his dad but of course he can't come so he was a little upset about it. To stop his frustration we went outside the house and watch my husband get the motor cycle out of the shed to drive it to work. While waiting we checked on our vegetable garden. I saw a toad and pointed out to Jarred a little bit scared. Toads were every where this foggy morning. Five minutes later we gave his a dad a goodbye kiss and a hug, waving to him as he drove by. We do this everyday.

too tired!

Posted by Malou at 7/24/2008 05:19:00 PM 3 comments
I feel so exhausted today I can't even open my eyes when our alarm clock went off. Thinking about everything we need to do. For one is to evict our tenant still staying in our rental house for 2 months now without giving us the rent. To evict them we give her a one month notice to pay or quit or else she will be evicted but then she doesn't really care. The month notice will run out by tomorrow the 25th. Doesn't even care just staying there as long as she want. The nerve! So we have to do another paper work to bring it to small court so we would get the money she owed us and to serve her the eviction paper. grrr!!!Now who is the victim here. Us paying the bills while the tenant staying there for free? There's no free in United States for the mean time we don't eat because of this stupid tenant who didn't give us the rent. It is stealing money from our family, from our child , from my husband and from me. You be the judge.

Arsenal Football Tickets

Posted by Malou at 7/24/2008 04:39:00 PM 0 comments
Watching football with friends and family is so much fun. It is America's greatest past time. WE are all excited when there is a great game on TV. We always have assortment of munchies to eat and of course your best beverages. Some of our neighbors think we may be a little louder during the game especially when our team is winning. We also have our favorite clothing to wear. One particular touchdown I could remember is when I jumped up the couch my knee caught the glass coffee table, flipped it on the air. Believe it or not I caught it in mid air even though I spilled all of our munchies I save the glass coffee table. Never spilled a drop of my beer. When we have the chance to get away to our favorite game we go online and buy our Arsenal Football Tickets which you can find at Ticket which specialise in sold out events . You can buy Arsenal Tickets at Tickets which offer the best Premiership League Football Tickets including Arsenal Premiership Tickets.

July 21, 2008

milestone memories

Posted by Malou at 7/21/2008 08:01:00 PM 5 comments

I love watching how our son Jarred learn and grew to become the person we know that he can be. He grow up so quick and sometimes I missed a little boy laying in my arms. Everyday he developed personalities and it made me smile when I noticed different reactions from him. Here are some of those:


an inquisitive look

being sweet

Proud look


brain gain

an explorer

guilty look


mr. nicey nice

contented look

grouchy look

frustrated look

caught in the act

happy look

Takemi Select

Posted by Malou at 7/21/2008 01:38:00 PM 1 comments
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OpenDada API

Posted by Malou at 7/21/2008 11:10:00 AM 0 comments

Technology has becoming more and more advanced. As it grew up so quickly we need to keep up with it if we don't want to be left behind. For instance here comes a newly launched API from Dada Entertainment LLC. Dada Entertainment, a well known Ringtones and MP3 music provider has just released a public API and affiliate program. This company is a joint venture between Dada S.P.A. and Sony BMG Music Entertainment offering MP3 music downloads with no DRM and Ringtones to mobile phone users across all major U.S. carriers.You can check their website at As they welcome new partners in business they were encouraging them to sign up and join to become a partner in opendada for you to avail the benefits of this program which is unique in that for the first time ever affiliates can contextually integrate's content catalog on their website/mashup/app/widget plus you will earn money. Ringtone API is getting popular not only to new generation but also to people who loves music on their phone. You can check this web site on to learn more about the opportunity.

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