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November 1, 2008

Posted by Malou at 11/01/2008 05:54:00 PM 0 comments
Besides my own opinion and talking to friends it's always great to know that the internet is always the best way to do research on something that you want to purchase. The husband and I started out the other day to buy what he thought was the best of the best in cameras. But I wasn't completely satisfied with all the options luckily I convinced him after showing him the review on it had lots of comments and it was just what he was looking. He agreed and was glad that I did my research.

Our Spooky Halloween

Posted by Malou at 11/01/2008 03:18:00 PM 2 comments
WELCOME TO OUR WORLD...sit back and enjoy the frightful moment with us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL!!!
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October 31, 2008

The Pink Sisterhood

Posted by Malou at 10/31/2008 10:34:00 AM 3 comments
I opened my site this morning and saw a tag message from a friend. Thank you dear Pau for this tag that would help spreading the Breast Cancer Awareness. So, here's what you need to do:

Start Here

1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add your link to the list of participants below
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

PINK Sisterhood1.Fara 2. Massy 3. N.O.Y 4. Mariuca 5. A Great Pleasure 6. Benchiegrace 7. Grace 8. Jhelea 9. Richelle 10. Demcy 11. Cecile 12. Cookie 13. VSK8SHOP 14. VDAY Cagayan de Oro City 15. DARLING 16. PAU 17. Lou and YOU

Now, it is my turn to pass the torch to my sisterhoods Cherryl, Fe, Rose, Ate Cecille, Dhemz, and Pchi.

Host Rating site

Posted by Malou at 10/31/2008 07:16:00 AM 0 comments
A little of this a little of that one way or the other but sometimes you just don't know which way you're heading when it comes to who get your name around the quickest or for the most percentage of viewers . When we started our business it seems like it took forever to get connected up for a large number of people to view our site affiliated that always revolving around our pages. And then after several years we changed to a different web hosting agent and overnight things really started amazingly turning around. It's unbelievable how powerful the new windows 2008 servers are. We needed unlimited space and they were able to easily handle it at It's always best to search around for your options, lesson learned.

October 30, 2008

laptop inspiron mini 9

Posted by Malou at 10/30/2008 08:47:00 PM 3 comments
We were eyeing for some new laptops that is available on the market and waiting at the dell mini 9 to come out. It's only the size of two big envelopes or less than half the size of normal laptop. What is nice about dell online you can build your own custom laptop. We added more mg-storage along with complete blue tooth capability. It also has the local wireless capability. The laptop being so small will makes it very convenient to carry in a larger handbag.

Martin Sands

Posted by Malou at 10/30/2008 03:43:00 PM 0 comments
Who is Martin Sands? If you ever heard of Sands Brothers Asset Management, he is one of the co-founder of this company. Martin S. Sands has 24 years of investment experience in areas that include investment banking, venture capital, private equity, real estate, money management, sales/brokerage, and merchant banking. Martin S. Sands had years and years of important achievements not only in business profession, he is also very active in youth lacrosse as well as in various local , regional, and international charitable endeavors. Martin lives in Greenwich CT with his wife and four children.


Posted by Malou at 10/30/2008 03:11:00 PM 2 comments
I was so hungry yesterday and so I decided to cook something different for my lunch. Got the recipes out and started cooking. Here's
what I used:
1/4 kl. chicken
2 cups diluted coconut milk
2 green peppers
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup pure coconut milk
1 unripe papaya
1 piece ginger
3 cloves garlic
Cut the chicken into small pieces. Slice the papaya into thin stripes. Saute garlic, ginger, chicken and add the diluted coconut milk. When it boils add the papaya and cook over low heat until chicken is tender. Add peppers and thick coconut milk and cook 5 minutes more. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with hot rice. Check this out. A big meal for a hungry woman..(lol!)

October 29, 2008


Posted by Malou at 10/29/2008 09:15:00 AM 1 comments
We have a small business and you got to love it every time I walk in the office or almost every time you see the girls that are suppose to be working and as soon as they see it's me they start clicking down screen really really quick. I got to the point the other day where I walked up to one of the girls computer that was suppose to be doing research for the company I took her mouse and click the back button four times and a full page of messenger came up. I clicked the shut down button and pointed to the door. I think now that I found the keylogger I'll just be handing out pink slips instead of pointing to the door. I think the other girls get the message.

Jarred's first taste of snow

Posted by Malou at 10/29/2008 08:20:00 AM 8 comments
So funny when Daddy came home from work last night. He scoops a fresh clean snow then he called Jarred while saying he got a surprise for our boy. Our boy was running towards my husband and daddy showed him the snow from his hands. Jarred quickly touched it holding it with both hands. He put it in his mouth tasting the snow then he took another bite nibbling on it. My husband and I were laughing so hard because from the look of Jared's face he seems enjoying it. Well actually that was the first time that Jarred had the first taste of snow. Last year's winter he was only less than a year old and doesn't understand what snow means.

bar stools

Posted by Malou at 10/29/2008 08:15:00 AM 0 comments
Some days I think we just about live on bar stools between the stools we have at our bar in the family room and the stools that we have at the cut out that leads between the kitchen and the dining room then down to our basement where our game room is. We have the plush leather look chrome swivel bar stools there. Over the years the ones in the game room wore out. It was probably because of my friends and myself as we got older we got heavier which wore them out faster.

First snow this year

Posted by Malou at 10/29/2008 07:58:00 AM 3 comments
Power outrage was all in every TV channel this morning after the first snow of this year dropped yesterday. It's so horrible outside. We are burning burning and burning wood to keep the house warm. My friend asked me "what do you use for heating your house?" I go I think we almost got everything to heat up our house gas furnace , wood stove furnace and electric heater. We have different ways to heat up the three apartments. Downstairs in a two apartment we installed gas fireplace on each one and up here in our house we have the wood fireplace. We did everything we can just to save the heat bill for the winter. Our gas furnishes has been unhooked because it cost more for us to heat up the three apartments. Even so I find it very ridiculous how much gas supply cost. When our monthly bill arrived you can see that the delivery of gas price is higher than the price of what we actually use.

October 28, 2008

Cover Up In Style and Comfort

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 09:24:00 PM 0 comments
My husband's daily schedule of work is in a lot of diverse environments. Some days he have to wear whole cover leather attire. Some days nylon and rubber based attires depending on his job scope atmosphere. He open our closet door and stare inside no less than ten coats and jackets in there for everyday use and a couple formal one but he don't seem to be comfortable with any of these jackets. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, boy that was an awful long list. One of the things on this long on-going list for me to hunt down for him was a mens wool coat. I looked high and low probably twenty different stores across our state. It wasn't about the money it was about the quality and comfort of the coat. My husband love wool coats it's just tough to find the right one. Being he gained weight as he have grown older he seem to over heat faster and he need a coat that keeps him warm but also breaths to. Luckily Christmas only come one time a year because I said hunting down this one particular beautiful coat with to days gas prices must have cost one hundred fifty dollars in gas but my husband is so very happy with my choice for him.

Beautiful Blog

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 08:30:00 PM 1 comments
Thanks Rose for this wonderful award. I also would like to thank my friends here who never forget me where ever they are for always visiting me thank you very much.
I would like to share this gift to the following beautiful people inside and out; Sunny, Cherryl, Cecile, Fe, Ely, Dhemcy, Pchi and Pau.

Philippines-United States 1908 silver coin

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 07:05:00 PM 2 comments
It's really awesome to still find coins of important historic value. I mean when we were in the Philippines, me and my husband saw a little stand where an old man was repairing broken gold chains and watches along Daraga a little town close to my village. We saw this interesting collection of old coins with different dates way back before world war happened. So interested of it all and kept on looking until we found this Philippines-United States one Peso silver coin dated 1908. My husband brought it over here and added up to his collection. You will not believe how much the value of silver nowadays. Incredible! But for us this one coin is very important no matter how much the monetary value would be. Its the memory that counts...Papa ko on one side and Mama ko on the other side. Also each side of this world.

alli diet pill

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 02:51:00 PM 0 comments
There are so many ways now a days on how to lose weight. People are lucky to have many information's around where you can get information's to learn all these things. From books, tv's or Internet. There are a wide range of methods used to help people lose weight. Have you ever heard of alli a diet pill that treat obesity? I was reading some information about this and it seems the result is okay. I shared the information to my friend which has been searching for pills that will help her lose weight. Upon reading it she said hmmn it might worth a try considering that she had tried many but none works for her.

A Friendship Candle

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 11:42:00 AM 2 comments

This Candle of Friendship was shared with me by my kind online friend Cecile. Thank you so much ate Cecile! I am so lucky to have found a friendship in you.

Please don't break this even if you only send it to one person. Thanks...This candle was lit on October 26, 2008.

1. Richelle 2. Cecile 3. malou 4. You're next
Someone who loves you has helped to keep it alive by sending it to you.Don't let The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship die! Pass It On To All Of Your Friends and Everyone You Love! May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning. Please keep this candle alive.
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Now, I want to pass this to: All who wants to paritcipate. Once again, keep it rolling and don't let the candle die!

Vistaprint Christmas Cards

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 10:09:00 AM 0 comments
Christmas is fast approaching and people are going to be busy shopping for gifts, and sending Christmas cards for the persons that are important to their lives. Store will be crowded with people. I remember last year when we went shopping for the last minute, it's so hectic and the people lining up on the counter to pay for their stuff is so long it seems like it's not moving at all. We definitely learned a lesson there. Don't do shopping for the last minute to avoid stress. I preferred to go online and picked Christmas Cards from hundreds of designs at vista print. I like how easy to select cards that I like. I love to read messages thoroughly to make sure I choose the right card, meaningful cards. Since I am very picky about it vista print is very useful because they have this customized cards that you can even put in your pictures if you wanted to. The print is high quality and the thing that I like more is how easy it is to order from their website. Vista print had so many products to choose from. I never get tired of browsing when ever I am on their site.

Easy internet access

Posted by Malou at 10/28/2008 10:01:00 AM 0 comments
I am so glad when finally my sister got her very own computer and Internet access. Although the connection is a little bit slow I am very happy to finally talk to them over the Internet. They don't need to go to the internet cafe on the nearby town anymore and set up time for us to talk. Anytime we wanted to talk to them it is so easy now. My sister is planning to change the connection into dial up that way they could have unlimited access to the internet.

October 27, 2008


Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 09:08:00 PM 0 comments
Things have really changed over the years. A friend of mine as we were growing up have a drinking problem. I remember his parents putting him in a rehabilitation center. It seems like forever before we seen him again. When he came out I seen him again, he must have gained like 60 lbs. in the short period of time that he was in there. He was also very jittery. His mom talked to my mom and in short she said it was co ocurring disorders, multiple disorders along with his alcoholism. His new outpatient therapy seems to be working good and he is a lot happier this days. We're all thankful of Promises Treatment Center that help him kick his bad habit.

We did a pretty good job!

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 07:14:00 PM 4 comments
We went to a yard sale and my husband found this old coffee table. It had about 3 different colors of paints on it and looked ugly. As we picked it up for ten dollars i couldn't believe it could be anything more than burning wood. We detoured a little bit on the way home and stopped at the hardware store. Papa went in and then came back out with the bottle of liquid. The next morning before he went to work he asked me to read the can and get to work with the smile on his face, he went out the door . The can was a can of paint stripper I put a tarp down on our foyer put the old coffee table down proceeded to put the paint stripper on the old coffee table. I could not believe that it was beautiful old coffee table. When my husband came home he said wow what a great job mama and to find out if you have to buy this it would be over 300 dollars. Nice buy papa!

Promises Treatment Center

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 12:03:00 PM 0 comments
Some people are ruled by drugs no matter what walks of life they have. Until one day they realized and coming to decision for a treatment alcoholism or drug abuse. Promises Treatment Center has the best substance abuse facility that cater to help and takes care of this kinds of problems. Given another chance to change for the good is a blessing. Thank you for people who helped the patients treat addiction and recover to make life better.

email spam

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 11:59:00 AM 0 comments
It is ridiculous how my email account is acting up. I always checked my email every day and everyday i also click on the "unsubscribe" button to stop them from sending unwanted emails but still they kept coming back. I don't know what to do. Sometimes I thought of just cancelling that account and start on a new one.

Brosix 2.0 released

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2008 11:36:00 AM 0 comments
Internet is one of the important means of communication of people around the world whether in business or personal use. For me instant messenger is the best communication used when talking to my love ones in the other part of country. My brother in Saudi Arabia and my parents in the Philippines, we are scattered in different places but I am more at ease now that I can talk to them anytime. Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger has just been released on the web and I think that this is another advantage to people where ever they are seems like the people you're talking to is just in front of you. For me this instant messenger has all the features that I am really looking for.

Press Release:
October 2nd, 2008 - Brosix version 2.0 was officially published.

Many improvements has been done in the area of stability and scalability of the system. Some improvements in the users interface here and there.

Some of the most important new features are:
For personal users (
Brosix is portable - You can install your Brosix on a flash drive and take it around with you.
Profile picture - You can set a picture in your profile. The picture will be displayed in the Text Chat window, in the File Transfer, in the Voice Conference and wherever appropriate.

For enterprises ( - includes all the features for personal users plus:
Users Activity Log - All Instant Messaging networks can log their users activities. Users Activity Log is accessible by the network administrator from the web control panel.
Customizing features - All Instant Messaging administrators can enable and disable features for their users. Administration of the features is available in the web control panel after the administrator logs in.

Other features that are already in Brosix are: Text chat with rich formatting, File Transfer, Voice chat, Video chat, Voice conference, Voice Mail, Co-browse, Screen-shot, Screen sharing and Whiteboard.

By registering for Brosix Enterprise Instant Messenger, businesses create their own private network, which is hosted on Brosix’s own servers. This network can be easily managed via a web-based Administration console, thus allowing clients to have full control, manage contact lists, block users, etc. As the network is private, there is an automatic guarantee that all messages, files, and video or voice requests come from authorized users, thus keeping the risk of viruses and spyware down to a minimum.

Brosix was founded in 2006 to develop easy-to-use, secure communication tools for home and enterprises. Our goal is to enable people and organizations to benefit from innovative instant messaging and other Internet technologies without making substantial investments in hardware, software and infrastructure.

October 26, 2008


Posted by Malou at 10/26/2008 01:43:00 PM 4 comments

I guess Im a little bit late of my friend rose' tag but here I am posting what's needed to be done hehehe. We have to post our preggy look pictures. I was digging through my preggy photos on our CD but can't find the rest but I found this funny preggy look of me taken when my belly is 4 months old. I'm still amazed by a miracle.
My precious and healthy baby Jarred was born August 2, 2006 on a caesarian operation.

Chic new Vegas

Posted by Malou at 10/26/2008 08:06:00 AM 0 comments
Do you love traveling? Vegas Chill is one of the nicest place to go if you were planning to have fun and just enjoy your life without worrying of anything from the relaxing spas, boutiques, staying on the trendiest hotels after visiting the attractions in Las Vegas. If you're holding a party it is the best web site to check for easy tremendous savings on your budget. Check out the press release below.

All Press Releases for October 19, 2008

Best 'Chill' Spots for Women Who Want to 'Do Vegas In Style'™ Without Breaking the Bank
Newly launched highlights the best spas, boutique hotels, ultra cool pools, and more for women who want to travel to Las Vegas in style. Plus the best deals on posh accommodations and parties!

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 19, 2008 -- Newly launched has quickly become popular among women ages 21-40 searching for the most stylish, chic and exciting venues and attractions in Las Vegas, at prices that they can afford. Catering to the growing number of women who visit Las Vegas for special occasions such as birthdays and bachelorette parties, the site features extensive overviews of the trendiest hotels, nightclubs, and events, plus a section dedicated to travel deals on four and five-star hotels. launched in 2008 with the goal of providing fun and unique travel ideas for young, hip travelers looking for a posh, VIP Las Vegas experience. The site features party packages, shopping destinations, shows, Vegas fashion trends and more. Recent popular articles on the site include reviews of the best Las Vegas boutique hotels and ultra cool pools and beach clubs in the city. The site also features Vegas trip guides, perfect for first time travelers, with frequently asked questions, travel tips and information on preparation.

My business partner and I have traveled to Las Vegas extensively, and have become pros at finding the best hotels and other attractions for young professional women who want to treat themselves to a great time in one of the best vacation spots in the United States
We've combined our knowledge, plus tons of research to create a site that helps our subscribers and web visitors make the most of their Las Vegas experience.
There are lots of travelers who are feeling the weight of the economic downturn, but they still want to have a great time
We've been able to offer tremendous savings for our subscribers and web visitors, and we're committed to consistently offering and advertising the best deals available in Las Vegas.
"My business partner and I have traveled to Las Vegas extensively, and have become pros at finding the best hotels and other attractions for young professional women who want to treat themselves to a great time in one of the best vacation spots in the United States," said Jessica Mingo, co-founder of "We've combined our knowledge, plus tons of research to create a site that helps our subscribers and web visitors make the most of their Las Vegas experience."

For most, the Las Vegas experience is filled with lots of club hopping and cocktails, but it's also growing increasingly popular among those who just want to 'chill'. For travelers who want to plan a fun weekend with a tranquil twist, showcases some of the Best Spas in Vegas, including Que Baths & Spa at Caesar's Palace, Spa Bellagio at the Bellagio and bathhouse Spa at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay.

For travelers who want to do Las Vegas in style, but within budget, also offers a 'Deals and Discounts' section, featuring luxury and economy hotels, and the ultimate Vegas Nightclub Package. For $127, partygoers receive VIP line entry at more than 20 nightclubs, including Prive, Pure, LAX and Ghostbar. The package also includes coupons for offers on drinks, meals and other services, valued at more than $1000.

"There are lots of travelers who are feeling the weight of the economic downturn, but they still want to have a great time," said Mingo. "We've been able to offer tremendous savings for our subscribers and web visitors, and we're committed to consistently offering and advertising the best deals available in Las Vegas."

Once subscribers and web visitors find the deal best suited to their budget, they can book their trip on the spot. currently offers online travel booking powered by Travelocity, as well as 24-hour, toll-free customer assistance via telephone.

About is owned and operated by Octovation, Inc, and Internet media and web publishing company based in Los Angeles. The company's two founders, Jessica Mingo and Scott Williamson, have more than 12 years of combined media and travel industry experience. The website profiles top party, shopping and spa destinations and features travel guides, articles and online travel booking. For more information on premier accommodations and attractions, or tips on how to 'Do Vegas in Style'™, visit

Blogger Buddy Award

Posted by Malou at 10/26/2008 07:53:00 AM 2 comments
I got this award from Sunny by blogger buddy. Thank you so much for passing this award to me.

I am passing this award to my buddies:
Rose and Joops

Ate cecille


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