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December 9, 2008

Chapped lips

Posted by Malou at 12/09/2008 06:18:00 PM 5 comments
Ouchy! That is what happened when you combine the cold of winter with the dryness from indoor heating systems. Chapped lips. The best remedy for cracked chapped burning lips is lip balm. I never run out of it. It's my buddy where ever I go.

There's a lot of products like that that you can buy but I like using Chap Stick. Lip balm is best work when you reapply it regularly and frequently throughout the day to both protect and heal.

Inmate - Prison Inmate Locator 2

Posted by Malou at 12/09/2008 02:07:00 PM 0 comments
Data retrieval is so much easier to do these days. You can also view online public inmate records quickly and painlessly through Ohio Inmate Locator. This search engine is comprised of an array of prison inmate records found in Ohio. So if you are looking for any inmate in Ohio this is the best way to start. Whichever record of documents you desire this site will find it for you quickly and easily.

December 8, 2008

My craving

Posted by Malou at 12/08/2008 10:10:00 PM 4 comments
What's up with this late night snacking? At night I used to do that when I was pregnant but that was pickle and ice cream. My husband brought home some Andy Capps hot fries to snack on.

They have an oven bake crunch to them and zero grams transfat. They are a corn and potato snack. They also have cheddar fries, hot chili cheese steak fries, and one of the originals steak fries with light cheddar.

My husband started eating them and notice the ingredients. They have a preservative in them which is monosodium glutamate which he can't have. It burns his stomach but I am very happy. Now I can eat the rest of the bag hhhhhhmmnnn. (lol!)

Review Kings

Posted by Malou at 12/08/2008 09:13:00 PM 0 comments is a site where you can get help on a hundred percent honest Product Review of products that you are looking for. I said to myself now how come I didn't know this before. After reading what the site is all about it pays off knowing their importance to smart customers who are looking for the best products that they could get. present a service aimed at helping you find in a speedy and efficient manner the products and services you are searching for.

Daddy's New Toy

Posted by Malou at 12/08/2008 05:31:00 PM 3 comments

We finally figure out ebay. You go on there not expecting to win. You bid a lot low then when the auction is over, if you see the item didn't sell contact the owner after the bidding is over so not to interfere with ebay and just give the owner a cheap asking price to see if he may sell the item instead of re-listing it on ebay, where it would cost him more money for the re-listing. And it finally paid off for us.

We been looking for a reasonable price snow mobile for quite sometime. My husband's ebay site had over forty eight snow mobiles that he bid low on it. Four of them didn't sell because their reserve price wasn't made.

So he contacted the owner and one called him back with approximately a four hundred dollar savings on the purchase of our snow mobile. It took him a week of going crazy checking on every snow mobile back and forth back and forth with emails to the sellers but it payed off. So how do you like our new Arctic Cat snow mobile? It's used but it looks pretty darn new.

December 7, 2008


Posted by Malou at 12/07/2008 08:25:00 PM 0 comments
Traveling around the world as a sales girl, my friend experienced so many beautiful places. When she tells me a story sometimes I am in disbelief. There's been a lot of nice places that she has stayed. Only a few were horror stories. But when she gets back to the states she always looks for a gorgeous place to stay. She always calls Westgate for reservation. Her mom and dad lived just outside of Orlando Florida. Not much room in their small house so she stays and enjoy in the amenities of the hotel along with inviting her mom and dad over.

white out

Posted by Malou at 12/07/2008 08:02:00 PM 0 comments
If in my country we have what we called blackout or commonly known as brown out, over here we also have white out. White out in the sense when a snow storm was pushed by a gust of wind where you can't see nothing. It is this hard pit in your stomach that you feel especially when you are driving down the road pulling a boat behind you. Real scary.

Police gear

Posted by Malou at 12/07/2008 02:28:00 AM 0 comments
While browsing online for outerwear's I came across a site that has a wide selection of jackets. I was actually so amazed to find out that this site also carry designs of 5.11 Jackets. This is just what I been looking for. My husband sometimes requires to work outdoors and at this kind of weather this jacket is just perfect to get warm because of the material they use. It pays off when you browse online to find what you really looking for. This waterproof, insulated, reversible jacket is just what I been looking for my husband to use at work.

I received an award

Posted by Malou at 12/07/2008 01:58:00 AM 1 comments
I would like to thank Joops for giving me this award. Now I am giving back my appreciation to everyone who also deserves this award. To my dear readers please feel free to grab this award and send to your amazing blogger friends.

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