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December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Posted by Malou at 12/31/2008 09:41:00 PM 9 comments
May we all have a happy 2009!
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December 30, 2008

TV stands

Posted by Malou at 12/30/2008 09:22:00 PM 2 comments
Its so amazing how tools in this modern world can make a lot of difference when it comes to using it in creating artworks along with designing cabinets, tv stands and many other home furnitures. I have seen incredible designs of TV stands on the Internet and I think that what makes it really cool is the kind of material they used. Furnitures made of solid wood will last for many years.

Road risks

Posted by Malou at 12/30/2008 11:30:00 AM 2 comments
While driving on the road have you ever noticed people driving their car while talking on cell phone? How about talking to a passenger; and some drivers putting on their makeup in a car? Talking about the distraction here...I think I am paranoid of the whole ordeal. Those scenarios are not new to me. Some drivers who doesn't care if they create a chaos on the road. Pardon me I am just so concerned of everybody along with having a child on the car. These are only some of the risky behaviours that I observed.

December 29, 2008

bamboo blinds

Posted by Malou at 12/29/2008 05:38:00 PM 2 comments
My husband and myself bought this old Victorian house or miniature castle pending on which way you look on it. We like to call it our miniature castle. First re-doing the bathroom then all new windows. It seem like it took forever. The kitchen floor stayed bare backer board for quite sometime. We couldn't agree on what flooring until we seen some beautiful bamboo flooring. It set the kitchen off so beautifully. To finish it off we added the bamboo blinds to complete our fantastic kitchen.

A long road to the Adirondacks

Posted by Malou at 12/29/2008 02:57:00 PM 5 comments
I never been to the Adirondack mountains and I thought summer would be the best time to see it but it was definitely the wrong assumption. I got to see the beauty of it when we picked up the new snow mobile that daddy just won from eBay. Just couldn't resist the temptation so now our other snowmobile that he also bought from eBay is for sale. It was a long drive from home but I was so entertained by the surroundings. I took many photos on the road. They all looked like a postcard in fact I've already sent some pictures to my friends to see. They were all impressed by the pictures. It's worth a drive down there. It's a new experience to all of us. You'll learn more of its immense beauty when you visit Here's the snap shots.


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