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May 9, 2009

Fat burner

Posted by Malou at 5/09/2009 07:53:00 AM 1 comments
A friend like the simplicity of it. She go to the gym, put herself on the right diet but it doesn't seem to work one hundred percent the way she think it should. Her whole story started out with her mom letting her get away with eating all the wrong foods. Her mom should of just crack her on the butt and denied her these but I guess the whining got the best of her so at twelve years old she was already eighteen pounds over weight. So today with the help of the fat burner it gives her an edge to conquer the last leg of her weight loss.

May 8, 2009

early mother's day present

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 05:43:00 PM 1 comments
The phone ring. I wasn't going to answer the phone because I hate it when you're going to dive on the phone and came to realize that the caller is just another tele-marketer. I change my mind and picked up the phone. It was my husband on the line and with a happy tone he asked me to prepare and go outdoors with our son because he's on his way home and bringing his surprise. About five minutes later he arrived with a smile on his face. He called Jarred to help him hand the plants to me and say happy mother's day. My day is complete. He brought me a lot of vegetable plants with different varieties such as jalapeno peppers, sweet pepper, tomato, broccoli, watermelon. There's also two rounded evergreen shrub, pansy plant and a white rose full of flowers on it. I made a joke on him and said looks likes he bought the whole farm already. I'm so happy with my early mother's day presents. We're sure going to have lots of veges this year.

Custom rubber stamps

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 02:38:00 PM 2 comments
Being a small business we are always looking for unique and ingenious ways for our advertisement to stick out. Having custom rubber stamps cut to suit our needs is the best way. A lot of times we're changing our flyers at the last minute to suit the community that we're targeting for advertisement. With a never ending color supply at the spur of the moment, we can change the brightness of the color format that actually makes an old style flyer look as if it's a whole different ad.

On Mothers Day

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 12:55:00 PM 0 comments
Talking to your love one on the phone specially when you're 8509 miles away from each other is very important. I talked to my Mama on the phone and it makes me happy whenever I heard her voice and somehow lessen my home sickness. We talked about many things but one sentence that I will not forget. My Mama said " Ngayon alam mo na kung ano ang pagiging ang isang ina" (Now you know what being a mother is). Love, patience, perseverance, sacrifice, caring, guidance and many many more beautiful traits that a mother will do for her children. That is my Mama she have a big heart that never gets tired of doing these beautiful values since I was in her womb and still now that I have my own family. She's a good example for me and my siblings that will remain and I will pass on to my children. I am so lucky indeed. Mama I LOVE YOU and Happy Mother's Day.

Pool toys

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 12:25:00 PM 0 comments
Is your swimming pool ready yet? For some warm weather is all what they've been waiting for so they can jump in on their pool and have fun. When daddy took me yesterday to his work he showed me the pool in just the nearby office. The water looks so inviting. The benches around it were nice as well as the new gazebo which is my favorite. They also have a grill in a corner and I noticed that all was missing are pool toys so they can start a party.

Task to finish the ads

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 12:11:00 PM 0 comments
Finishing my task today in printing out the advertisements which we will distribute to apartment complex down in Liverpool is very important but then again I was busy doing the laundry let alone cleaning the house and playing with my son. I still have 4 hours to do it before my hubby comes home. It's time for lunch.

Weight loss pills

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 11:57:00 AM 0 comments
Are you forever looking for a weight loss pill? This site might be helpful on your search. I stumbled on a site that does their job in putting in together their research on the best weight loss pills. The good thing about this is that they describe the product, compare the prices and even the reviews and testimonials from the people who have been using them. You should check it out.

Die hard of flowers?

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 11:42:00 AM 0 comments
My friend just came back on her visit from Texas. Of course who would forget a camera to bring along with. Never in her entire life that she left it behind. As a souvenir she took lots of pictures from Arboretum Park. She is a die hard of flowers so most of the pictures she had are flowers. These photos are pretty cool. Its a work of art.

Outer Banks

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 11:20:00 AM 0 comments
Every year my step daughter's family spend their weeks vacation at Outer Banks. They are lucky to have a very good package deal of a place, no wonder it's their favorite place as a get away travel destination during summer. Last year she gave me dried shells which she patiently picked out by herself from the beach. I thought that was very sweet of her thinking of me.

Proper posture

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 10:53:00 AM 0 comments
Are you stuck in front of the computer for long periods of time doing your work? Its time for a reality check. The sitting position causes the stomach muscles to become slack and weak from under use. Maybe you are unaware that your shoulder slump. Sitting on your posterior for hours on end creates chronic back pain, initiates headaches and fatigue. Conditioning your body with exercise, body therapies, and most of all proper sitting position may help stop the injuries.

Life insurance quote

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 09:08:00 AM 0 comments
Basically the purpose why we are working is to provide the basic needs of our family and make our life better. These days life insurance for the family is a necessity. But how can we afford to have it if its too expensive? Right here is a life insurance quote where you can compare prices of affordable insurance. You never know what tomorrow will bring to us. It's always better to be prepared.

Learning abc's

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 09:01:00 AM 0 comments
My little one loves to sing his ABC's in fact he is really good on it. So I wrote down the letters on a big piece of paper one day thinking that he could easily remember the letter when he started learning to write. So far he can say each letters now when I point each one of them. Next step is encouraging him how to write.

Appetite suppression

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 07:50:00 AM 0 comments
It's tough to eat sensibly on the road and finding fast foods sometimes is your one stop to eat especially when you were in a hurry to go to your destination. The result many people return from vacation and dismayed to find that they gained several pounds. You end up breaking your what to do list on appetite suppression. I must admit that during our vacation we also go to fast food restaurants just because it is easier especially when you were with the kids and running around the park to get on the next ride.

Golden legacy mini library

Posted by Malou at 5/08/2009 07:18:00 AM 0 comments
Whenever I go to my husbands work I never missed a chance to visit the senior living community library at his workplace. Yesterday I was there again. It fascinates me how many books they have acquired already from donations of the residents who live on the area. I picked out two books to read and all you have to do is sign in your name and title on the log book. Now I have books to read and keep me occupied on my free time.

May 5, 2009


Posted by Malou at 5/05/2009 12:44:00 PM 0 comments

Are you planning your next travel destination? Whether it is a business or personal, spending quality vacation with a lifetime experience to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. To complete your travel plans why not visit the famous Westgate where you can have a retreat. And of course don't miss out bringing a camera with you to capture the sights.

Do this while driving

Posted by Malou at 5/05/2009 12:24:00 PM 0 comments
My friend and I were talking how bad some drivers are these days. As we talked she mentioned about the jokes that she received from a friend through her email. This is really a good one but please be reminded. We do not advise doing any of the below "things to do while driving", as all driving should be taken seriously. The below "things to do while driving" are simply here for entertainment purposes.
Strange and silly things to do while driving:
Vary your vehicle's speed inversely with the speed limit.
Roll down your windows and blast talk radio. Attempt to head bang.
At stop lights, eye the person in the next car suspiciously. With a look of fear, lock your doors.
Two words: Chicken suit.
Write the words "Help me" on your back window in red paint. The more it looks like blood, the better.
Have conversations, looking periodically at the passenger seat, when driving alone.
Laugh a lot. A whole lot.
Stop at the green lights.
Go at the red ones.
Occasionally wave a stuffed animal/troll doll/Barbie out your window or sunroof. Feel free to make it dance.
Eat food that requires silverware.
Pass cars, then drive very slowly.
Sing without having the radio on.
Honk frequently without motivation.
Wave at people often. If they wave back, offer an angry look and an obscene gesture.
Ask people for Grey Poupon.
Let pedestrians know who's boss.
Look behind you frequently, with a very paranoid look.
Restart your car at every stop light.
Hang numerous car-fresheners in the rear-view mirror. Talk to them, stroking them lovingly.
Lob burning things in the windows of smokers who throw their butts out the window.
While stopped at a light, piss out the window/sunroof onto other cars.
Keep at least five cats in the car.
Root (cheer, not snuffle in the mud) for firetrucks.
Stop and collect roadkill.
Throw Spam.
Get in the fast lane and gradually ... slow ... down ... to a stop. Then get out and watch the cars. Throw Spam at them.

May 4, 2009

Orlando vacations

Posted by Malou at 5/04/2009 08:49:00 AM 0 comments
Have you been wondering where can you can spend your next vacation? Here's a good one for you. If you live in a cold NY state, getting away from it for a while is what you'll probably be doing. Orlando vacations had a lot offers that your family would love. Don't miss out the fun of the theme parks, the rides and many many more exciting entertainment and adventures you'll have.

Duct tape can cure warts

Posted by Malou at 5/04/2009 08:14:00 AM 0 comments
This might gross you out but here is what I just learned about getting rid of warts. Placing duct tape over warts to get rid of them is not just an old wives' tale. My husband did it and it really works. In addition, duct tape is also very helpful to stop the bleeding when you have a small cut specially when times where you don't carry a first aide kit but of course washing your wounds and taking proper care of it is best to avoid infection.

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