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June 25, 2009

Car insurance

Posted by Malou at 6/25/2009 02:03:00 PM 1 comments
It's crucial to make sure our family are protected by the kind of insurance were paying for from home, car insurance and family insurance coverage. There were many companies that offers good insurance policies out there because its a necessity for everyone to have an insurance that also covers your vehicle. Life is very unpredictable so its always nice to be prepared.

chilling out

Posted by Malou at 6/25/2009 01:58:00 PM 1 comments
My little one was so excited today when grandma and grandpa stopped over and brought him a kid's swimming pool. This is what he looked like after we put water in it. Chilling out from the scorching heat. Too bad I don't fit in it or I'll be in it too. (lol!)

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