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August 14, 2009

Diet pill that works

Posted by Malou at 8/14/2009 09:04:00 AM 1 comments
If slimming is in your list and still searching for the best diet pill that works might be an answer. Through this site you'll find the diet pill buyer guide which lists down diet supplements out there including the product description. I think that its great to have found a site like this that gives you a heads up on what diet pills works best.

Buckle up for safety

Posted by Malou at 8/14/2009 08:35:00 AM 0 comments
Wearing seat belts can save oneself saving your passengers lives including car seat restraints for young children and babies as well. It is required by law that should be followed. You can even see the big signs on the side of the road reminding everyone to buckle up. It is very important for the families safety. Forgetting to buckle up is impossible since our three year old always said the word "seat belts" before we take off, reminding us. It is so funny how he say it. Going back to my country in the Philippines sometime will be different and will become a new experience for my son since riding on the public transportation such as jeepneys and tricycles which doesn't have seat belts on it. Thank goodness for some other option is still available. Taxi's have seat belts even though the fare is quite expensive.

August 12, 2009

Florida vacations

Posted by Malou at 8/12/2009 11:46:00 AM 0 comments
If you are thinking of spending your next Florida vacations with your family it's the great time of the year to book for a reservation and get the best package deal from hotels and rides at Disney world. This is only a limited offer so don't be late. It's the popular vacation destinations where the entire family will enjoy. Book your next vacation for a memorable and exciting experience of the lifetime.

Managing hair frizz

Posted by Malou at 8/12/2009 10:49:00 AM 0 comments
Because my hair is naturally curly it is usually frizzy and sometimes I have a tough time managing my hair especially around my 3 year old who always on the go for some games. There are inexpesnsive way to keep the "frizzies" at bay such as hair treatments but I preferred a fast and simple solution that works. If you have same problem on your hair you can easily hide those frizz by using a headband.

A Package

Posted by Malou at 8/12/2009 08:10:00 AM 1 comments

After three weeks of waiting, the package that my sister sent through the mail arrived. I had bad experience before with packages sent through the mail either disappeared along the way or a box of goodies received but some items missing. I am glad that this time it made it to our home completely intact. Mama added pilinut candies inside the package which she cooked by herself. Home made pilinut candies is always the best. Pilinut candy is a bicolano delicacy. The last time I ate it was may be a a year or two years ago. To Jarred it's his first experience to taste the yummy home made pilinuts which he enjoyed so much.

August 10, 2009

Best acne treatments

Posted by Malou at 8/10/2009 08:45:00 AM 0 comments
How many times did you switch to an acne products and believing that it will solve your acne problems but what happened next is they only put false hope in you? Maybe your search for the best acne treatments will be payed off after all right now. I have found this site that has reviews of the top products that they claimed to treat acne that deliver results. You might want to check on their site too.

Picture files

Posted by Malou at 8/10/2009 08:29:00 AM 0 comments
I was in front of the computer today with the determination to complete the task that my husband have put into my shoulder. I'm a fanatic when it comes to taking pictures. Our computer is loaded of pictures dated from 2007 up to the present and I thought it's going to take 17 hours to transfer the pictures on the disk. If not from the computer acting up I wasn't going to do this because I like going back on the old pictures and storing them on the computer picture file for browsing is a lot easier but then again they say it's not really a good idea to store tons of picture in your computer. I guess they're right.

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