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August 28, 2009

Flat panel mount

Posted by Malou at 8/28/2009 02:16:00 PM 1 comments
We had a lightning storm a couple of ways back. I wasn't home at that time. The neighbor was telling me that the power went on and off twice and then went to low voltage. I wasn't thinking about it much when I entered the house because I was reading the mail. More bills just what I needed. I just went about my normal routine. I took a shower turned on the living room TV. That seemed to be fine. It's an older Sony. When I went up to bed later that night I went to turn on the bedroom TV. It turned on for a moment and shut off I turned it back on to hear a popping noise and I knew it was gone. So off to the mall I went the next day. I picked up this beautiful 50 inch HD. They had a special deal, buy the TV and the flat panel mount to hold it on the wall.

Finding a friend

Posted by Malou at 8/28/2009 08:55:00 AM 1 comments
Yesterday was an exciting day for us. Why? It's because after three years without any communication I finally get to see my friend again. I called the old number on my phone book and left a message for her. So happy when she returned my call and we decided to meet at my house and have lunch with me and my son Jarred. It's great to see her again!

August 23, 2009

Home insurance quote

Posted by Malou at 8/23/2009 03:27:00 PM 0 comments
As a home owner we had to make sure we are covered with the kind of protection we need especially when we have a mortgage. It help protect our future. Every home owner must have insurance protection in case your home is damaged by fire, storm, theft or if you need to rebuild your home and also replacing your possessions. Isn't that great if you have all this protection but of course there are companies that offer you more than that. It's great to find a home insurance quote that helps home owners decide the coverage for home insurance policy to protect your home and family needs.

Just arrived from camping

Posted by Malou at 8/23/2009 03:19:00 PM 2 comments
Just arrived home from camping and I am soooo tired but I was excited to see who came by for the past two days while I'm away. The nice thing about moderating comments on your blog is you have the chance to see the messages before it was posted on your blog and I definitely like it. Thanks guys for dropping by. I'll return the favor soon.

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