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September 25, 2009

When opportunity knocks...

Posted by Malou at 9/25/2009 05:52:00 PM 1 comments
When it rain it pours. It is something how a lot of people just sit around and feel sorry for themselves. They whine, whine, whine and expect the government to take care of them. When we're down on our luck we try to always look at the sunny side of things. One opportunbity closes and one seems to always opens. Sometimes you might have to look for that opportunity a little harder.  But sometimes it comes knocking at your door. In our case that was the phone ringing over and over again in one day. Multiple opportunities for us all over the  place. 

Motorhome towing

Posted by Malou at 9/25/2009 05:22:00 PM 0 comments
Two years ago in the summer, we decided at a split second to hopped in our motor home and catch up with friends that were down in Bath Carolina. Driving from Central New York down to Bath where we were hoping to buy a small sailboat when we were there because it is sailboat city in Bath. We were doing fine but I started smelling something hot in the back of the motor home. It turned out that our brakes on the rear of the motor home were over heating. We pulled over and stopped on the interstate. That was our worst mistake. Stopping made the brakes completely cease up. We couldn't get going after that. Thank goodness we had motorhome towing. By the time they got there picked it up and serviced it we only lost six hours of our vacation but in the meantime waiting for the repairs get done we visited the little town that were in and picked up quite a few souvenirs from there.

Journeying with the kids the right insight

Posted by Malou at 9/25/2009 05:09:00 PM 0 comments
Kids! They always got to stay busy. So try to write and bounce on a trampoline at the same time with your little one. I got such a headache the other day from playing too hard with Jarred. But just remember its all about the kids. Happy childhood makes for a loving happy teenage and hopefully a better adult. Drilling in to them right and wrong hopefully they'll make the right decision in their long life ahead of them.


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