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October 5, 2009

Industrial computer

Posted by Malou at 10/05/2009 05:58:00 AM 0 comments
It seems like we fought and fought more. We went out in today's retail market and bought a new bigger better PC payed tons of money for it. After three months it slowed right down because we run so many programs. The PC can't handle it even with all the RAM in it. We de-frag it re-arrange programs to run faster and had only the necessary programs that we needed. But still we find ourself in a mess. What we didn't know was online there were industrial computer and now that we are re-doing all of our fiber optics in our office we're so glad that we've purchased one.

Acid indigestion

Posted by Malou at 10/05/2009 05:52:00 AM 0 comments
I've noticed as I get older that some foods I used to eat are not agreeing with me anymore. So I started taking "TUMS" for an acid attack or little heart burn. I went to the doctor they wanted to put me on this pills for acid reflux disease which is crazy the pills had a bunch of side effects that are worse than the acidity itself. I got online an old fashioned remedy is the table spoon of vinegar cider along with a small sip of apple juice it works perfect for me.

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