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October 22, 2009

Digital frame

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 08:41:00 AM 0 comments
It's always hard at Christmas to buy for my mother and father-in-law. Let's face it. They're seniors in their early eighties so it's hard to find them something unique. For a while there we were stuck on buying them stuffed animated toy animals. Now they're unique and Mom enjoyed showing them off to friends. I think that the most unique family orientated item that we bought them is their digital frame. They're in Florida for half a year. They bring the frame home with them and we load it with all the pictures of the times when they were gone so they can have them for their next six months in Florida.

Maxwell House Coffee

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 08:34:00 AM 1 comments
Did you ever notice the people that like instant coffee can't stand perked coffee and vice versa? I think the perked coffee taste very bitter to me. My husband feels the same way. While on the trip over to the Philippines he discovered that Maxwell House has all in one little packet. It's for the people that liked two sugars, one cream, and mild coffee. As they say all in one. It's taste is incredible. We found even our friends that liked perked coffee loved this little incredible packet. Wish we had more we'll have to wait for the next trip I guess.

Bathroom lighting

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 08:28:00 AM 0 comments
We were very energy conscious these days. Replacing all of our bulbs throughout the house with new energy efficient bulbs. I don't mind saving money but in some cases these new bulbs don't give proper lighting. For instance in the bathroom lighting, its like being around the old fashioned fluorescent lighting. Have you ever seen your complexion with fluorescent? It really doesn't bring a smile to your face in the morning. You be the judge.

Roof leaks starts at the top

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 07:45:00 AM 0 comments
Did you ever touch something that you know you shouldn't? Like the old cliche' opening a can of worms. My husband went out to the repair of the small leak in the roof. he went to the area where it was leaking took off that piece of metal only to find out the water was coming from a different area. You could see where the water had travelled to the edge of the siding. He pulled some siding off you could still see where the water had travelled behind the siding up to the edge of the upper roof and then behind the siding to the next roof. So now by this time he has half a a corner of our house exposed tracking down this little leak that will now take three days to repair and put back together. He slapped his own hand and said never again. He'll do more investigation before he tears things apart.

Inventory software

Posted by Malou at 10/22/2009 07:22:00 AM 0 comments
It seem very simple at first and it was definitely exciting starting our own business. The inventory that we had was basically three hundred fifty to four hundred items. It used to take only two hours a day to balanced our inventory. After a while we expanded our business. We really needed inventory software. It made our job so much easier not to mention keeping track of inventory that seemed to be missing. We could track what driver had it on its truck last by our driver knowing this I think it kept them more honest or in their toes anyway.

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