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December 25, 2010

Shari's berries

Posted by Malou at 12/25/2010 08:17:00 PM 0 comments
Every year its so hard to find something as a gift for a new acquaintance boss or co-worker. I think everybody is getting tired of the same old cheese sampler or bottle of wine. Lets face it how much cheese and wine can a person consume. Well I guess we'll never know. So this year we decided to do something a little different for a change. I put my husband to work searching the Internet for different ideas. He came up with shari's berries. We ended up going with the package that has the most sweet berries in it which was extremely delightful. Everybody was amazed at the taste. That's everybody that was lucky enough to get the piece of it.

New York State snow

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I'ts about time  that Washington DC got a little bit of the white snow. Now they can have a small feeling about what us Upstate New Yorkers have to deal with all winter long. Our nephew lives and works in Washington DC and he's always bragging about not having any snow and I tell him he doesn't know what having fun is all about. We can go skiing, we can go sliding with the kids and also ride our snowmobile. While he sits indoors or goes to his museums. We'll take our snow over that any day.

Rifle scope

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My husband tells me a funny story about when he was growing up in what I would call the back woods of New York State. His grandmother used to enjoy cooking up a few different kinds of wild game. His dad would let hunters on to the property to go hunting. They'd hunt all day and hardly ever come off the property with more than a couple of pheasants or partridge. My husband at twelve years old would take his BB gun with a rifle scope off of an old 22 caliber rifle. He would lay down at the edge of the pond between two sand hills and take  easily twice as many pheasant in three hours than the hunters did all day.

Mater National wii game

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Santa brought a new Wii game for our son Mater National. He is having so much fun running into everything he'll never beat the game if you don't beat the game at the first level you can't progress to the next as far as I can see. So you start out racing Lightning Mcqueen across Radiator Spring's desert area. There's so many dead ends I myself am having a hard time following the track to teach him.

December 18, 2010

Lose weight

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It's so hard to find the right product compared to your physiology of yourself to lose weight. Some products work for one person but they don't seem to work good for another. Take example my neighbor she brag and brag about a product forever. The product worked great for her but I tried it with a lot less results. It took me almost three times as long to lose per pound weight as she did and I was even on a workout program to help.

Share the wealth

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My husband has a great idea at helping the world out. All this big business industries that make billions a year each one would be given a type of lottery card. Each day someone  will spin a lottery wheel if it comes up with their number they would have to contribute one percent of their monthly grosses of their business income to a cause that would be on another roulette wheel that would have different causes on it. For example it might land on cancer research, diabetes research or feed the starving children.

December 17, 2010

Last minute Christmas

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Last minute Christmas preparation to your love ones that you don't know what to get. They say pictures say a thousand words so for my mother in law we picked up a travel mug with a clear casing that way we can print pictures from our computer and put them behind the plastic on the cup so she can see us all the time when she's on the road. Merry Christmas mom.

December 14, 2010

Cell phones

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So many choices these days everyday or every other hour there are new cell phones coming on the market. If you think back ten years ago what a cell phone really was it was big and ugly and the only thing you could do with it was to talk on it. That was fine for the times. I usually only have a new cell phone for one year then I'm tired of it and move on to a different model. In my case I like taking a lot of  pictures so I make sure the phone that I get has the maximum mega pixels.

Christmas shopping

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Hopefully there's enough shopping time for shipping on eBay. Some of our presents are coming from other countries. One of the things that I'm really excited about is the computer drawing pen for my son. We're always running out of paper so if he draws it on the PC we can save it and print it later for his wall  of art work. He's only four.

December 4, 2010

Cerebral palsy

Posted by Malou at 12/04/2010 12:36:00 PM 1 comments
   My husband told me stories about when he was in elementary school. He doesn't know how he arrived at his situation. He said it must have come from the heart his mom and dad gave him a good one. One of his closest friend was blind so in third grade the school had received a new braille type writer. My husband helped his friend with feeling the keys then pronouncing the letter so his friend would learn this. A friend of his that used to run a small store in town had a daughter that had cerebral palsy.  In my husband's younger years he used to mow the lawn for extra money. On occasion he would help his friend with the daughter out to the swimming pool for her daily exercises.

Wii exercise

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A while back we bought the Wii game to just recently I discovered the online station that you can click on to go anywhere online. The only problem with this is its taking up so much of my time its very addicting. My husband bought me the wii exercise dvd. It's kind of fun especially when my four year old joins in. We have such a laugh.

Managed hosting

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I looked back at how hard it was at the beginning. Learning everything by myself for building a website was frustrating. Setting up a front page and having it hosted took only a few minutes. The daily updates and making the page work right were the problem. Eventually I went to managed hosting. Besides freeing up a lot of my time on my first site I was able to sit down and concentrate on the new design of my second site.

Freezing on the slide

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How do you put a time limit on freezing? We didn't expect the wind to make the cold so much colder. Bundling up my little guy and myself took at least thirty minutes. All we wanted to do was go play in the snow. We made it outdoors. The first thing he did was go to his play fort that daddy built. He knows the slides on the play fort are extremely fast when they're covered with snow. He got up there and it was a good thing I was at the bottom to catch him. He came down so super fast. We only ended up staying outdoors for about half an hour. It wasn't so much the cold it was the wind that was ridiculous. So we went back inside to have some hot chocolate by the wood stove.

November 29, 2010

Health care job sites

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Trying to get myself back into the mainstream working world after having the baby is taking some time. For the health care world there are jobs here and there but the economy has knocked down the income you can make. There's just too many people and not enough jobs as usual. I took a temporary job just to get my feet on the door just to find out that the people that work there were all stuck on themselves ready to stab you in the back just to make themselves look better. So the search is on and I started with health care job sites hopefully I can find what I'm looking for at the beginning of next year.

Upside down airfare prices

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I can't wait to see my mother in law in Florida this year. We looked into airplane tickets online and what's really funny is if you get a one way ticket there and then a one way ticket back it's actually cheaper than a round trip. Makes absolutely no sense at all usually it's the other way around. It is not a lot of savings but all savings count these days. For three of us the total saving is fifty six dollars by doing it this way. Hey fifty six dollars helps pay for the luggage.

November 28, 2010

Best eye cream for dark circles

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It must be all the late nights working online for my husband. Doing the bookkeeping for the small business can be a nightmare sometimes. After all this my four year old decides to get up at six o'clock. I'm always feeling tired even though I eat right and take my vitamins. My husband mentioned the dark circles under my eyes and I didn't have a comment to that. Does anybody out there know what the best eye cream for dark circles might be? I'm on a search for the right one.

Playing video games

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Playing video games  can be fun for a lot of people but for a lot of people the game stresses them out so much that they throw the controller. What's the sense of playing if it just makes you mad. When my step daughter plays the game she start sweating with nervousness. I really don't think that this is a good thing.

Acne face lotion

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Years have gone by since my last outbreak of acne. I think the reason for these is that I always keep track of what foods I eat. Changing geographical regions from one side of the world to the other i a big factor also. Let's face it I used to live close to the equator now I'm in cold New York. I've always used acne face lotion to keep in balance regardless of what side of the world I was on.

November 25, 2010

Shopping for Christmas

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Twenty nine shopping days left before Christmas. It's caught up with me so fast I'm not done with my shopping. The problem is a lot of the things I order come from Asia and they can't promise to be here for Christmas in twenty nine days. That's depressing. So I finish up my Christmas shopping locally and hope that i find everything that I'm looking for.

November 20, 2010

Cheap auto insurance quotes instantly

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   We lived in a large circle housing track. It's nice because all the neighbors know to drive slow because of the many children at play. Leaving the circle track to go anywhere can be hazardous to your health. The road that leads out of here is about a mile long with woods on both sides. There are so many deer crossing all the time. If it isn't a deer it's a big turkey. Too bad the turkey wouldn't jump out for Thanksgiving.

    Two years ago on an icy snowy morning I met a car on coming towards me. The dusty snow behind him was blinding to me and what I didn't see was there was a buck deer in this blinding snow.  I hit him with the front driver side of my truck. The scary part was about that he came up on the hood. His hoofs kicking into the windshield as it destroyed it. I ended up in the back seat thinking that he was coming through.  After turning this all in to my insurance company within six months they raised my rate ridiculously.  At that point I needed a cheap auto insurance quotes instantly because my policy was going to be up within fifteen days at that point. Luckily I found a great company.

Bombers jacket

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My husband has a small collection of coats just about one for every occasion. I think it's like women with shoes we're always collecting them. I myself have over twenty pairs. One of the jackets that he's always wanted well I should say he had one in the past but its worn out. I been holding off because of the expense of the jacket but I finally found one at a reasonable price. It's a great looking black bombers jacket. Hopefully they get here before Christmas.

Cyber Monday

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We're ready for lots of deals. Instead of just Black Friday why don't we just have a whole black month. Just to clear out a lot of inventory of discounted products that are made in China and half of them don't last a month after you buy them. With the economy failing in more locations than we like to think about this would be a great way to possibly restart our economy. I can't wait for Cyber Monday. It gives us another chance at possibly of buying a new TV of our choice.

What they say about liver cleansing

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The latest in medical liver cleansing breakthrough helps sweep away years of health destroying toxic sludge. By using this they claim that it renews your energy and vitality in your heart, your brain, your joints.  Every organ muscle and cell in your body. Wouldn't that be great? That's hard to believe! You can find out more  about it and pricing by searching doctor cutlers liver and kidney cleanse. See for yourself.

November 19, 2010


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For approximately fifteen years we stayed with the same product name brand but in the last couple of years I think that our company that we always depended on has changed hands or something. The products that we got had problems in no time luckily we had extended warranties on them. When it came to buying out new TV we went online and did a research and decided to buy a Samsung. The ratings were so much higher than our brand  so we bought it.

Cold batteries

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After we're done here its a day to take pictures of our stuff to put on ebay. This is always fun. The only thing I hate is if we're out doors the batteries in the camera wear out fast because of the cold. It's tough when it is in the 30 degree range or colder on the camera.  I am so glad I have an extremely thick coat. The boots that my husband bought me last year are good for minus zero temperatures so I'm bundled up quite nicely.

Best fat burner

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Choosing a healthy diet is the first thing to start. Number two is including an exercise plan that you will stick to so make it very simple even if it isn't enough exercise for the time that you have at least you get something. Next check into the best fat burner on the market if you're more than twenty pounds over weight. If you're less than twenty pounds I would just pick up the pace on your exercise program. Hang in there you'll get it done.

Winter snowed in necessities

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With winter coming it's time to stock up on a lot of different things. Campbell soup and coffee and hot chocolate are the first three things just in case we get snowed in. These are the necessities. At one time we had no electricity for five days. We've changed things in our house to avoid any of these problems. We have back up gas log heaters that require no electricity to keep us warm. We also have a small generator for necessity power just in case.

Weight loss creams

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Every now and then you'll see ads on the news paper or TV about what's new out there on weight loss products.  Sometimes advertisements creating big buzz about their products usually attract more attention. My friend and I were talking about it and she mentioned about trying  the weight loss creams that she saw on the advertisement on TV. I'm excited for her and can't wait to see the result.

Email ads

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Every morning checking email is one of my routine but don't you just love it when every morning you have to delete those ads that go through your email. Spam spam spam they kept on coming back. As far as I know I think I did all I can to eliminate them.  I wish there's a way to stop this.

November 18, 2010

Insurance specialists

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It's crazy out there these days when it comes to insurance. Some companies don't even offer everything that you're looking for specially when it comes to different  business insurance .  When you stop to think about it there are so many things  to keep in mind these days from life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, business general liability. Let's not forget about  business compensation insurance which is based on payroll. For small business starting out this is the one thing that sometimes is unexpected. You pay quarterly each year but at the end if you haven't paid enough you'll pay more. No doubt or you won't stay in business. With all of our insurances  we went to  to complete our business package.

Superman comic book

Posted by Malou at 11/18/2010 11:38:00 AM 1 comments
We like to go to different auctions even house auctions. It must be the excitement  of the bidding that has every body on edge. One of the auctions we went to, we bid on a box  of old gas lanterns but to our surprise at the bottom of the box there were old comic books. One of these books was an old superman comic valued in good condition about two hundred dollars. We're going to put it on eBay to see what it brings. We only paid fifteen dollars for the whole box. What a profit.

November 9, 2010

Disney World resorts

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If everything works out right we will be travelling to Florida this January to see my mother in law in Florida. She plans on selling her house down there and moving back up here but the housing market is so bad. It may take some time to sell the house. After spending a few days with my mother in law we'll be heading to Disney World resorts to spend some  time having fun on all the rides. Our four year old is just going to be overwhelmed with so many spectacular sights as we will ourself.

Picture memories

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A couple of years ago we bought a new computer. The old one at the time locked up so we set it to one side for the time being. The other day I happened to pull it out. It took me about three hours but I finally got it to somewhat work. Of course the first thing I went to is our picture files. It was so much fun looking at all old pictures. I browsed for a couple of seconds then plugged in an external hard drive to remove all the pictures. It took such a long time but I got all of our memories back. So now I can put them in the new computer.

November 4, 2010

Ipod accessories

Posted by Malou at 11/04/2010 08:26:00 PM 1 comments
So many new high tech equipment comes out on  a daily basis from the manufacturers. when we bought new cellphones, while purchasing them the sales person offered us over two hundred dollars in accessories. I didn't know you could add that much more to an already complicated phone. It seems like every month or maybe every week our daughter needs more Ipod accessories to quench her thirst. I gave her a limited account at Paypal to buy things online. As long as she does her weekly chores.

Cold November rain

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I wish it would just snow and get it over with. I am so sick of cold November rain. Its brought so much flooding and mud slides to the area. We are one of the lucky ones. Our house is on dense, packed, sand and clay. We have no problems with water here. If the snow was here we could go sliding and ride the snowmobile.

Herpes cure

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With all the diseases these days. I feel sorry for the younger people  that wandered in and out of relationships trusting somebody that says they have no diseases is like trusting a land mine, is it live or hasn't been deactivated. Obviously most people are going to say that they have no disease, the point being is they don't know it themselves. And they've probably never had themselves checked by a doctor. There's such a large percentage of herpes out there. I hope that someday  they come up with herpes cure that would be a huge percentage of the std's out there.

Toy memories

Posted by Malou at 11/04/2010 07:40:00 PM 1 comments
Every year before just Christmas it's time to haul out the bedroom again. So many parts and pieces of toys that just didn't make it. Some of the old toys are tough to take to the rescue mission because almost all of them have memories attached to them. Anytime we clean out our son's room he can't be around because he won't let you bag anything because he knows where its going and he just doesn't want it to go. 

October 29, 2010

Alcohol detox

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Its sad when good people go bad. A friend of my about ten years ago lost his wife in a really bad automobile accident. I think he's been drinking everyday since that day. He lost his original job and since then he's had three others. All of his family tries to help as much as possible but he really needs alcohol detox. I think that's the only way he might bounce back along with some long term psychiatrist help. I hope he pulls through. He is a great friend.

Solar battery charger

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Never have a dead car battery again. By laying this solar charger on your dash to collect the energy of the sun if fully charges your battery. So it's ready to go anytime.The solar charger has a12 volt cigarette plug in. The one we have also works on cloudy days. It has a convenient blue led light to show that its working properly.

October 28, 2010

Diet pills that really work

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Wow what a relief! That extra nine pounds that I been carrying around for three or four years finally melted away. The tough thing is finding diet pills that really work considering I've tried four or five different programs in the last four years you kind of lose faith for a while in what the companies promote. All I know is I am really happy getting back into my little black dress. I've missed wearing it. I've always promised myself to wear it again.


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What's up with colds these days? It used to be you could get over a cold in six or seven days. Nowadays it starts with a little sneeze then it moves to your throat scratching and coughing every night isn't fun. Next step it find your sinuses feeling like you have pepper up your nose is very uncomfortable. Then to end the whole thing it gives you bad chest congestion. All the vitamin C in the world can't stop it. The thing that gets me the most is that it can last up to three weeks. 

October 27, 2010

Best acne medicine

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It's been such a long search. Different skins required different treatments. I remember when I was a teenager in an outbreak would last days. Unfortunately you just have to deal with it. Sometimes I could just put the medicine on with a little cover up I was all set. But when you get one on your forehead like a third eye you better start looking for best acne medicine. You know you want it. It just takes time to rule out what ones aren't for you.

Christmas memories

Posted by Malou at 10/27/2010 09:39:00 PM 1 comments
The Toys R Us sales magazine arrived today. As our four year old started browsing through it,  I seen my husband smile. He recalled the great memories when he was a little boy waiting for the Sears Christmas catalog to come in the mail. He'd looked everyday in the fall anticipating the new toys that would be in the catalog. He said some of the Sears catalog pages he would tear out to take them with him to see Santa Claus.

Fat burners

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My husband started jogging around the block every morning. Well I should say he's jogging around our housing development. It's a circle track that's about three quarters of a mile around. By the time he gets home he says he is twice as hungry so what's the sense of trying to lose weight by jogging. At least by jogging he keeps himself in shape somewhat. Paul his friend next door  was telling him about fat burners that he uses and he has lost twelve pounds in one month. I think my husband is going to try them.

Jarred's adventures

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It is so fun watching our little boy getting bigger. At four years old he thinks he's going to be an engineer. With his toys the most exciting thing that he does everyday is build bridges. Using his geo-track he gets his bridge supports out  then bring out lots of his track he starts on the couch puts long supports down to the floor then bridges across with the track. It's amazing the higher the bridge the more he likes it. The things he comes up with.

October 24, 2010

Wrinkle creams that work

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I been dreading this day. I've always taking good care of my skin but 'finally catching up with me. Thirty years of my life was spent in hot Asia sweating all the time. Actually keeps your pores clear. Drinking lots of water all the time it helps. All I want right now is wrinkle creams that work. There are so many products that promise you the world but mostly don't work hopefully mine will for me. 

Multifunction tool

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Nothing does the job like those new multifunction tools. They fill the void when you cant seem to find a tool that will work right from stripping floor tile to sanding cabinet corner. I needed to cut a square hole in the wall. The tool just by vibrating cut square and right threw with no effort. There's also a grinder for re grouting your tub what a tool.

October 16, 2010

Lipo 6 hers black

Posted by Malou at 10/16/2010 09:38:00 PM 2 comments
Holy molly! I woke up one day and twenty pounds heavier. The years had gone by sitting down typing on the computer tends to put on the pounds. I've had some terrific snacks over the year I think my favorite is chocolate covered raisins. So good. So now it is time to shop around for something that's a mean fat burner. My husband said he can just shake it off me. (haha) All the searches that I've done comes up with lipo 6 hers black that sounds like the product that I've looking for. 

Fall foliage at Redfield New York

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Travelling about an hour away from our house out North to see the fall foliage is always fun. We have a favorite place to go each year. We're always packing up our fishing poles and some worms. Redfield New York is a beautiful place out in the middle of no mans land. People think we live in the sticks just twenty five minutes North of the City. They should try going an hour and a half north of the city. It's just about all woods. a lot of the land is owned by the state as a preserve around the Redfield area. You should set your GPS and hit the road for some terrific scenery.

October 15, 2010

NIntendo Wii

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It's funny as each year passes. Video gaming is such an experience. The newest Nintendo Wii games are such a complex experience. With the unique Nintendo controller,  it seems like anyone of any age can pick it up. Nintendo products have always been great fun for our family. The wii itself gives us the best gaming experience we've ever had.  Our four year old loves the sword fighting the best.. Good thing he can't reach the TV 
he'd probably hit it.

Baking soda

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What  a great product from way back. So many different things you can do with it from brushing your teeth, also using it for an antacid. Baking soda works to absorb food odors in your refrigerator. Also if you have scratches in your bathtub it very easily removes them with the soft sponge. Lets not forget adding a little to your wash to make clothes come out cleaner. Mixing a little baking soda with water you can clean your sink, refrigerator and pots and pans with less effort on yourself. 

October 14, 2010

Wireless security cameras

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You catch yourself saying at least a couple times a year better safe than sorry.Around our place we went about twenty five years with no problems. One day we came home opened the garage door there was glass all over. Someone had broke in. They stole a lot of my Dads tools. It was a very sad day. The very next day Dad bought a wireless security cameras to protect the new tools he plans on buying soon.


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Our son has caught a cold so where up all night. After all these years of medicines you think they could come up with a cold medicine that really works. He takes it and 40 minutes  later he's coughing again. The best thing we have found is sipping watered down apple cider. As long as he doesn't start running a fever I think will be okay.

Best acne treatment

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It never fails when a special occasion comes up. We were going to a wedding, a cousin of my husband there's always so much preparation to just get there. And you know it never fails you forget something. In our case the present for the bride and groom was still sitting on a counter at home. So we turned around and went home to pick up. Putting us twenty minutes late. As we pulled in to the church's parking lot I felt a pain on my cheek. Out of nowhere a big pimple was forming. Luckily I'm prepared for this. with my best acne treatment. Some people might laugh at my preparedness but always better to start early when it comes to having a breakout.


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We've finally had it with geek squad. After taking our computer to one store they said they fix it we picked it up it still doesn't work right. So we took it to another geek squad store  the first person that called us said that they were going to  send it out to service. It could be a couple of weeks, four days later we get a call saying our computer is ready. We're like yeah right. We go there and I asked the geek to plug it in and let it run while we walked around the store. When we  came back  a half an hour later our PC was flashing fatal error.  They never fixed anything. the geek says well I tested everything it tested fine and I said apparently not. Then the geek says I'll have you sign a service order and we'll send it out. I said I heard this before. Can you believe the same thing happened again?  No kidding! Five days later I get a call you're computer is ready to be picked up. They never sent it to service. Now we bring it home they took our Mcafee virus protection off of it. They put their own virus protection on and it won't let us delete the program so we can update  our Mcafee. Without this we can't go online.

October 5, 2010

Anti wrinkle treatment

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My birthday was yesterday but we celebrated it with a simple dinner last Sunday with the family at Ponderosa steak house in Watertown.  It's an hour drive away from home. We don't mind driving that far because once you get there you'll enjoy every kind of food they have buffet style. Everybody was satisfied when we're done eating. On the way home they were singing a happy birthday song and daddy was teasing me and asked " So mommy do you feel older now?" I laughed and said hmnn I guess I am older because my back hurts and I can see some wrinkles popping on my face. It's a good thing that one of the gifts I have is an anti wrinkle cream and I can use some anti wrinkle treatment now.  Thanks for my step-daughter who knows what I want for my birthday.

October 3, 2010

Delicious ham

Posted by Malou at 10/03/2010 09:36:00 PM 1 comments
I made a delicious ham dinner the other night. Everybody liked it  but I think everybody was still full for lunch because they didn't eat too much.The next morning I decided to cook the ham with eggs and toast. It was so delicious  it was gone in a minute. Everybody wanting more of that incredible ham. It goes to show you that letting it set overnight to soak up the juices makes it more delicious. 

September 25, 2010

Outer banks

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We're already more than a little jealous this summer. We decided to play it closer to home by going on vacation up in the Adirondacks. Nothing wrong with the Adirondacks. Old Forge is extremely beautiful. All the small lakes with cabins available is nice.  Just as we were getting back my daughter calls and says that they've planned a vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. She went on and on about the different things about what they are going to do. One of the things she was looking forward too was taking their 4x4 truck across the sand dunes down to the beach so they can have a bon fire with all their friends. She mentioned to me about all the different houses at Carolina designs. The one that they'll be staying in looks real sweet it is called the Longview cottage. It may not be as big as all the rest but it's extremely comfortable for her and her friends. So next year we will be setting our extended vacation for the Outer Banks area.

Apple Festival 2010

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The family went to the fall apple festival today.  Besides all the apples, cider and home made candies they also have a quite collection of crafts a little  bit for everybody. As far as we were concerned the barbeque chicken and salt potatoes were the high point of the day. As far as our four year old is concerned it was all the carnival rides. All in all it was a great way to kill five hours on a Saturday.

September 22, 2010

Dark circles

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If I don't start getting some proper sleep I might fall on my face. Lately, I can't seem to get to sleep before two o'clock in the morning. I don't know why but it's happening. I guess I just have to set up a doctor's appointment if it doesn't subside in a couple of days. By tomorrow I'll probably see the beginning of the dark circles under my eyes. Good health relies on a good night sleep my dad always said and I truly believe in this.


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Watching sci-fi the other night they happen to have monster quest on. We don't usually watch this but they were in the country of Cambodia. Its is so tropical and beautiful there it is unbelievable. Their temples that have been around for thousands and thousands of years are still mostly intact. There's so much intricate designs on the walls. It must have took hundreds of years to build them.

Phentermine without prescription

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So many different products with so many different claims. Where do you start? Going on a strict diet is a big commitment. So my husband and myself decided to do it together so we can help each other. Winter is coming and we're less active. With it being so cold outdoors we usually stay inside except for occasional snowmobile rides. One of our friends told us about phentermine without prescription, he said it work fine for him. It has a lot of caffeine in it. Being we're not as active as him I don't know how good it will work for us.

Backyard jungle adventure

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We have four acres of land one half of it in the back. It's very dense brushed trees. We decided to set out an adventure to make a path all the way to the back of our property. Dressed in full pants and boots to protect ourselves from the brush, we set out with a chain saw and one of those machete knives. We chopped for quite sometime before we reached closed to the back edge. We never knew that there was low lands back there until we stepped in them. Getting one boot stuck in the mud and pulling my foot out was quite a balancing act. I just barely pulled the boot out and got it back on my foot luckily there was a tree close by to keep some of my balance. On the way back we picked some fall foliage to bring into the house for the season. All in all we had a great time. Our son calls it the jungle tour.

September 17, 2010

Manual directory submission

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We learn as we go. It took us quite a few years on basically on our own to grow our site. We got used to making mistakes. Mistakes where an everyday thing. Over coming them is when you felt that you accomplished something. Google search engine amazed us sometimes the way they figure things out. Trying to get ahead with manual directory submission can lead you to work for days on an end if you don't have a prior system in place for auto submissions.

PC worms

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Computer viruses can be so horrible as I'm sure everybody knows.  You think because you have an antivirus program and an extra spam program to protect you, you think you're good. And then along comes a worm that somehow sneaks in on a sidebar on the desktop. Who knows how it got there or where it came from but it entirely screwed up one of our PC's. Luckily we have insurance on it. So we took it there to be fixed. In the meantime typing on a studio laptop is not bad with soft keys.

September 16, 2010


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Sleep deprivation is like a slow death to all your system. A person that has a regular sleep pattern just can't understand the internal pain of your system of a person with sleep disorders. It all maybe temporary related to stress, bad choices in food,  or other pain that you have in your body. With some people there is no over the counter sleeping pill that would help. Personally I would start with melatonin. Reasonably priced and it is also something your body produces itself to fall asleep. A lot of people have pain in their system a little here a little there that adds up to restless nights of sleep where only pain pills may give them the relief of a good night sleep.

September 15, 2010

Watching movies on Netflex

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It's like having a video store in your house after hooking our modem up to our wii game consul we get netflex for 9 dollars a month. Thousands of movies are instant to our wii to our TV for instant watching. The only problem with this is we will probably never leave the living room. It's just too many categories for different movies to watch.

Appetite suppressors

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Getting older, the benefit of getting wiser hopefully is a good thing. But what comes with age I found was a lot of different aches and pains. You take your vitamins but the exercise of yester year seems to slow down not to mention if you work from home you can find yourself always snacking. After my husband happen to notice that I was putting on a few pounds because I was trying to drag him out to buy me new pants, he asked me what was wrong with my old pants and I had no words for him. Three hours later I went to the store with the advice from a friend and bought some appetite suppressors. My husband's remark to me was three months ago we just spent a hundred ninety dollars on four pairs of jeans.

Taxes in New York State

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New York State is so tax hungry. Taxing water bottles is ridiculous. Now they are trying to over throw again the Indian reservations. New York State is trying to put a four dollars per pack State tax on reservation cigarettes. Years ago they tried this and they lost. Being that State route 81 travels through the Onondaga nation territory the Indians blocked both north and south bound lanes for days on end. If you have to go around this as a detour the small towns of that area aren't ready for this much traffic. It also takes about forty five additional minutes if traffic runs smooth to get through to this detour. Taxes are just getting out of control. 

SAT prep

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Going back to school these days seem to be a lot harder. I can't believe the difference in twenty years. The first two test that I did one I received the 72 on and one I received the 75 on. Going to my classrooms were nothing compared to how much home study I did. My family was so impatient with me as I spent two hours at night or more with my nose in my book. Thank goodness for the sat prep and a friend of mine that had already been through it to allow me to pass.

The biting flies

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What's up with this? The usual summer is unfortunately filled with biting bugs outside. We have deer flies, horse flies, and the normal mosquito. Isn't that enough to deal with when you are trying to have a good time outdoors? But this year we have something a little different. Regular flies that bite.  They seem to be a little bit smaller than normal but I found out that they have a big bite. These are ridiculous because they seem to be an expert at getting inside.

Plus size lingerie

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Shopping around on a lawn and garage sale is a lot of fun. The trinkets we picked up are like little treasures to us. Little kids grow out of their clothes so fast so there's a lot of reasonable prices clothes some of them never worn for a dollar or two. I found five pairs of pants for myself at a dollar a pair. What a deal. The moving sale we went to last week had lots of plus size lingerie just perfect for my sister in law. It look like they had cleared out of the store. There was so much of it. My sister in law was there in twenty minutes and so happy when I called her.

Saving on work truck tires

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I couldn't believe it the other day when  my husband said we were going to need tires on his work truck before winter. Being there's six tires on the truck at a hundred and thirty dollars a tire with installation it's really going to take a dent in our savings. But what are you going to do when it comes to safety on the sleek roads of New York. I shopped around online and came up with another tire company that will at least save us an additional seventy five dollars on a cost.

September 7, 2010


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Managing our personal budget is not that easy considering where we are in this economy.  In order to survive in these crunching economy  it is beneficial to know how to handle and manage your money.  Make small adjustments with our overspending. With the kids going back to school  it is necessary to find the best place to buy school gear that would be of best quality. We started out searching online and found what we were looking for. It's an Asus laptop for which our daughter has been asking for on her 12th birthday. The price is right and our daughter is happy. Now she has something to call her own  so she can use it for research  on her school projects with parental guidance.  

Green lakes state park

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We have seen a few  80's weather three weeks ago so we decided to  go to Green Lakes State Park down in Fayetteville NY located  just east of Syracuse in upstate New York. I have never been there but I heard  that its an interesting place to go  specially if you want to go swimming, camping, , or canoeing.  
We started heading out about  9 o'clock in the morning. Thank goodness for our GPS we found the place easily. We didn't bring much because we're only there for the day to go swimming. The water is cold of course so I didn't enjoy the water. The kids loved it though  and had a blast with the other kids they met on the beach.

September 3, 2010

Bathroom fans

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It is so much fun doing renovations . Our bathroom came out so nice. I'd love to get into home design. It takes a lot of time though for all the right pieces to come together. We started out months earlier collecting everything' You wouldn't think it would be very hard picking out things but today there are so many things on the market including no less than one hundred bathroom fans. We finally ended up with a round one with a built in heat lamp. So nice and toasty as you step out of the tub.

Backroad trips

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It always seem so long to get to Old Forge from our house so the other day we decided to go on an adventure. We set our GPS for the shortest route from our house to Old Forge. It was amazing  how many little towns with beautiful surroundings we went through not to forget how many rough road signs we can see in a day. All in all taking the smaller roads was slower but it was so much shorter that we saved 45 minutes off our old time and had a great time doing it.

August 18, 2010


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I remember my mom sitting at the table when I was little. Cutting pieces of paper out of the big newspaper. I ask her what's that mom? she replied these are coupons. They help dad and I to save money when we were buying all the groceries for the family. Sometimes I also find some great savings on some special things for you like last time I went out shopping  and I bought that cereal  you been wanting for a long time. That's because I had a coupon to save 50 cents on the box that made it more affordable for us to buy.

We caught a baby cat fish

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The aquarium that we set up months ago is looking beautiful. I can't believe how much food gold fish can eat. When we were down on the boat about a month ago with our minnow net, we caught a two inch baby catfish. We decided to bring him home. Unbelievably he thinks he is one of the gang. He comes up for food all the time with the golffish.


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Thank goodness for my husband's unemployment benefits. He was laid off for four months, they called him back just as our money was running real  tight. There aren't that many jobs out there that pay what he is used to making. We are not looking forward to the high cost of heating our house so we took it on our own to make sure windows are tight doors are weather stripped  so hopefully we will use less gas this year.

August 16, 2010

Our Mexico Getaway

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We needed a little get-a-way time the other day without too long of a drive. We ended up at a small park on Mexico Point just outside of the little town Texas New York.  There's a nice little beach there sandy and washed stones lined the water's edge as the waves come in and out. If you squint hard enough you might even see Canada from there. We also took the picnic lunch with us. They have charcoal cookers and picnic tables for your convenience. After we ate lunch we took our fishing poles through the small trails in the woods that lead you to an inlet for fishing.

August 15, 2010

Contemporary sofas

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After doing all our renovations in the house including the re-do of our kitchen we moved on to tearing out the bathroom that three days seemed to take forever. After my husband left for work one day I decided to go to home depot and pick up some paint to change the wall color. Needless to say I didn't get very far before he came home. He said the color look great but it doesn't go with the couch at all. So I looked online and I came up with a beautiful  couch at contemporary sofas. I can't wait to place it in the livingroom when it arrives. 

August 14, 2010

Planning a tour

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We started out planning on visiting some of the closest tourism areas around our state and came up with a few our family will love to go. Most likely we will visit Mexico New York today but since Daddy started on his temporary job working for over 40 hours a week this time after we ate our delicious home made pancake for breakfast, Daddy crashed on the sofa with a kind of tiredness and snoring out loud. But that's okay he really needed that. Anyhow, Mexico New York is only about 28 minutes which is 18.05 miles from our home. It's an ideal place to go if you love an outdoor activities such us boating, fishing, swimming, bird watching, or picnicking at Mexico Point Park. And of course, there are also  historical places to visit such us Casey's Cottage a unique 11th century style manor, Mexico Museums and many more. An update of our trip will be posted soon.

August 10, 2010

Robern Medicine cabinet

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Renovation can be fun but intense sometimes. Our best advice is to start out early looking for a great material and or products. We put two months of planning into our kitchen before we spent six days for the remodel. When it came to our bathroom one of our focal points is the Robern Medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet gives off a beautiful extra depth perception making the bathroom look larger.

Fish noodlers

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I love watching history channel something on there are so crazy. There's a bunch of guys around the world that are called noodlers with their bare hands they search the banks of rivers looking for large catfish. They stick their bare hands in the fishes mouth and pull him out of his hiding spot just for enjoyment. How crazy is that.

August 4, 2010

Best hgh supplements

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My husband thinks he is getting old I just think he is looking more handsome. He says he is tired of growing old gracefully. He's taking more different vitamins and trying to stay in shape unfortunately he has been unemployed on and off through the carpenters union. He has been back to work for three weeks now were hoping for more. In the meantime, I found the best hgh supplements on my long search on the internet.

Our little guy

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We were busy doing things in the house the other night getting ready for a party this weekend. When our little guy went by us into his bedroom picked up a blanket took it to the couch then he went back to his bedroom got his favorite pillow took it to the couch wrapped up and fell asleep. Our little guy is getting bigger. Now a full four years old.

Dual diagnosis

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One of my friends I haven't seen in a long time happen to contact me online a few weeks ago. The last time I heard they had the most perfect marriage. Her husband had the perfect job they had a perfect house. After her husband's company went under her husband started falling apart. She finally talked him into going to a couple different doctors just to compare. They both came up with the same thing, dual diagnosis. She spent the next two hours filling me in with all the blanks of the past. I hope everything works out for her and her husband.

Old rusty gate

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My husband brought home some old steel rusty gates about a week ago and I said what are you going to do with those? he said he was going to put them as decorative gates around my flower garden out front and I went ewww... I couldn't believe it after only working about four hours on these gates he sand blasted them taking all the old rust off then repainted all of them with black rustoleum paint. he had them all set up around my rose garden it looks awesome.

July 29, 2010

Direct mail marketing

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It's tough these days to start a new business. Door to door sales is a tough market and people can get really offended even if you knock on their door. So to get our contracting business name around a little faster we decided to use direct mail marketing. The response wasn't too bad. For every hundred dollars we spent we took back in five times that. We were very specific on what neighborhoods our sales were targeted at. It works great.

Hidden security camera

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We were a little bit worry about leaving the house as we went on vacation for two weeks. We've never had any problems in out neighborhood but you just never know these days. So with little money we've spend my husband went out and bought a camera that plugs in next to our doorway. When anybody crosses the camera's path it automatically takes a picture. It also puts a time and date stamp on the picture. So at least we'll know who's come around our front door while we were gone.

July 13, 2010

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Getting ready for our newborn boy to show up was a lot of fun. The delivery, not so much fun. The hospital was great the people were great. It was just the stay that was too long. Right around my sixth month I started overeating way too much. So by the seventh month I had to be put on a diet along with different vitamins. The best place I found was at They had the exact one that I was looking for.

Sci-fi depression

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My husband's a sci-fi channel and history channel guy to the end. If a series ends that he's been watching he gets moody and depressed. Stargate -1 was his favorite for many many years finally it came to a close. A new stargate atlantis started but it just wasn't the same. Different characters just didn't seem to work for my husband. He won't even watch the new Stargate universe program. Thank goodness the series just came back on of Eureka. Now he is happy at least for a little while.

July 11, 2010

Herbal phentermine

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I don't know if I want to go on diet anymore. There is so many different products out there it's confusing. It seems like I start one program it works for a while and then it doesn't. If I could just get off my butt and exercise more I be all set. But who has the energy to exercise that much. I've heard that herbal phentermine is a great product. I'm going to look into it more this week.

Great ear protection

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I've always complaining to my husband about how loud the lawn mower is. Well the other day he went all out. He bought a new muffler for the lawn mower but he also bought me a set of head sets am/fm. Now the only problem is when he wants to get my attention he has to stand right in front of me to get it. That's okay I have some peace and quite with my head set.

July 9, 2010

Apidexin reviews

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What took many years to put on now will take only a few months to take off. Sitting on a desk all day long its hard to fight the munchies . One girl that I used to work with would actually put a small piece of tape on her lip to remind herself to wait for lunch. She was quite a bit overweight. I think the tape helped some. In search the other day I came across apidexin reviews. I think this is going to be very helpful in my situation.

Recliner couch

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Good thing we have a large family room because my husband surprised me the other day with a new L-shape couch. It has a pull out bed in it along with two recliners. It took four men to get it up the stairs to our center level of the house. After we got the whole couch arranged my mother in law came in and suggested a different layout. So to appease her we changed everything around and it really doesn't look bad.

Acne scar removal

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Growing up I had such a fight with acne. I tried so many different products sometimes I lost track of one particular one and bought it twice. My back was my worst problem I had to seek out professional help. If they had acne scar removal when I was younger it might had made a big difference. The products they have these days is so much more hopeful for people.

The rain

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We've been waiting so long for rain. Everyday twice a day we water our garden but that city water it's always better if its just the rain that helps the plants grow. So far in the garden the only thing showing at the moment is our tomatoes. Still waiting on our squash, string beans, pumpkins.

July 8, 2010

Apple bottoms

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For my birthday my husband started searching on the Internet. He found a lot of sweet things for me at apple bottoms. For him he love the site because it was like one stop shop. The convenience of having everything in one place was very easy for him. As he smiled at me he said you better appreciate the hard work of tracking everything down that I wanted.

Golden Grahms

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As I sit here doing my work on the computer it's early morning I should be preparing breakfast buy I have so much work to do. My stomach starts growling and I'm prepared for it this morning. I reached for my golden grahms treat bar to boost my energy so I can get through the rest of my work. These little bar are so very delicious and only a hundred twenty calories. One bar keeps me satisfied for about 2 hours.

Wholesale lots

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We spent quite a bit of money setting up our business. The one thing that took me the longest was my nice big comfortable office chair. The thing that I didn't like was I had to wait ten days for them to bring it to the closest warehouse for pick up. A lot of times we're looking for different types of wholesale lots for re-sale. It's not hard to do this days to pick up a little additional income.

My husband's favorite memories

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My husband took my son and myself to a place that he used to play when he was a child. It was a surprise to us it was a very small concrete dam with slow flowing water over the top. At the bottom there is a wide flat concrete area you can stand on. He had so much fun playing there as a child. He remember flipping over rocks and catching the small crabs. We tried this. They are so fast it is tough to catch them. It's so beautiful there. He wishes the state would re-open it to the public. Too much insurance risk they say.

Noxycut review

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When you get older everything seems to slow down. Maybe that's why you start putting the pounds on because you're less active. I don't think my husband is less active he just changed some activities for some new activities. The new one is inside the old one was outside so he burned more calories outside. Now for the good news I found noxycut review while searching for the ideal diet pill for my husband.

Anniversary question

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My father-in-law passed away in early March of this year. So we're trying to spend more time with my mother-in-law. She needs more company since my father-in-law passed away. It was their anniversary the other day of course she was very upset but she was also upset that none of her kids called on that day. Of course we thought of their anniversary. We'd never forget, but what were we to say if we called her on that day?

July 2, 2010

Diet pills for men

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Every year since my husband and I got married he has put on about five pounds a year. It's all that good food that I'm cooking him. Before being on his own he wouldn't eat the right foods or much of them. Now we're online looking for diet pills for men. It just takes sometime to find a the right ones for his body chemistry.

Big coloring book

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It is so much fun watching our little boy grow up. The other day we were out shopping and happen to find a coloring book bigger than him. He is so surprised when mommy pulls out the big book with the new box of crayons. We spent hours on one page. He's getting really good at coloring inside the lines and slowly learning and not to push down on the crayon 'till it breaks.

June 20, 2010

Canon camera

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I've had many of great pictures with my old camera. I started out years ago doing big layouts of still shots of black and white. So many people loved the old look of black and white. But now it's time to move on to a new camera. I picked out a beautiful Canon camera. It took forever to decide but that's just like everything else that I buy.

Water balloon fight

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We had so much fun the other day with the few children we had over for the birthday party. We bought a slip and slide and a water sprinkler scare crow guy to sprinkle all over the place. We don't have a lot of backyard so we put it the the front yard. Unfortunately with there's no share. The kids had a great time specially after the water balloon fight. It took three hours to fill up the balloons and only fifteen minutes to smash all of them but it was a good time.

June 18, 2010

Weight loss supplements

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Growing old always has its ups and downs whether you gain a pant size or two or three extra wrinkles the list seems to go on and on. I decided the other day that I was going to lose some weight so I'd look good on my old bikini. The weight loss supplements that I came accrossed while searching the Internet are working terrifically for me.

Collecting online coupons

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Who wants to save money? I believe I am not alone who wanted to save money when shopping considering how tough life these days. Most of us tighten our belts to meet ends meet. As much as I can I look for ways how to save money especially when we go the grocery store to buy our necessity. Coupons that you can find at some resources such as Internet or the magazines are very helpful in my case. It's so funny when my mom in-law learned that I am collecting coupons she started collecting them too and giving them to me. Online coupons are my best options now.

June 2, 2010


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I've done everything that I know of to get a good night sleep. The first challenge was finding the right firmness to support my neck as I slept. I even went out and bought a lighter combo package of comforter, bed sheet, pillow casings. The next step is waiting for the delivery of my new mattress later on this week. My girl friend even recommended changing the curtains and my room color for more relaxation.

Trail mix

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Trying to stay on my diet some days is a very hard thing to do. Thinking about all the luscious food that I make drive me crazy so to tied me over between meals I grab a nature valley trail mix bar. I only eat half of it in the morning before lunch and I save the other half for mid afternoon cravings.

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After going through my younger years with the battle with acne it took forever to find the right treatment for myself. But the battle is over and I won the war on it. The only problem with the medication is that it dried my skin out. With different kinds of moisturizers I overcame this. One other product that I found was at I was ecstatic at how product work wonders for me.

Battery lanters

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Our power went out the other night and besides a couple of candles to light our house the batteries in our flashlight were dead. But when I was searching for new batteries I came across the three small lights that we had used in our pumpkins for Halloween. It was kind of funny to see all these battery lanterns illuminating the different rooms of the house.

Cholesterol supplement

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As I find myself getting older I don't nearly get as much exercise as I like to. Summer time in New York State is fine. You can get outdoors, go to the park, go to the beach, that's fine. But when it comes to winter I like to hibernate in the house. Even if you dress warm it is still cold out. Staying on my diet and using my cholesterol supplement is the best way for me. Also i just ordered a new dance aerobic dvd. Can't wait for it to come.


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I think my husband is giving up on EBay auctions. People are so notorious for making ways around the system. You can't even honestly bid on anything anymore. People that are selling are also creating other accounts to bid their item up higher. They call it ghost bidding. After they pushed the bid real high just to get it up there they cancel the top bidder which is themselves and award it to the second bidder. It's such a game that my husband isn't going to play anymore.

May 28, 2010

Energy auditor

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Saving money on your gas and electric bill you would think would always be a top priority. High density insulation and new triple glazed windows were on our list. To help us out with the process we called our local energy auditor to steer us in a right direction. We took a low interest loan. All of our new products were installed. Our gas and electric bills have dropped by twenty five percent.

VHS tape converter

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After finding out how much it would cost to convert all of our VHS tapes to dvd, we decided to go shopping for a reasonable price machine to do it ourself. We found one through Heartand America for a hundred and twenty dollars and we're hoping that it works out for us.

Ferrari parts

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Searching on Ebay for a front grill for our old mustang, I started dreaming about different cars I've always wanted. I must have stayed up half the night looking at so many different hot cars. One of the cars I've always dreamed about after seeing it in a car show is a Ferrari. But after looking at how much Ferrari parts are, I decided that I could only afford two fenders and a hood. (lol)

Ryobi trimmer

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So nice not to be tied down by an extension cord. When it comes to weed whacking we have an eighteen volt cordless Ryobi trimmer. Being that my husband's drill and saw take the same batteries I never ran out of batteries to take care of all the trimming needs around the property.

Pet beds

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Talk about being spoiled. Our little kids are. When I say little kids I mean our animals. They have their Christmas stockings, their own Easter baskets and don't forget their costumes for Halloween. When it comes to the pet beds I think they have it better than us. Our Himalayan cat sleeps in his probably eighteen hours in twenty four. He comes out, he eats uses his bathroom and back to bed. What a life!

Watching small soldiers

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Enjoying it again for the second time in my life. It's so nice to think back and take your children on a journey of your favorite old movies. I dug into our box of packed away movies and came up with a few for the kids to watch. One of the movies is Small Soldiers. About a group of toys that come alive and do battle for the sanctity of their own world. I was amazed all over again. The Gorgonites are back!

free credit report

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I received the letter in the mail the other day from my charge card company saying they were lowering my limit because of something negative on my credit report. I was appalled and a little confused at the same time. So I went online to view my free credit report. I couldn't believe how much information that was in there. It turned out that the negative statement on my credit report wasn't even something I did. It was somebody else problem.

State coin collection

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I wanted to purchase some coins to put up as a small collection for my son. There's so many different sets out there. It takes a while to find what you want. I finally settled on the complete state collection from 1999 to 2008. They're clad in 24k gold in uncirculated condition. It came in a beautiful portfolio. Very happy with our choice.

Loose diamonds

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In today's world it's not smart to put all your savings into one particular thing. You never know when the bottom can fall out so it is smarter to have your savings spread out over different categories. We have found over the long term, gold and silver will give us our best return. But loose diamonds have returned more in a short term than any of our other investments.

Boater's safety

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While as we were saying we finally got our boat in the water. Even on a small lake like ours we can't believe how many boaters are out there drinking and driving. Most dangerous thing around whether it be a car or a boat is a drunk at the wheel. We watched an overloaded boat with people turn sharp and lose two people off the back side. No life jackets on. It gets so ridiculous out there sometimes.

Home theater seating

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Last year when we have all of our lightning strikes and power surges, we lost our T.V. With today's prices going down all the time on big screen TV's we were able to replace the TV to include a new home theater seating. Placement of our speakers with the highest priority. The two main sets of speakers are tucked aways so you can't even see them.

Coleman propane cooker

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We always wanted to have a nice cooker on our boat. The main word here is little. Not much storage on our boat. for dependability we ended up buying a Coleman (Max) propane cooker. You can use it as a stove top or grill or griddle for even cooking pancakes and eggs. Wonderful little item.

Wireless router

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Summer is finally here in New York. So nice to go outdoors and relax in the shade. Without my wireless router I don't know where I'd be. Doing work online takes up a lot of my time. Now I am just waiting for my new sun filter so I can easily see my screen on the laptop then I'll be right on business.
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You never know when things are going to go wrong. We had to do some errands the other day. We are on our way back and I smelled smoke coming out of the air-conditioner in the truck. We pulled over opened up the hood of the truck. The truck wiring was on fire underneath! Luckily we had five gallons of spring water in a bottle in the back. My husband started to dump it down behind the motor to put the fire out. Unbelievable and scary! What a little oil leak can turn into when it starts on fire. We're all safe. The truck is parked. Someday my husband will fix it.


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Being tied down to a home based computer can be a pain. I was so glad when I got my new laptop. My husband surprised me with it for Christmas and being completely wireless we can take it anywhere. My other problem was storage for all the family pictures and there's a lot of that built in to the computer. My trip overseas will be enjoyed more not being tied down to the home.

May 24, 2010

Easier life

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I like to take a moment and think all the people that have contributed to all things in life that make our life much easier. Do you realise thirty years ago that we really didn't have computer, cellphones, microwave. Where we would be without these products? Not to forget microwavable popcorn. Where would I be without my popcorn fix?

Door chime

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Ding dong used to be the favorite of everybody. Everything else has gone high tech these days. Why not a door chime? They have so many out there it's hard to choose. What's nice about some of the new ones you can actually record your own music. That's so neat when somebody pushes the button and it plays a short version of your favorite song.

Ionic air purifier

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What a difference in our air quality. The sun would come up in our back window showing the dust in the air every morning. I was so sick and tired of dusting everything off all the time because you never know when you're mother in law is going to show up. We went out and bought two ionic air purifiers. It seems to do the trick. They also take a lot of other particles out of the air also.

Quick weight loss

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Years ago when I want to lose weight I took the advice of the neighbor. I ate well cooked meat and drank water for two weeks. I lost at an average five pounds a week it worked out pretty good. In today's world, there are so many products for quick weight loss it can be crazy to try to find you way through all of them. But there's quite a few good ones out there.

Nature's Valley trail mix

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Sitting at the computer for hours at a time you have to watch what you munch on or you'll gain weight in the wrong places very fast. One of the things besides cold baby carrots to munch on is nature's valley trail mix. Fruit and nuts is my favorite and it tides me over waiting for lunch.

Diet pill reviews

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Searching high and low for the right diet pill has now got a lot easier. Looking into the situation we found diet pill reviews. What a relief to have somebody else take a lot of stress out of comparing all the different ones. My own situation is that I find one that works for a few weeks and then it doesn't. I had a doctor tell me that its my own physiology make up. My body becomes immune to the ingredients.

Today's cartoons

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Raising our little boy has become a challenge when it comes to T.V. Some of these cartoons these days whatever happened to the good old cartoons when we were kids? You know Tom and Jerry, Johnny quest, The fantastic four. I know these old cartoons showed violence but the new cartoons show so much stupidity, ignorance etc. When it comes to cartoons now we've collected a lot of the Disney movies for our son. At least these have morals.

Acne treatment

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How many times does it happen to you? You wake up in the morning and you have a pimple in the middle of your forehead and you know when you touch it you'll be in worse trouble. Going to your medicine cabinet you are trying to remember what acne treatment works best. But it never fails so you try all of them which makes the situation worse. So you just feel like hiding out for a week to let it disappear.


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Have you seen the show pickers on channel 62 cable? It seems so much fun driving around the country side looking for collectibles and antiques. Seems so interesting. Some of the things that they find are incredible. The other day on the program they found a carnival ride from the 1890's. They bought a 1930 Plymouth car and had to pull it out of the guys basement it had been there for thirty years since the house was built. How funny.

Social security disability

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We've paid for years but you've heard the saying we might not see anything. I'm not trying to be political here at all but social security disability administration may run out of money by the time I retire. I couldn't believe it when I heard how many different people are drawing on it. Some of the people aren't even legal in the United States yet it's a crazy situation. I hope the administration makes the right decision.

Pawn stars

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Have you ever seen pawn stars on channel 62? I want to go Las Vegas just to see this guys or hang out in the store all day to see some of the nutty people that bring some of the craziest things in to sell them. One man brought in a real treasure chest from the sixteen hundreds. Another man brought in a compressed air propelled skate board. How weird.

May 15, 2010

Stomach fat loss

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It doesn't seem the matter what I do the diet pills that I have seem to be too slow for the stomach fat loss that I want to lose. Try and try again. Everything I seem to try works for a short period of time and then it doesn't. I think it builds up in my system and then my system is immune to it. So it works and then it doesn't.

Jarred's cartoon network race car

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Earlier today we went treasure hunting. Stopping at every garage sale, lawn sale that we can find. It was our son Jarred's lucky day. We found a bright yellow fancy race car for him at a very reasonable price. He was jumping up and down clapping his hands and screaming at the same time with the anticipation of getting his new car home and riding it 'till sunset.

May 13, 2010

Diet pills

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In today's world i think it is who you know and what you look like. I was amazed the other day when I seen an old friend that must have lost at least eighty pounds since I seen her a couple of years ago. The diet pills she was taking she said work slow over a long period of time. The weight she had lost is such a great improvement. I couldn't believe that she was back to her size seven of our school days.

Sheet rockers

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My husband has been a contractor for many many years. With the shortage of skilled people for the task that my husband needed, he decided to take on a couple unskilled laborers and teach them the trade of hanging and finishing sheet rock. After thirty hours of training he now has two professional sheet rocking guys. This will take the burden off of him as he finishes the many task on the new houses that are being built.

GMAT prep

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Through the years first balancing all my college needs losing my job at a business that I'd been at for over two years. One day I just went in and they were closing the doors forever. It was quite a stressful time. The best thing I ran into that helped me immensely was gmat prep. If it wasn't for this I probably would have lost my mind with the load of stress that I had.


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My husband went on a search on the net because he always seemed to have knee pain and lower back pain. And after reading all the reviews on how to relieve these pain he ended up taking a hydraflexin and now after a short time his pain is finally gone.

April 27, 2010

Whole life insurance quote

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When my parents were young things were simpler in choice. It was either Pepsi or Coke. They only had three TV stations. And if you wanted to buy something in general there was only one place to buy it in town. In today's world a whole life insurance quote is something that you should take some time to understand all the different types of life insurances.

The journey of astronauts

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Did you ever stop to think about the first astronauts? How do they go to bathroom in outer space? The very first astronauts were told to pee on their suits. The second astronauts were issued plastic bags which some of them leaked. Then finally they came up with a vacuum toilet that sucks everything out through a screen bag to catch any heavy debris that might be generated.

April 25, 2010

Weight loss products

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I'm so tired of searching all over the Internet for weight loss products. Not just pills but different supplies that I need. I've spent a lot of money in the past with different products. I went by what the manufacture said it sounded like a good deal at that time. But you know what they say about great deals. They probably aren't. And that's what I ran into. But now I do my research before I buy.

Non-electric dog hair trimmer

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It's so hard to cut our dogs hair with the electric trimmers. Let alone try to give her a bath. That's the fun part. Whoever heard of a dog that doesn't like water. We were out shopping the other day, my husband drag me over to harbor freight tools where I found a non electric hair cutter for our dog. It doesn't appear that it will last long but the price was right and being I only cut the dog's hair five times a years it still saves us lots of money.

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It doesn't happen very often but when you find one it can be a pain. And then after its gone the proper maintenance so it doesn't come back. I remember when I was young and I had problems with these. To this day I always know what that one little scar is at the edge of my jaw line. The best place I'd found for more information is at This site gave me more information to my once in a while problem.


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Fans fans fans we have so many different fans. We went on a weekend vacation to some friends house in another state. I thought it was the different pillows that I wasn't comfortable with I didn't get much sleep that night. But after talking to my husband I realised that it was the lack of a fan in the bedroom. I remember sitting up in the middle of the night listening to all of the little noises in the house. I guess if I had my fan I wouldn't of heard all these little things.

Colon cleanse

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Every week it seemed to be something different a little ache here a pain there. I was getting so sick of the up and downs. I still eat the same things as I did in the past. But now they don't agree with me some of them. I went for my yearly check up the other day the doctor recommended a colon cleanse as one of the pieces to the remedies that he came up with.

April 20, 2010

Picture frame

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Pictures, pictures, pictures. So many pictures. If you go out to buy frames they're so expensive these days. And if you want to go back at the later date you can never find the same one it might be close but it still doesn't match so we learned from our experience to over buy our picture frames for pictures to come.

Joe's jeans

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In the last year I must have tried on a hundred pair of jeans. Only bought one pair. Its ridiculous trying to find the perfect fit for me. First of I'm petite but the jeans with long thin legs to fit me are so hard to find. I ended up going to Joe's jeans. I took a risk just by reading their particulars on how they fit. You can't believe how happy I am to find the right size and actually fit it to my tiny frame.

Sleeping habit

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My husband is finally done with his nuclear power plant job that lasted three weeks. One of the crazy thing he was working for 6:30 at night until 4:30 in the morning. He got used to the sleep difference but he never got used to the time difference in eating. Lucky for him I gave him good food to eat if he could. But he said food just didn't appeal anymore.

April 14, 2010

Slimming pills

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Cleaning up my closet the other day to get ready for summer as best I can do for that day deciding to separate which ones are for keeps and which ones are not for keeps. I guess this a routine for everyone who live in the states. Changing seasons that means organizing clothes for the season. I just can't wait for that warm days to be here once again so we can go to the beach and have fun with my family. Boating, fishing and swimming. Time to bring that swimsuit out for the season. Now slimming pills is all I need so I can wear my favorite swimsuit.

My kitchen apron creation

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It's surprising that you can't find a kitchen apron these days at the department stores anymore. We tried Wal-mart the other day to see if they have one but amazingly the lady on the counter after we asked her if they carry it told us with an unfriendly tone "NO". Geezz! Talking about being stressed out! hahaha. We thanked her anyway. As we turned my husband and I just looked at each other and smiled at the thought. Okay...okay we will not ask her no more.

The next day I decided to open the box that my mom in law gave me two years ago. Inside is a beautiful sewing machine. It's one of those electric sewing machine. Really nice. I still have a leftover of the cloth I used a while back for making that curtain in our kitchen. Now I can make myself an apron. It wasn't that bad I kept it neat in my drawer and still looks nice with the sparkle on its flower decoration on it. I'm just not sure about what type of cloth it is. Seems like it is mixed nylon and satin. But boy I'm so proud of my creation that I wanted to show the world. (lol!) Check it out.

April 13, 2010

Long distance movers

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We started thinking about how much time it would take to pack up all of our stuff for a big move and there was no way that we could do it in the time that we had to be at our new place and to be unpacked and ready to go in three weeks. So we contacted our long distance movers to give us a hand to get through our struggle on time. Our smaller personal stuff we packed ourself but for everything else they took care of. It wasn't a bad experience at all.

Toys that lasts

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Amazingly these days there are still some things that you get your money's worth out of. The most long lasting toys we've had is little tykes red and yellow pedal car. We had it for our eleven year old when she was three and now our three year old is starting to use it. I believe this little car will just about last forever.

April 11, 2010

Garmin GPS

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When you stop to think about it what did we ever do without our Garmin GPS. I remember going on a trip with my husband and kids. I was a so called a navigator. Somewhere around two thirty in the morning my husband kind of notice that things didn't look right that we were on the interstate and he woke me up. We pulled the big map book out and discovered that we had taken the south bound interstate exchange instead of taking the north. We've lost about two hours of our travel time but not anymore with our GPS system.

Old records

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We finally got around to it the other day. Saving all of our old records has become quite the assembly line. We bought a converter turn table, we put our record on it, plugged the turn table into our PC and now were turning all of our old records into CD's and mp3's and hopefully preserve them for a longer time.

March 31, 2010

Cheapest car insurance

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We're always looking to save money whether it be on heat bill or mainly on the food bill these days. It's becoming a favorite past time of my husband to look for new and better way in saving a dollar. The cheapest car insurance that we found will save us approximately two hundred and eighty five dollars a year and at least he doesn't have to deal with the same people that he hasn't liked at the old insurance company for years.

Childhood memories

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After going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie I was quite a bit disappointed in it. I guess maybe it's because as a child watching the original was so much a different film. My imagination pulled me in to the movie as a child. The new one with Johnny Depp looking worse than he ever has was just so unappealing I know I won't be watching it twice.

Allergy relief

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I've gone through the years over and over again with different head colds and then maybe it turns into a sinus infection or inner ear problem. Who knows what's next. After searching high and low I came across this allergy relief that seem to take care of almost every problem I had. Amazing what the difference is when I don't have to look through watery eyes as I spend sometimes outdoors with my son.


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Finally the taxes are done. We tried doing turbo tax online but something didn't seem to be right. So best take the taxes to the professionals. We paid a lot of money to have them done but it saved us that much more and some. So it was worth it. Now we take our tax return money turned around and pay our school and land tax on our house and have zero leftover.

March 30, 2010

Uppababy vista

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Decorating our sons bedroom when he was little was so much fun. But now that he's getting older its going to be fun all over again. Stripping the wall paper will be the tough part. We can't get a decision from him whether it is going to be a cars theme or a toy story theme. It seems like yesterday when my mother in law bought the uppababy vista stroller. The way this is built I know it's going to be around for a long time.

Natural instinct

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My husband and I picked up a small remote control four wheeler for Jarred our son to play with. We couldn't believe our eyes when we gave him the remote. He was a natural at the forward and reverse of the throttle and the little steering wheel that controls the four wheeler.


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I surprised my husband the other day with the small but useful device. A lot of times were doing aerobics together. Don't tell no one. The weather starting to get better outdoors and soon he will be jogging around our circle track road. We went shopping and bought new sneakers with our son the other day. The oximeter that I surprised him with will at least give him an accurate reading for checking his pulse.

Surround sound

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My husband knows how I jumped at every intense movie sound. He said I get too deep into the movies. And just when I thought I was getting used to not jumping so much my husband installed dolbe surround sound to our TV. The first time that I experience it I almost tipped over the couch being scared from a horror movie.

March 20, 2010

Epson receipt printer

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We had a lot of fun last summer helping out my niece and her husband setting up their website not to mention helping them set up their store in town which is a family cheese shop for many years. One of the things that we found we couldn't do without when it came to shipping the products was the epson receipt printer. Talk about making life a lot easier. This helped immensely.

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