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January 15, 2010


Posted by Malou at 1/15/2010 08:55:00 PM 1 comments
They used to say a handy man without his duct tape and coat hangers would be out of business. I still think it's funny. In our business if I didn't have clamps I'd be out of business. We use so many different types and just when you think you've run into every design of clamps that help you you're in need of another. Our tubing clamp scaffolding are one of the most simplex and ingenious systems I've ever seen.

T.V. Volume balancer

Posted by Malou at 1/15/2010 08:46:00 PM 0 comments
Turned it up, turned it down, turned it up, turned it down. Don't you just get sick of the T.V. volume? You have to turn it up to hear your movies and then when the commercial comes on it's so loud it shakes your house. We didn't know until the other day that they make a little machine that stabilizes the difference in volume. We're definitely going to order one. They're forty dollars at

Testosterone creams

Posted by Malou at 1/15/2010 11:18:00 AM 1 comments
My friend in Mississippi her life can be frustrating sometimes so much drama but being a pal I tried to help her out as much as possible. Her husband has had so many problems growing older high blood pressure, lots of job . Finally after months and months and months of convincing her to convince her mate into using testosterone creams thank goodness after a short time they have their life back on track and my stress load has lightened also.

January 14, 2010

Quartz infrared heating

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 11:47:00 AM 1 comments
Have you seen the latest in home heating? This little tiny electric heater is guaranteed to heat fifteen hundred square feet of living area for a dollar fifty a day. I don't know. It's quite hard to believe. Its basically new technology quartz infrared heating. Spending four hundred dollars to save six hundred dollars a year we might buy it.

Liporexall review

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 11:34:00 AM 0 comments
After years of fighting with my extra weight it slowly comes off it slowly comes on again. I'm thinking about changing my dietary supplement. A friend of mine that seem to have lost forty pounds of weight in a few months told me of the liporexall review. After reading this I had a entirely different angle towards my weight loss problem.

Ultrasonic Bark Control System

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 11:22:00 AM 0 comments
Barking no more. You've seen a lot of dog collar out there that stop your dog from barking. But our little dog it seem to put too much added weight around her neck. Even though we only put it on when we would leave for a few hours. That's the only time that she gets out of control. We just found this new one though that not a collar its just a little box. We set it in the hallway where she is. If she barks for more than twenty seconds it sends out a tone which is softer than the collar tone. But it still warns her to stop barking.

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 10:38:00 AM 0 comments
Traffic, traffic, traffic we could always use more. Manually submitting your web site to all the different engines can take forever. At first its a struggle of building your site then you find out that one of your enter buttons on the site doesn't work right. For some strange reason it gets redirected to a place that you don't want it to go. Going to a site such as was such a big help for us. It alleviated the work load and let us concentrate on the updates which is a daily process.

Pinpointing sleep deprivation

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 10:28:00 AM 0 comments
After thinking about the A,B, and C's of the vitamins the other day also looking at the complexities of carbohydrates in our everyday diets we're forever not sleeping well. The only problem is we pinpointed the problem at our favorite healthy drink of apple juice. You got to love that. The only problem is we're not giving up our apple juice. We will just have to cut back and not have it with our supper.

Hair loss cures

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 10:08:00 AM 0 comments
Why wait 'till the last minute? My husband was thinking back to what his dad age was when he really started losing his hair. He said he was about mid-fifties when it really started receding to the point where it didn't look that great anymore. That gives my husband about five years. But why wait 'till the last moment when there is so many hair loss cures out there on the market. So now to start the adventure on locating the right one for my husband.

Build the bear

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 10:02:00 AM 0 comments
Nothing more exciting than mark an occasion by taking your little one to the build the bear store. It's such a heart warming experience to walk your young one through picking out the bear or another animal from stuffing him to putting hearts inside of course after you have kissed them with love to picking out extra clothes and filling in his name on the birth certificate. They also have a web site where you can find locations in your area.

Best weight loss supplements

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 09:36:00 AM 0 comments
Growing old comes with a lot of added problems. You could have sagging this and sagging that which I love my new DVD on aerobic exercises. It's exhilarating to dance to it almost everyday. I still have some of my weight having my baby. Recently searching I think I come across the best weight loss supplements. I just need a little extra help. Time will tell.

Light reflection

Posted by Malou at 1/14/2010 09:33:00 AM 0 comments
I've always taking so much pride in putting all of our nice pictures into frames to show off our life with our love ones. It's a favorite pass time. The only thing that I hate is our overhead light reflects on the glass of the frames so my husband comes up with a solution. We're going to install overhead canister lights that shine down on that area to give it a nice warm light feeling.

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