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February 14, 2010


Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 08:22:00 PM 1 comments
We were so excited when proactiv first came out. It seemed to work great for the neighbors daughter. I really think that it was just her new found dedication to washing her face five times a day. And going on a grease free diet to cleanse her system. Who knows. I can only tell you from my experience that they gave me my money back because it didn't help at all.

Saving your cassettes to CD's

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 08:14:00 PM 0 comments
We had almost two hundred cassettes in a case that we've been saving for many many years. Some of them date back to the mid seventies. You just can't throw those things out because you like listening to them once in a while or if you have a party it's nice to play some of the old music. We just located the machine that you could hook to your computer to turn your cassettes into MP3's or regular CD's. It's at heartlandamerica. The item number is GX-41934.

Hair loss treatment for men

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 07:53:00 PM 0 comments
Growing old gracefully for my husband is not part for the plan. He says he's gonna fight it every day including using his hair loss treatment for men. I'm amazed it really seems to be working. Now he says if he could only find energy enough to do his forty five minute a day work out plan. He has put his mind into it. Now he says his body has to get there.

Switching roles

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 07:48:00 PM 0 comments
I'm a little jealous since I took on a part time job. My little boy is turning into a daddy's boy. He used to come up to me and ask me to play with him at night now he ask daddy all the time. daddy doesn't mind except when he is so tired. He can't move so he lays on the floor kinda relaxing as he builds geo-trax train tracks with our son.

Organic face cream

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 07:30:00 PM 0 comments
Growing up on a farm there was always grandma's recipe. It could relate to cooking, sun burn, or the quickest way to make a washing machine stop leaking. On the other hand, my grandfather coined the phrase "when in doubt rip it out". Long before anyone said it. You would not believe my grandma's version of organic face cream. she could scare you at night as a little kid. Spending the night there to help them canned tomatoes for the long winter.

LOST...the last year

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 07:24:00 PM 0 comments
My husband is so upset. It's the last year of his favorite series "LOST". I tried to have him play catch up with me trying to fill me in with the LOST episodes of the past. It's quite an intricate elaborate story. My husband looks at me and tries to explain the story. Sometimes getting hung up on the words as he closes his eyes to think back of the story. The writers behind this have to have the most incredible imagination I've ever heard of.
My husband says he loves it so much that he's going to have to take over the continuation. Call it LOST the second generation. hehe
Please anyone respond to this if you're a fan.

Female pattern hair loss

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 06:38:00 PM 0 comments
Long time ago I remember a story of one of my friend's friends. She thought it was her lucky day when she went to work for this new company. It ran in her family female pattern hair loss but it seemed to be too early in her life and such a short term that her baldness was showing up. At first she thought it was just natural. After going to a specialist they found out that her pores were clogged with the waxy mist used at her new employment.

Scooter carrier

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 06:34:00 PM 0 comments
We got so sick of loading our scooter on the back of our truck that we started shopping around for a trailer hitch scooter carrier. My husband spent three or four days shopping online before he found the ideal carrier. Its so neat it has a side way gate that doubles as a ramp to drive the scooter up on the back of the carrier. So easy to load the scooter now.

Gifts for her

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 06:30:00 PM 0 comments
Have you ever noticed that it's an awkward age when your little girl reaches eleven or twelve? It's tough to find gifts for her. It's tough to do the clothes thing because it's tough to satisfy her taste let alone getting the fit right. It's easier just to take her to the store. It wasn't like that when I was a kid and you got to love these companies that come up with these extremely expensive sneakers.

Quick cheap towing

Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 06:25:00 PM 0 comments
My brother in law called long distance the other day. He was about a hundred and fifty miles away from our house broke down with his truck. The only problem was that he needed to be towed home. Luckily it was during the day and harbor freight tools was open. We stopped there and picked up an adjustable tow bar that connected to our trailer hitch which easily connect to his front bumper. so we saved the day. My husband said this tow bars used to cost 250 dollars. We bought it at harbor freight for forty dollars. What a deal.
Posted by Malou at 2/14/2010 06:09:00 PM 0 comments
My sneaky little guy, we went shopping on Saturday to pick up valentines Day stuff for Sunday. As we put the bags from the store on the kitchen floor he seen the sucker. He was like a cat pouncing on it but I had to tell him that was for tomorrow Valentines day. He said "but but but Mommy I want it". So we had to distract him with the Popsicle but he never gave up talking about that sucker all night. He was happy to get it this morning and I think it's going to last three days.


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