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February 23, 2010

Daily deal

Posted by Malou at 2/23/2010 05:57:00 PM 0 comments
We thought we're all protected for a different appliances. You go out and buy all these power serge protectors thinking that you're going to be okay. And what they don't tell you is that a power serge suppressor doesn't protect you from low voltage or a main power wire touching a ground wire in your house or outdoors possibly from a lightning strike. And that's exactly what happened to us. We ended up going to daily deal to replace a lot of our stuff. Luckily we had a small deductible on our insurance. Everything was covered.

Power outrage

Posted by Malou at 2/23/2010 05:47:00 PM 1 comments
Something kind of funny the other day. We just got so tired of waiting around to see when our power was coming back on. So we thought we might as well leave the area and go check out generator prices. Back over to harbor freight we found a small one possibly to run the T.V. and few light bulb. Not like we couldn't of lit up a couple of candles. Anyhow, we bought the generator brought it home, filled it up with gas, started it up and our power came back on. What luck was that? Good or bad?

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