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April 14, 2010

Slimming pills

Posted by Malou at 4/14/2010 06:46:00 PM 0 comments
Cleaning up my closet the other day to get ready for summer as best I can do for that day deciding to separate which ones are for keeps and which ones are not for keeps. I guess this a routine for everyone who live in the states. Changing seasons that means organizing clothes for the season. I just can't wait for that warm days to be here once again so we can go to the beach and have fun with my family. Boating, fishing and swimming. Time to bring that swimsuit out for the season. Now slimming pills is all I need so I can wear my favorite swimsuit.

My kitchen apron creation

Posted by Malou at 4/14/2010 06:04:00 PM 0 comments
It's surprising that you can't find a kitchen apron these days at the department stores anymore. We tried Wal-mart the other day to see if they have one but amazingly the lady on the counter after we asked her if they carry it told us with an unfriendly tone "NO". Geezz! Talking about being stressed out! hahaha. We thanked her anyway. As we turned my husband and I just looked at each other and smiled at the thought. Okay...okay we will not ask her no more.

The next day I decided to open the box that my mom in law gave me two years ago. Inside is a beautiful sewing machine. It's one of those electric sewing machine. Really nice. I still have a leftover of the cloth I used a while back for making that curtain in our kitchen. Now I can make myself an apron. It wasn't that bad I kept it neat in my drawer and still looks nice with the sparkle on its flower decoration on it. I'm just not sure about what type of cloth it is. Seems like it is mixed nylon and satin. But boy I'm so proud of my creation that I wanted to show the world. (lol!) Check it out.

April 13, 2010

Long distance movers

Posted by Malou at 4/13/2010 03:11:00 PM 0 comments
We started thinking about how much time it would take to pack up all of our stuff for a big move and there was no way that we could do it in the time that we had to be at our new place and to be unpacked and ready to go in three weeks. So we contacted our long distance movers to give us a hand to get through our struggle on time. Our smaller personal stuff we packed ourself but for everything else they took care of. It wasn't a bad experience at all.

Toys that lasts

Posted by Malou at 4/13/2010 03:07:00 PM 0 comments
Amazingly these days there are still some things that you get your money's worth out of. The most long lasting toys we've had is little tykes red and yellow pedal car. We had it for our eleven year old when she was three and now our three year old is starting to use it. I believe this little car will just about last forever.

April 11, 2010

Garmin GPS

Posted by Malou at 4/11/2010 02:59:00 PM 0 comments
When you stop to think about it what did we ever do without our Garmin GPS. I remember going on a trip with my husband and kids. I was a so called a navigator. Somewhere around two thirty in the morning my husband kind of notice that things didn't look right that we were on the interstate and he woke me up. We pulled the big map book out and discovered that we had taken the south bound interstate exchange instead of taking the north. We've lost about two hours of our travel time but not anymore with our GPS system.

Old records

Posted by Malou at 4/11/2010 02:54:00 PM 0 comments
We finally got around to it the other day. Saving all of our old records has become quite the assembly line. We bought a converter turn table, we put our record on it, plugged the turn table into our PC and now were turning all of our old records into CD's and mp3's and hopefully preserve them for a longer time.

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