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April 20, 2010

Picture frame

Posted by Malou at 4/20/2010 02:26:00 PM 0 comments
Pictures, pictures, pictures. So many pictures. If you go out to buy frames they're so expensive these days. And if you want to go back at the later date you can never find the same one it might be close but it still doesn't match so we learned from our experience to over buy our picture frames for pictures to come.

Joe's jeans

Posted by Malou at 4/20/2010 02:19:00 PM 1 comments
In the last year I must have tried on a hundred pair of jeans. Only bought one pair. Its ridiculous trying to find the perfect fit for me. First of I'm petite but the jeans with long thin legs to fit me are so hard to find. I ended up going to Joe's jeans. I took a risk just by reading their particulars on how they fit. You can't believe how happy I am to find the right size and actually fit it to my tiny frame.

Sleeping habit

Posted by Malou at 4/20/2010 02:17:00 PM 0 comments
My husband is finally done with his nuclear power plant job that lasted three weeks. One of the crazy thing he was working for 6:30 at night until 4:30 in the morning. He got used to the sleep difference but he never got used to the time difference in eating. Lucky for him I gave him good food to eat if he could. But he said food just didn't appeal anymore.

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