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June 2, 2010


Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 10:31:00 AM 2 comments
I've done everything that I know of to get a good night sleep. The first challenge was finding the right firmness to support my neck as I slept. I even went out and bought a lighter combo package of comforter, bed sheet, pillow casings. The next step is waiting for the delivery of my new mattress later on this week. My girl friend even recommended changing the curtains and my room color for more relaxation.

Trail mix

Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 10:25:00 AM 0 comments
Trying to stay on my diet some days is a very hard thing to do. Thinking about all the luscious food that I make drive me crazy so to tied me over between meals I grab a nature valley trail mix bar. I only eat half of it in the morning before lunch and I save the other half for mid afternoon cravings.

Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 09:35:00 AM 1 comments
After going through my younger years with the battle with acne it took forever to find the right treatment for myself. But the battle is over and I won the war on it. The only problem with the medication is that it dried my skin out. With different kinds of moisturizers I overcame this. One other product that I found was at I was ecstatic at how product work wonders for me.

Battery lanters

Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 09:31:00 AM 0 comments
Our power went out the other night and besides a couple of candles to light our house the batteries in our flashlight were dead. But when I was searching for new batteries I came across the three small lights that we had used in our pumpkins for Halloween. It was kind of funny to see all these battery lanterns illuminating the different rooms of the house.

Cholesterol supplement

Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 09:01:00 AM 0 comments
As I find myself getting older I don't nearly get as much exercise as I like to. Summer time in New York State is fine. You can get outdoors, go to the park, go to the beach, that's fine. But when it comes to winter I like to hibernate in the house. Even if you dress warm it is still cold out. Staying on my diet and using my cholesterol supplement is the best way for me. Also i just ordered a new dance aerobic dvd. Can't wait for it to come.


Posted by Malou at 6/02/2010 08:57:00 AM 0 comments
I think my husband is giving up on EBay auctions. People are so notorious for making ways around the system. You can't even honestly bid on anything anymore. People that are selling are also creating other accounts to bid their item up higher. They call it ghost bidding. After they pushed the bid real high just to get it up there they cancel the top bidder which is themselves and award it to the second bidder. It's such a game that my husband isn't going to play anymore.

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