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November 20, 2010

Cheap auto insurance quotes instantly

Posted by Malou at 11/20/2010 12:16:00 PM 0 comments
   We lived in a large circle housing track. It's nice because all the neighbors know to drive slow because of the many children at play. Leaving the circle track to go anywhere can be hazardous to your health. The road that leads out of here is about a mile long with woods on both sides. There are so many deer crossing all the time. If it isn't a deer it's a big turkey. Too bad the turkey wouldn't jump out for Thanksgiving.

    Two years ago on an icy snowy morning I met a car on coming towards me. The dusty snow behind him was blinding to me and what I didn't see was there was a buck deer in this blinding snow.  I hit him with the front driver side of my truck. The scary part was about that he came up on the hood. His hoofs kicking into the windshield as it destroyed it. I ended up in the back seat thinking that he was coming through.  After turning this all in to my insurance company within six months they raised my rate ridiculously.  At that point I needed a cheap auto insurance quotes instantly because my policy was going to be up within fifteen days at that point. Luckily I found a great company.

Bombers jacket

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My husband has a small collection of coats just about one for every occasion. I think it's like women with shoes we're always collecting them. I myself have over twenty pairs. One of the jackets that he's always wanted well I should say he had one in the past but its worn out. I been holding off because of the expense of the jacket but I finally found one at a reasonable price. It's a great looking black bombers jacket. Hopefully they get here before Christmas.

Cyber Monday

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We're ready for lots of deals. Instead of just Black Friday why don't we just have a whole black month. Just to clear out a lot of inventory of discounted products that are made in China and half of them don't last a month after you buy them. With the economy failing in more locations than we like to think about this would be a great way to possibly restart our economy. I can't wait for Cyber Monday. It gives us another chance at possibly of buying a new TV of our choice.

What they say about liver cleansing

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The latest in medical liver cleansing breakthrough helps sweep away years of health destroying toxic sludge. By using this they claim that it renews your energy and vitality in your heart, your brain, your joints.  Every organ muscle and cell in your body. Wouldn't that be great? That's hard to believe! You can find out more  about it and pricing by searching doctor cutlers liver and kidney cleanse. See for yourself.

November 19, 2010


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For approximately fifteen years we stayed with the same product name brand but in the last couple of years I think that our company that we always depended on has changed hands or something. The products that we got had problems in no time luckily we had extended warranties on them. When it came to buying out new TV we went online and did a research and decided to buy a Samsung. The ratings were so much higher than our brand  so we bought it.

Cold batteries

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After we're done here its a day to take pictures of our stuff to put on ebay. This is always fun. The only thing I hate is if we're out doors the batteries in the camera wear out fast because of the cold. It's tough when it is in the 30 degree range or colder on the camera.  I am so glad I have an extremely thick coat. The boots that my husband bought me last year are good for minus zero temperatures so I'm bundled up quite nicely.

Best fat burner

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Choosing a healthy diet is the first thing to start. Number two is including an exercise plan that you will stick to so make it very simple even if it isn't enough exercise for the time that you have at least you get something. Next check into the best fat burner on the market if you're more than twenty pounds over weight. If you're less than twenty pounds I would just pick up the pace on your exercise program. Hang in there you'll get it done.

Winter snowed in necessities

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With winter coming it's time to stock up on a lot of different things. Campbell soup and coffee and hot chocolate are the first three things just in case we get snowed in. These are the necessities. At one time we had no electricity for five days. We've changed things in our house to avoid any of these problems. We have back up gas log heaters that require no electricity to keep us warm. We also have a small generator for necessity power just in case.

Weight loss creams

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Every now and then you'll see ads on the news paper or TV about what's new out there on weight loss products.  Sometimes advertisements creating big buzz about their products usually attract more attention. My friend and I were talking about it and she mentioned about trying  the weight loss creams that she saw on the advertisement on TV. I'm excited for her and can't wait to see the result.

Email ads

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Every morning checking email is one of my routine but don't you just love it when every morning you have to delete those ads that go through your email. Spam spam spam they kept on coming back. As far as I know I think I did all I can to eliminate them.  I wish there's a way to stop this.

November 18, 2010

Insurance specialists

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It's crazy out there these days when it comes to insurance. Some companies don't even offer everything that you're looking for specially when it comes to different  business insurance .  When you stop to think about it there are so many things  to keep in mind these days from life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, business general liability. Let's not forget about  business compensation insurance which is based on payroll. For small business starting out this is the one thing that sometimes is unexpected. You pay quarterly each year but at the end if you haven't paid enough you'll pay more. No doubt or you won't stay in business. With all of our insurances  we went to  to complete our business package.

Superman comic book

Posted by Malou at 11/18/2010 11:38:00 AM 1 comments
We like to go to different auctions even house auctions. It must be the excitement  of the bidding that has every body on edge. One of the auctions we went to, we bid on a box  of old gas lanterns but to our surprise at the bottom of the box there were old comic books. One of these books was an old superman comic valued in good condition about two hundred dollars. We're going to put it on eBay to see what it brings. We only paid fifteen dollars for the whole box. What a profit.

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