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January 19, 2011


Posted by Malou at 1/19/2011 08:42:00 PM 0 comments
In the way past before the Internet came around  I spent a small fortune on different diet plans and exercise videos.  The videos got boring after a couple of weeks of trying to find time to use them. And on one of the diet plans  the food they sold me tasted like cardboard. My girlfriend has been using apidexin for a couple of months now, she has lost almost twenty five pounds  over this time. The happiness of the  weight loss shows in her face I think she's even smiling more these days.

Predictable people

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Whatever happened to the old saying if you didn't have anything good to say then don't say nothing. You go to work besides the work being repetitious all day long five days a week the people are just all the same. They can't stop saying enough about their husband's or wife's on how much a pain they are. Not every body at work is like this but the daily gossip is so predictable. Let alone break time gets here half the people run outdoors to smoke their cigarettes and the other half of the people have their face shoved up to their cellphone texting everybody. Sometimes they remind me of the documentary of all the penguins hanging out together and I laughed.

January 17, 2011

Weight loss stories

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There's never a dull moment around my sister in law between her and her two friends they have about two hundred pounds worth of weight loss stories. She'll tell you all about the time when she went on a six month grape fruit diet. The diet that almost kill her. Hey what the heck! She got rid of the extra weight that was hanging around over ten year period from her having three children. You can't expect to be perfect after having children. Some women are lucky some women aren't some women it just doesn't matter because they're happy with their family.

New flannels

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I was so glad when my husband opened up his Christmas present Christmas morning to find out that he had two new quilted lined flannel shirts. The old ones that he had were looking pretty horrible. He didn't want to get rid of these because they were so comfortable but let's face it. How many times can you lay in a mud puddle to work on a car and hopes that that shirt will survive? I worked so hard in cleaning one particular shirt. The flannel material just disappeared after the hundred times of cleaning it.

Weight loss supplements that really work

Posted by Malou at 1/17/2011 07:04:00 PM 0 comments
Oh my goodness! When I was younger I had to worry about keeping my weight up.  My metabolism was so fast for my petite frame its seemed like I could never get enough to eat. But now after having my son I like to be all to lose a little more. It's not like it is a lot of weight but it's stubborn weight and I don't get enough physical exercise at work and I'm too tired to go to the gym at night. So I'm looking for a weight loss supplements that really work. If only I could find the right one that agree with me and get the job done.

Burning wood

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Burning wood in our house sure saves us a lot of money. We have approximately three acres of wood on our property. Usually we use seven quart of wood a season doesn't take much to heat the house but cutting splitting and stacking the wood can be a pain sometimes. We let the wood stove go out at night and turned on only a fifteen hundred watt instant heat electric heater. It throws the heat evenly all over the room enough to keep the cold temperatures of the night away from us. then we restart the wood stove in the morning.

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