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April 9, 2011

GMAC insurance review

Posted by Malou at 4/09/2011 09:21:00 PM 0 comments
I started about two weeks ago  trying to figure out how we could save an extra two hundred dollars a month. Not from just being energy conservationist in our own home but from going through all of our bills and seeing if there is way to cut back. As my father used to say he was insurance poor. I know what he means these days with all of our different insurances. One thing I looked into was the gmac insurance review. I spent a whole day at six different sites doing comparisons and came up with an eighty dollar savings just for a little bit of time I put into it.


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The most depressing thing is slowly starting to happen in our house. We are running out of room for more pictures on our walls. I just love all of our pictures and I hate to take down my favorites to put up new ones. I still have some of my son's pictures up on the wall from when he was a baby. He is now four. Some of the pictures I've done are in black and white. They look so sweet.

Testosterone booster

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I've never realized that this could happen until my friend's husband in his late thirties ended up going to the doctors. He had so many  multiple symptoms it was hard for the doctor to figure it out without sending him to a blood specialist. One of the main pills that he was giving was a testosterone booster. They also put him on a strong antibiotic after his test came back showing problems with his kidneys.

Sweet summer?

Posted by Malou at 4/09/2011 08:51:00 PM 0 comments
I always dread every spring picking up the outside. After the winter snow then comes the spring time run off of all the mud. Then when summer gets here we have to contend with the dusty sand that bows across the road from our house. I'm ready to go across the street and try to plant grass to hold the sand down.  But without top soil there's not much of the chance the grass will grow.


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Sometimes its hard for me to understand  what people go through that are trying to lose weight.  Myself I've never had maybe a couple of extra pounds that I've wanted to get rid of and as soon as the summer gets here I like jogging early in the morning. This takes care of my extra couple pounds that I put on during the winter. My friend next door on the other hand needs to lose forty or fifty pounds. I told her about adapexin-p. She's going to look into it and see if it will work for her.

Dirt digging

Posted by Malou at 4/09/2011 08:10:00 PM 0 comments
Finally the ground just thawed out, my husband is back to digging the side yard which is high to fill the backyard which is low. The dirt that he is shovelling is mostly sand so it shovels very easily. In less than three hours in the afternoon he was able to fill the wheel burrow thirty times.  He said it keeps him strong as he gets a little older.  What a way to kill calories.

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