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May 5, 2011

Personal gifts for mom

Posted by Malou at 5/05/2011 09:14:00 PM 3 comments
So many moms to think of. His mom my mom and of course myself mom. Oh also my stepdaughter's mom that I don't think of.  Where to start? A personal gifts for mom, if you want to find the right one it takes sometime and some research  to come up with the unique gift that gives a lasting impression just by looking at the gift and the memory of that moment. The hardest person to buy for is my mother in law of eighty years of age. She has everything.

Tripping hazard

Posted by Malou at 5/05/2011 09:07:00 PM 0 comments
I was so excited after buying my zebra striped throw rug for the living room. Just a five by seven foot. It looks so beautiful. After having it there for a couple of days my husband complained that he tripped twice by it. At first he couldn't figure it out it wasn't the edge that he tripped on.  We have a glass surface coffee table sitting on top of it. When you turned on the chandelier light about it it cast an awkward shadow through the glass coffee table that if you're not watching carefully it actually makes you tripped. It is actually a depth illusion.

Blackhead remover

Posted by Malou at 5/05/2011 08:30:00 PM 0 comments
Growing up in a very hot and high humidity country was a big challenge for me as a youth. It's very very tough as a teenager in a cooler climate to take care of pimples let alone black heads. I finally moved  from there about seven years ago to a cooler climate. Things were clearing up  quite nicely until I got a job and the environment there  is very dusty all day. Finding the right blackhead remover is top on my list at the moment. So I won't  have a lot of problems after leaving this job.

Cartoon network needs better control

Posted by Malou at 5/05/2011 08:24:00 PM 1 comments
I can't believe cartoon network thinks that the cartoon called "the regular show"  is appropriate to have on with no rating as in for late teens or adults. They fill in the blanks replacing bad words with fill in words. The cartoon character says what the ( H ) for the word hell and how are we gonna take care of this  (S) for shit. Come on now! There's no rating at the bottom right side on the TV screen basically saying this is fine for all ages.

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