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May 28, 2011

Birthday Gift Baskets

Posted by Malou at 5/28/2011 10:29:00 PM 0 comments
We had a going away party at work and I was the talk of the party or actually the Birthday Gift Baskets that I had delivered were. They were done up so beautifully everybody noticed them. Now I know what I'm going to do for my mother in law's birthday and my aunt in Florida that always says don't buy her anything. This is making it to easy for me.


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So happy that a lot of the fresh vegetable have made their way to the regional market. This morning we're headed there. The half an hour drive is well worth it to pick up the yummy veggies. Also they have plants to add to our garden. Looking forward to buying some cherry tomatoes.

Hair loss treatment

Posted by Malou at 5/28/2011 10:14:00 PM 1 comments
My husband's age is starting to show in some places. A few extra pains here and there but all and all he is in good shape. His hair in the front is starting to reseed some and I think he is starting to panic. So I went online to look for the best hair loss treatment. It took a lot of reading to hopefully figure out what one will work the best for him. I think he is going to be so surprised when I give it to him.


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Time to go outside with our kids They're happy because it rained last night that means that there's going to be puddles of water to play in. It also means that its more funner my son says for his Tonka trucks. They make roads in the sand. The sand castles they made three days ago are now all washed away. Time to start building new ones.

Custom presentation folders

Posted by Malou at 5/28/2011 08:41:00 PM 0 comments
Starting a business can always be hectic. Its a good thing my husband has had experience with it . After a few years we decided to try to bring in some people to expand our business. One of the things I was very proud of was the design on the custom presentation folders. These folders made the presentation look like a million dollar layout. After some negotiations both of the companies are now one and growing strong.


Posted by Malou at 5/28/2011 08:30:00 PM 0 comments
In our busy life running here, going there all the time, dinner sometimes can end up a little late at night. Luckily on our way home we can rely on the great pizza  at Little Caesars. The garlic bread and Italian bread there is made fresh while you wait and I just can't resist that. The kids are happy with their bellies full.

Television stands

Posted by Malou at 5/28/2011 08:27:00 PM 0 comments
We moved into an apartment awhile back that had cathedral ceilings. The problem was that the walls were low. You couldn't hang any pictures to say so we ended up buying shelves to set things on it turned out nice after awhile. Looking for the right television stands for each room took awhile for the living room. We ended up hanging our flat screen with brackets tide into the ceiling. It looks good just took sometime to figure out how to do it.


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It's so beautiful that at least for our area the rain is making everything outdoors so green. Usually this early in the season there's not much. Our garden is growing so fast. The grass has to be mowed twice already. I hope the summer ahead doesn't turn so dry everything dies out. Oh well at least for now we can enjoy it.

May 23, 2011

Prefabricated buildings

Posted by Malou at 5/23/2011 08:29:00 PM 0 comments
My husband is always helping his parents out with repairs on the old buildings at their farm. For years his mother wanted to replace two of the buildings with prefabricated buildings. This would be the easiest way and the most affordable. Not to say that they waited for his Dad to pass on but the first thing that was after that was to tear down and replace the two buildings. It looks so much better also freeing up time for my husband to work on our place.

Summer is almost here

Posted by Malou at 5/23/2011 08:15:00 PM 0 comments
Summer is here and we can't decide this year to put the boat in the water at the marina or just launch it once and awhile. With the price of gas you don't go very far with a boat that if you're lucky it gets 5 mile to a gallon. Three years ago we went on a small trip with it and the gas was 140 dollars plus our fun for the weekend. It cost us almost 400 dollars. In this economy we're going to have to cut back so I think i'll be staying home more.

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