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September 30, 2011

Custom t-shirt

Posted by Malou at 9/30/2011 01:07:00 PM 0 comments
After the lengthy process of starting our business everything was going fine. It was getting a little slow and at least we were comfortable at where we were. Lately though we thought about expanding and advertising our product more locally by going to small trade like shows. County fares etc. Giving away our custom t-shirt for signing up yourself and a friend to our mailing list was the biggest hit. People love the graphics on the shirts so much we had offers to buy at least thirty percent more of our products. What a hit.

Profit on ebay

Posted by Malou at 9/30/2011 12:51:00 PM 0 comments
It's getting closer to Christmas. All year long my husband collects Geo trax trains. Then by the end of October he puts them on eBay. At this time of year people go crazy with the prices buying at the last moment. Brings the prices way up. He loves it when people get into a bid war over his things. Last year at just Christmas time he made 500 dollars over what he paid in. May of the same year. Its like snowmobiles. He bought in April, he invested two thousand dollars and sold them in November and made an extra thousand dollars. What a help when it comes to paying our heat bill for the winter.

Earring backs

Posted by Malou at 9/30/2011 12:45:00 PM 0 comments
Some of the things my husband is giving me for my birthday and Christmas I consider quite hysterical. He always thinks they're funny. Myself I don't really know about that. But I still give him a big hug and a kiss for them. One of the things he knows that he can hardly never go wrong on is jewelry. As long as it isn't big and ugly I probably like it. Last year he surprised me with a selection of earring backs. I guess he remembers two Christmas'  ago when I was so frustrated after losing one we were an hour late for the Christmas party.

China ATV

Posted by Malou at 9/30/2011 12:21:00 PM 0 comments
It's been about three months since we purchased our atvs. As soon as they arrived the first day there was a problem. One of the bearings in the front tire wasn't made right from the factory. My husband called them, they sent a hub with bearings right away. That was great. As my husband went to install the new part he noticed that the weld was cracked on the frame and the bushings on that side where shot from the vibration of that bad bearing. He called the place a technician called back at 11;30 at night waking the whole house up explaining what the problem was. They said the parts are shipped from factory the only problem is the factory is in China it may take up to 7 weeks to get here. In the mean time we cant ride it. Depressing!

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