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December 12, 2012

ESP guitars

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It was so much work moving our store to the bigger location. What took the most out of us was putting together all the shelves. What a nightmare. You would think that the company would put the right instructions in the box. The three esp guitars that we put on display were sold the first day at our grand opening. Actually these guitars weren't for sale. Display Only but we couldn't turn down what was offered to us so its time to order more. This time they will have a price on them.


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I'm hoping early next year we can remodel our bathroom. It will be the third time including the original that its been done in twenty years. The only reason that we do this is because my husband has done this for years and by shopping around for different tiles and hardware for the new tub it really doesn't cost us a lot. And it gives us something to do together.

December 8, 2012

Restaurants easton pa

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When my girlfriend went to college in Syracuse NY she got engaged to a real nice guy from Pennsylvania. She stopped over to discuss plans for their all natural Pennsylvania wedding. One of the first things that we looked into were the restaurants easton pa. Even though I'm just in New York it is so much different in the beauty of the fall weddings in Pennsylvania. There were over six hundred pictures taken that day at the wedding and not one of them was bad with the beautiful waterfalls and the colors of autumn.

Evaporation rate

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Every year we go through the same thing. The house gets too dry from the wood stove before we get the humidifiers going. You think I would remember this from feeding the fish every day. The water level on the side of the aquarium goes down at least one half an inch a day. So every weekend I'm filling it up to the top again. In the meantime we come down with that dry cough that just gives you a headache.

November 22, 2012

Solar lighting

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We have three outdoor lights on our house and one lights in  interior that leads to the garage. My husband is thinking about replacing all these with solar lighting that way we could save the energy from the bigger light bulbs by having led lighting.

November 19, 2012

Marathon electric motors

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It all started a few years back when we bought a swimming pool. The water in the pool never seem to warm up much to be comfortable for swimming. So my husband being he is creative as he is decided to build his own solar heater using marathon electric motors for the pool pump and also the back up pump to assist in the solar unit. It was amazing how all the pipes went underground wrapped in the special insulation came up on the side of the house where all the exposed  pipes were to collect the heat. All in all our pool is 10 degrees warmer than the neighbors and we can start swimming earlier in the year.

New Puppy

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After all these years without a dog my mother in law lets my niece give her a puppy. Doesn't she know how much work a puppy is going to be? She called me up this morning and told me how the puppy kept her up all night whining and whining. Now I'm stuck with the puppy for the day so mom can get some sleep this afternoon. The good thing is at night we have a puppy pen that has a fake grass pee area that the puppy is using nicely.

October 29, 2012

Archipelago botanicals

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I have a lot of candles all sorts for the different times of the year. I have my fall candles winter candles and also some very special ones for spring. I think its nice that my husband always notices the difference when I change them out but who wouldn't have notice difference at the beginning the smell might be a little overwhelming. My archipelago botanicals seemed to last for many many years. Before I had my son I used to have my own candle business.

2008 Polaris Outlaw

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It was so much fun riding the 2008 Polaris Outlaw four wheeler with my husband the other day or should I say our last nice sunny day for the week. We put our little guy on the front daddy was on the middle I was on the rear and we went for a ride down to grandma's new house. She was so surprised when we pulled in. We didn't tell her were coming. After we get inside she serve us up old fashioned molasses cookies with big glasses of milk. So tasty compared to store bought cookies.

October 23, 2012

San Diego beach house rentals

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Everybody  has been so busy the years just fly by it seems like yesterday I moved to New York and its been eight years. Originally my girl friend lived in New York but she moved just before I got here. Her husband is a travelling cardiologist, they went to California. Next spring we're planning a reunion. We hope to have two full months in California. My friend is looking into san diego beach house rentals. Her and her husband are going to split the price with us so they can also have a retreat.

Paint job

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Sometime this winter were going to start a project of painting the whole interior of our house. Right now its natural knotty pine trim against white sheet rock walls. We would have painted it a long time ago but its tough to pick out what color we would like to have. We were thinking of a very supper light green but as soon as we decide on a color ten minutes later we change our mind. So good luck to us.

October 20, 2012 for outdoor patio flooring

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I can remember my husband putting off the day that we built our second storey deck. It was depressing. It was raining very hard. Even the next day was raining but we started it anyhow. Over a period of the next eight hour we completed the second storey deck hich was 10 foot by 12 foot along with all the railings. It was a fight all the way luckily we have the air nailers and screw guns to make the work go quiler because tha rain may have go slower. This year we're enclosing it. We went to for outdoor patio flooring. The change we're looking for will make the deck so beautiful after we enclose it.

Rising beaver water

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We had fun today taking our fall walk looking at the leaves with the beautiful colors of the Autumn season. Our walk takes us down the railroad tracks to check out the low sides of our property. Even with the dry season the property has a lot of standing water. Its because of the beaver that made their dam down aways on the railroad track property. The railroad people came in and eliminated the beaver and destroyed one dam the only problem is there are three other small dams aways down that they didn't bother with it. Today my husband tore apart all three of the small dams and we can already see the water receding on our property where it never was.

October 11, 2012

Cartoon Network

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It seems like we just got over the cartoon days with my step daughter. The same cartoons over and over again. Now my son is getting into them big time. This time though we tried to keep his focus on cartoon network/boomerang channel. At least on that channel he don't seem to run into the real stupid cartoons except for "regular show" and "adventure time". I can't even stand the commercials they should be removed so our children don't turned out to be idiots like the producers of those shows.

September 22, 2012

Spray tanning supplies

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After the cold New York winter I think I lie and wait for the warmth on the summer. There is so little sun even in the summer it's tough to getting nice constant even tan on my busy schedule. So being we had the extra room in our basement level I purchased a tanning bed  a few years back but my job  soon took me back on the road so there was no time for the tanning bed. So with my little time spray tanning was my best quickest bet. Now I'm looking for the best price on spray tanning supplies. It didn't take me very long to come up with the best supplier.

Toy Hunter

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Over the years we've collected a lot of figurine toys and we happen to catch a new show called "Toy Hunter" on T.V about a guy that drives around to look for extreme collectibles. We're hoping we can look him up online and possibly send him some pictures of what we have. Who knows maybe they're worth a lot of money.

September 20, 2012

Donation car

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Every year at the end of the year we're hoping for a bigger tax return than the year before. But it is getting tougher all the time. If we have a little extra money during the year we like to spend it on repairs of an old house that we bought and turned it into a two family to try to pull some extra income. But of course extra income is always taxed. So its a vicious circle. Two years ago we had an old truck that we donated to donation car. It was simple and easy and it saved us almost a thousand dollars.

Halloween is coming

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Halloween is coming in another month and I hope this year we get a chance to decorate more of the house. We'd like to be able to do colored cut outs of eyes in our upstairs window and a large jagged mouth in our entrance door so it would kind of looked like the monster house on our son's movie.

September 18, 2012

Soaking rain

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My husband couldn't believe the rain storm. His first day at work five miles before getting there the wind picked up to 50 mile an hour gust and the rain went sideways. From the parking lot to the entrance gate is approximately seven minutes of walking. Himself along with lots of other people got soaked. He was so lucky to have a change of clothing from the day before.

September 11, 2012

Custom design t-shirts

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With all the guys that my husband works with he is always looking at so many different advertisements or groups they associated with on their t-shirts and sweatshirts.It was nice when we finally got around to it to have custom design t-shirts made up with out business name on them. Originally at our grand opening we gave away a hundred shirts and kept some for the end of the year sales that we'll be having.


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Finally it seems like fall is here. The cold nights  and the nice days high in the middle of 70's is quite relaxing compared to the days this summer that were in the high 90's. That's just way too hot. It reminds me of the days in the Philippines when I was younger and the average temperature was 90 a lot of the year.

August 23, 2012

Bestbabyshower gifts

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It seems like there is always competition at least in the women including relatives when it comes to bestbabyshower gifts. I myself don't look at it that way. I've always concentrated  on simplicity gifts that the youngster will be able to use and stay interested in them for years. First you buy the bigger blocks the bigger of course so the child doesn't choke on them. As the child gets older he can graduate to the smaller blocks. Our little boy had some great presents for his birthday. The most expensive he only plays with maybe once a month but blocks he plays with everyday.

Sleepy foods

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I thought I would look into some everyday foods that help you sleep better and one of the foods that really surprised me was honey. Honey contains glucose which tells your brain to shut off OREXIN, the chemical known to trigger alertness. They say be careful not to overdo it and only one table spoon is good for nights sleep.

August 20, 2012

Perfect day family outing at Fair Haven State Park

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We had a fun day at Fair Haven State Park. First by the time we got there it was the time for our mid afternoon barbecue. We cooked steak on the grill, roasted our corn in the cobs right on the coals of the fire. To top it all off I had made up a delicious sea food salad.  After that a brief kayak ride  then fishing in the canal for the kids to catch their sun fish and then an hour and a half at the beach to round off our perfect day.

Swisher Sweets

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My husband said one of his co-worker at work wife just had a baby. He is quite a young guy at 21 years old and when my husband ask him where is his cigars he didn't really know but what my husband was talking about. I mentioned to my husband that he should order  some Swisher Sweets and take them in to work so that he and his buddies could light up for the celebration of his co-worker's new baby girl.

The 10th kingdom TV mini-series 2000

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Somehow I missed a mini series of five parts in year 2000. It was called The 10th Kingdom. A mixture of real life and a fairy tale kingdom. All the parts of it and the characters are based on in one part or another childhood fairy tales. I happen to see this on netflix and went on a seven hours adventure over two days with the kids. We love every moment of it and someday we will watch it over again.

August 5, 2012

Lizad Lick towing

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Being a repo man must be one of the most stressful job on earth. These guys get beat up, chased down, guns pointing at them, shot at. I watched the show and I almost turned it to a different station because it made me a nervous wreck.

July 31, 2012

Cover stays

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After a few days the back storage area of the shop finally was done. The part that took the longest were the shelves. I don't know what kind of language they speak in Austria but the directions that I received I couldn't read. So putting together the shelves was quite trial and error. The next thing to do is to take out the shop door and reverse it so it swings out. As I was ordering everythig I ordered three extra sets of cover stays for the near future.

Handmade fan

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A fun little project to do with your children and you can call it going green is by taking the different recyclable small cardboard boxes cutting them in different shapes and sizes and then by folding them turning them into an old fashion Asian type hand fan. Its a lot of fun for little kids and will keep you a bit cooler in these hot days.

Storage cabinet

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Finally, its the year to organize all the  extra stuff we have between the house and garage area. First of some of the bigger things are going to go on craigslist. The next step is to go through everything and organize a neighborhood garage sale. Hopefully at least some of the stuff would go. And then whatever doesn't fit in the five new storage cabinet is going to be donated to a good charitable place. rain

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Here we go again about zero rain for days and  days and days and as usual the hot temperatures bring on thunder and lightning storms and then the big huge cloud burst for 15 or 20 minutes. Just enough to scare the heck out of you and usually wash out a portion of our kids play area in the backyard. Being on sand with not much top soil leaves you almost defenseless against huge rain storm.

July 11, 2012

Auto bill pay online

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Aren't you're just so sick of how many different advertisements coming your envelops for paying your bills? Now I know why everyone is switching to auto bill pay online. It will save so many trees in the future. For us we found a great use after we run our paperwork through the shredder. Our son has two hamsters and he packs their cage full and it takes about a week for the hamsters to dig their tunnels through it.

July 9, 2012

Memory foam topper

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My husband has been going back and forth to the doctors many times in the last few months. He just can't sleep and everything they prescribed doesn't work and its been costing us a lot of money that doesn't work.  They want him to go to a sleep clinic and he keeps on insisting that he can't sleep so what's the point. Last week our memory foam topper arrived and tonight we're stripping the bed to put it on. We just bought new pillows today and we hope the combination really helps.

McGuiver jacuzzi fixing

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We recently were given a jacuzzi. After filling it up we discovered that there was a leak somewhere in a corner of the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi box was made of a cedar wood. My husband took his multi tool and cut down three different seems of the cedar, removed the wood, used the multi tool again to cut out the styro foam. found the line that was leaking, patched it, used instant foam to refoam it. The next day he put the cedar back on with a small finished nailer and you can't even tell it ever happened. What a McGuiver guy my husband is.

Ritz camera coupons

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It seems impossible these days to come up with something unique for my older daughter. Last year I bought her an ipod she loves it. This year am still shopping around. She needs a camera, her old one just doesn't keep up with the clarity of the higher pixel rated ones. In my email I received ritz camera coupons. I been checking out their site and besides a camera I am looking in to some interesting scrap booking.

3M command wall hangers

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We have so many different things that we want to  install on our walls. We just have to take the time and go to Home Depot to find the different hanging mechanisms that will work for us. One of the ones that we've used in the past is the command brand that is made by 3M. Once you stick their hanger to the wall you can just about guarantee that that object is not going to fall off.

June 16, 2012

Shop pharmacy counter

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Growing up in one country then coming to another you have to get used to the different rules and regulations. Some things that you can buy over the counter in my original home country you can't buy here without a prescription and the price here is fifty times more on some of the products. I started shopping online to see if its possible to ship some of these. They told me no so I guess its back to the doctors for prescription. One place that was promising is

Mischievous movie little rascals

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Its always nice to go through our collection of DVD's to find an old movie that we haven't watched in many many years. Recently I found an old copy of Little Rascals and my five year old has never seen it. Hecouldn't stop laughing but as I watched it I knew my little guy was getting big ideas on how many stunts that the Little Rascals have done.

June 7, 2012


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After the house was built we really didn't have a lot of backyard where the shade is. The side yard of the property was a lot higher so it gave the perfect opportunity to rent a skidster for scooping up the side yard and dumping it outback to enlarge our backyard. We only had it for the weekend so we had to move fast to complete the job.


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It was so good to know that during the storm the other day when the power went out that we had a generator. We didn't turn it on because it was still daylight. You never know how long it is going to be. In this case within 45 minutes the power was on. As I step out the front door you could hear the neighbor's auto generator running away. As soon as the power goes off for a half an hour it starts up how nice.

June 1, 2012

High heat

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I can't wait to take a trip back to the Philippines to see my loved ones, the only problem I'm going to have is the heat that's there. I thought it was hot before now that I'm used to the cooler weather of New York State I'm afraid I'm going to get sick from the intense heat that's there. Even on an 80 degree day in New York it seems too hot what are the 100 degree days going to do to me in the Philippines.

ps3 hard drive

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It was such a long time ago when the first video came out just after colored TV's came in effect they came out with the video game pong. It only really had one feature. It seemed to me bouncing a ball back and forth like ping pong was pretty idiotic. Now in today's world looking for a powerful ps3 hard drive is the name of the game for my kids. Their  upgrading never seems to stop.

Searching for extension ladder

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Looking for a  twenty eight foot extension ladder used online seems to be a little crazy when it comes to Syracuse craigslist. I typed in search for ladder and everything just about besides ladder comes up from bird cages to house boats to trucks and swimming pools are in that category. Very few ladders. I hope for the other people the search for their for sale items comes up correctly.

May 28, 2012

Retractable belt stanchion

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As you would hope for working on a power plant facility takes lots of training specially when it comes to safety. Some of the things that my husband went through to work there during a nuclear outrage were incredible. The tight areas he had to go through to set up bridging scaffold he said if he was any heavier he wouldn't have made it through. Some of the  retractable belt stanchion with their warnings on them were so crucial that if you cross that boundary with any part of your body you were fired on the spot.

Box office news

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The latest news in box office hits "Men in Black 3" has pushed "The Avengers" out of the top movie box office charts through Sunday and was likely to dominate theaters over the rest of the U.S. on the Memorial Day weekend. I haven't seen the movie yet but I looked at the previous and of course Will Smith is there but it sounds like Tommy Lee Jones will be playing a smaller part in the movie.

May 6, 2012

Back ground check

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I am so glad these days that for our safety and safety of companies there are more and more back ground check. My husband travelled all over the place for work being he is a union carpenter. Some of the areas that he goes to and works in are severely secure areas as in nuclear power plants. To make things easier my husband keeps track of every week of every year in his union day planner of his where abouts because when you have a background check they need to know all your  information. 

Old toys remembered

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Some of the best toys may get put up for a while but they never get put up forever while our son is growing up. As I dug through the closet it was just like seeing it again for the first time. My son had spotted the three big boxes of geo trak in the back. Each box weighing more than him drag them out and started building his train tracks all over for what seemed to be the first time.

May 2, 2012

K&N replacement air filters

Posted by Malou at 5/02/2012 10:26:00 AM 1 comments
A few months back we bought a 2004 Polaris predator ATV that was missing quite a bit of its parts so a little at a time my husband started buying the parts on eBay. After putting everything back together the ATV was real loud so my husband  decided  to install a quieter muffler system. After doing this the air filter system had to be changed and a new k&n replacement air filters had to be installed. By doing all this the predator now looks like a Polaris Outlaw ATV because the muffler system is now center of the ATV not on the side like a predator.

Spring again

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Spring might be here for the second time, we were spoiled back in early April when there was a week of beautiful weather then it all disappeared. This time I opened up all the windows to let the air in went through the house added some different pictures to our already overcrowded frames. But its nice to see the different pictures that we've taken over the years. Hopefully the other night it was the last frost so we can finally plant our garden.

April 26, 2012

Fun with your nails

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I remember the fun times as a little girl with my friend next door Sally. We didn't have much  but we have such a great imagination that went a long ways. The dresses we wore at our pretend tea parties were from her older sisters hand me downs. As little girls the excitement we had  with the first set of
fake nails didn't even compare  to the men landing on the moon. Our excitement was more with those nails.

Over the years Sally and I moved apart. Her husband had a traveling job which took him all around the world. The good things about this for Sally was so many different experiences in so many different countries. We caught up with each other few months back on facebook. The conversation that I had with her was almost three hours long. Reminiscing about the fun and how great it would be if we could get together again. As we were talking the conversation went to our tea parties. What a memory.

She sent me pictures of her new solar nails she says all through her life on a daily basis she had been addicted to the beauty and the manicuring of her nails. What Sally doesn't know and I didn't lead into it is that I had been working as a manicurist for the last ten years. My specialty at the shop is airbrush nails it was tough for me to hold back from telling her but I did because later on this year Sally will be  flying in to San Francisco for a short visit with her sister. I talked to her sister and she is going to tell me when Sally is going to be there that way I can fly from Cold New York to the beaches of California to have a long awaited reunion with my closest friend.

Changing banks

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Saying goodbye after many many years of banking at HSBC. Our self, we have always good luck with them. After reading the package that came from First Niagra Bank who is doing the takeover we decided that there was a few things we didn't like about their policies. So we shop around  for a new bank and decided to go with Bank of America hopefully nobody buys Bank of America.

April 22, 2012


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Talking about extreme renovations. My husband tells me stories of the place he worked on last year. The extreme renovations included raising the whole ceiling system to ten foot heights in the downstairs of this old house. And of course the ceilings of the downstairs are the floors of the upstairs. After doing all this work they installed fancy crown molding and of course solid oak with bevelled glass in it  pocket doors to divide the living room from the dining room. All old windows were also removed increasing the height of the new ones by sixteen inches. A lot of work went on but it was something that my husband had used to and enjoyed the situation.  The full upstairs of this house in case you're wondering all the ceilings were torn out and vaulted ceilings were installed. My husband couldn't believe the beauty of the Thomasville furniture the lady had picked out for her new house. But then again take a look at the class of lady that she is and you would understand.

2004 Polaris Predator seat cover

Posted by Malou at 4/22/2012 06:48:00 PM 3 comments
Trying to spiff up the looks of our 2004 Polaris predator, my husband ordered a new seat cover of orange and black. The reason for changing the color is that my husband changed the graphics on the four wheeler to orange and black over silver. So you can about imagine the color clash with the red seat.

Unique anniversary gifts for boyfriend

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Originally living half of world apart from my boyfriend/fiance it was a lot of fun getting to know him online at first and then in person second. Kind of reverse from your everyday getting to know someone. The only problem is that typing on a keyboard sometimes leads to the wrong impression. Words maybe taken in many different content. But I always tried to see the positive of it and I was right. On each month I wanted to find online a unique anniversary gifts for boyfriend . Every time I found something I started to search all over again because of the two week shipping sometimes to him. I had to purchase in a very short time.

Watching Ripley's believe it or not

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Flipping through the channels this weekend we had to stop and watch Ripley's Believe It or Not. From duplicating your complete body out of chocolate  like an Easter bunny look alike, to digital implants for holding all your vital statistics, along with any information including how many different drugs you're on. The stories went on and on not to mention the guy that sleeps next to his totally chilled out dead wife. You just never know what you'll find on this show. 

April 21, 2012

Amish gazebo

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As our economy was on a downhill swing my husband a union carpenter found himself travelling farther and farther out of town to reach the good work that he expected. The problem with that is there's less and less time to do things that we wanted to get done. He decided that with a little time he had to spend with us he would go with the amish gazebo instead of building it himself. We already have plans for a porch addition that will take up two three weeks of the summer.

April 20, 2012

Kodak Easyshare ZD710

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Taking pictures is a wonderful way for me to express my love of nature. I love taking pictures of my interest. It's a thrill to see the world and I love to go back with the photos I took. Seeing them makes me feel a sense of happiness. My husband bought me a digital camera  it has a 5.0 indoor and outdoor display with 7.1 mega pixels 10 x optical zoom. I been using it for many many years now and is very useful for capturing different options for the picture. When it comes to the clarity of the image I can't complain with the kind of service it offers. I should say I rate it as four and a half stars out of five. The camera automatically selects the best scene mode for your surrounding or you may do it manually with twelve different set up for the surrounding of your choice if you prefer to do it that way. It has many options when it comes to  setting up. By simply going to the edit button on the camera I can re size the image or do some more editing if I wanted to.  I also love this camera because it's very useful for capturing motion and sound. The video and sounds are so clear. This camera is Kodak Easyshare ZD710. You may type in your search through google to find out more.

April 15, 2012

Custom holiday cards

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It's always nice to stand out at the holidays when it comes to just sending the card to tell your love ones how much you missed them and wish you were there with them. Last year we did something really spectacular with our custom holiday cards. Our family picture was on the front of the card but if you tilted it it would show just the children's picture behind it it looked as if it was a holograph.

Digital to analog converters

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We have a beautiful old  analog TV that our son plays his video games on in his bedroom. But now we found a reasonable price digital TV converter that we can attach to his TV to pick up local channels and it will concert them to the old analog signal for at least local channels.

All natural diet pills

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It's so tough to exercise these days when you have a sit down job. You don't notice it until its too late that you gained ten or twenty pounds over a years time. On top of that your muscles get weaker over the month of just not using them. Looking for an all natural diet pills  can take some time. The thing that I hate about  trying a new product are the weeks lost  knowing if it is going to work or not. It seems these days with so many products on the market you don't know who to trust.

Slip on's

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As I was sitting down at my desk like I do day after day doing my work my feet are always uncomfortable in my shoe. As I looked over to a friend of mine at her desk she was wearing a pair of slippers on her feet that she takes on and off if she needs to get up to do something. So I decided to stop and pick up a set of slip on fuzzy moccasins and from this day forward at least I have comfortable feet at work.

Title loans charlotte

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Before I had met my husband  he had gone through a bad divorce losing almost everything and then trying to get back on his feet. He had to file for bankruptcy. The main reason was disconnecting his ex-wife from any future holds on what little property he had left. It was a long battle lasting almost four years of going to court to secure everything. If it wasn't for title loans charlotte and their help he would be in worst shape.
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In a way reality sinks in when they say the air in your house is more polluted than outdoors. You ever noticed when the sunshine comes in your house and you can see the little dust particles floating in the air? With our house we found that its the clothes after they've been dried in the drier. You pull them out and there's little particles leftover from the fabrics. Even though our dryer exhaust is cleaned we are thinking in the weeks to come to pick up a house air purifier.

Carhartt jeans

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My husband as a carpenter works a lot of the nuclear shut downs that's when once a year or once every two years the power plants will shut down for repairs and or re-filling. On occasion they had put him in the big concrete steam towers. You never know he says what the weather will be  inside. Dressing with carhartt jeans and his carhartt cover all and jacket he says are the most comfortable and protective wear he uses.

Pro line cooker

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You never know what gadget  my husband is going to buy for me next. He's always trying to save energy in the household so a week before Easter a box showed up in the mail. It turned out to be a SAVOUR EUX PRO LINE cooker. It uses 60 percent less energy and I cooked our whole Easter meal in it in such a fast time we ate an hour early.

March 30, 2012

Testosterone Test

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I just always thought that it was part of getting older, so many different things to watch out for as it comes to your health. Osteoporosis, diabetes, cardio vascular problems the list goes on and on. A friend of mine's husband had went through a series of tests because he had so many different symptoms. They found out that he had Lyme disease. After doing all the antibiotics and getting better one way they also decided to give him a Testosterone Test. After discovering the findings of this test and the medicine that he is taking he feels like he is a new man.

ATV winches

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A few weeks ago we took the ATVs out for the longest ride that we ever been on. Some of the areas we go into are wet and muddy this year even worse than last year. Luckily a couple of weeks before my husband installed an electric winch on the medium size Polaris that we have. He installed it on this one because this one is the one we use most often. Its a good thing we had it because after about half an hour of driving there was a small creek where there wasn't one the year before. After hooking  all the ATVs in a line we were able to pull all acrossed without too many problems.

Getting sicker

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Wouldn't you know it? We take our son to the doctor's because of a light case of bronchitis. After waiting forever seeing the doctor for a couple of minutes then getting a prescription we were finally out the door. Withing thirty six hours after leaving the doctor's he comes down with a flu and then after another twenty four hours he gives it to his dad. Now I'm just wondering if my immune system is strong enough to hold it up.

March 27, 2012


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A few weeks ago it seemed like spring was here. My husband decided to get out the ATV's and go for a family ride after checking the oil and filling them up with gas. At the last second my daughter decided she would run in the house and get the camcorders to record all of our trip fro that day. We ended up taking the trails as far as we could to the old railroad bridge. The only way to cross the railroad bridge is to ride the tracks in the middle. Its so funny when we came home and viewed the movie. The bouncing around on the tracks made for a real funny movie specially when we were trying to talk in our voice sounds were vibrating.

March 26, 2012


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Its so strange with the warmer weather you just think that it is spring outdoors. The last time  my husband can remember this is 1975 but we were anticipating a turn around in weather. You can see it coming and it just arrived. It might be bright and sunny outdoors but the winds are gusting  up to 50 miles an hour and the temperature is back down in the 30's and everybody wonders why we all have colds. Most of the time it isn't a cold its just allergies.

March 24, 2012

Rosetta translation

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My husband tells me stories of travelling all over the world as a carpenter for the union. The first thing he has to say is that it is hardly ever local work. But seeing the world and getting paid at the same time is a good deal. You don't generally think a carpenter has a lot to do with the nuclear facility but they do. In general, once a year the plants shut down for repairs and that where carpenters lend a hand specially when it comes to the steam towers. The only problem can be language barriers when you're in different country. London translator(s) sure come in handy in a lot of different situations. My husband tells me of times when the work order read one thing and its a good thing he had done this before because what they wrote down wasn't really the right details. That's when the statement "when in doubt you stop your work put things in a safe condition then consult your supervisor if that doesn't make you feel comfortable you can go above him without the fear of retaliation. That's the promise that we get from  the men at the top. All in all the double and triple tracks that we do with multiple personnel keeps us all safe."

Cisco router

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A few days ago we noticed that our wireless connection was slowing down. We reset the road runner router, we reset the cisco wireless router still speed is very slow. We unhooked everything and hooked our main computer directly into the road runner router and the speeds were incredibly fast so it meant that there was something wrong with the cisco system. After going into the program it did say that the speed is really slow. Contacted cisco system on the phone  and after she tried to sell me a program over and over again I finally told her I didn't want anything for my PC I just needed cisco to run as fast as it did. She says oh wait let me try something and the speeds automatically went fast. It makes you wonder if they just searched out all the IP addresses  that are attached to cisco routers and purposely slowed them down so you would call and they would sell you more stuff. Think about it.

March 17, 2012

Wholesale Insurance

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Like I've heard before you could never be too prepared for what you never know is coming. I couldn't believe when I heard the story about a neighbor down the road. The lady's husband pretty much died without warning. He had gone to the doctors with headaches a month prior to his death the doctor just prescribed pills for migraine headaches. The wife on that day went with him she was telling the story of the doctor that was in so much of a hurry that he rushed her husband through without even listening to what her husband really wanted to tell him or he didn't care to hear it. It probably wouldn't had changed the outcome but maybe it would had. Her husband  had a mass aneurysm and died. Thank goodness for one thing her mother in law had told her about the Wholesale Insurance program that they had got involved in so at least she had money for the final expenses for her husband.

March 15, 2012

Deep fryer

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It seems like I looked around forever I was trying to locate a new deep fryer for our kitchen. I don't deep fry very much but when I do I like to  deep fry two things at once as in some small pieces fish and fries. That way I can time it just right so they're done at the same time and I don't have to worry about one thing staying hot while the other one is cooking in a single basket. I don't really like my fish stuck to my french fries if I try it at the same time in a single basket. So I finally found a double basket which is 1700 Watts at heartland America for fifty nine dollars.

March 11, 2012

Techsmart store

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Without having a hobby or a passion for a possible project  life can get pretty boring these days. It doesn't have to be a big project just something that draws your interest  away from  the everyday grind of trying to stay ahead of your bills can be taken on a a project with the bad economy. Unfortunately before I found mine I was slightly addicted to eBay and buried myself into some debt that I didn't want hanging around.

At first I took up an opportunity to lower my interest rate by taking up an offer on another credit card. That helped quite a bit but boredom set in last Christmas and I ended up going a little overboard for the kids. After realizing what I had done I turned to Military Loans For Bad Credit. I really didn't have bad credit I had too much extended credit. My bills were paid on time but by the end of the month I was left with very little. After getting dressed one day I decided to clean out my closet  of all the extra clothes and shoes I had acquired on eBay. Soon after this using my credit card again I bought a nice digital camera and started taking pictures of all the clothes and different things around the house to sell them on eBay. I was able to pay back the Military Lending and most of my two charge cards withing six months. After that I kept the small balance charge card and have learned my lesson when it comes to burying myself in debt.

March 9, 2012

Urgent we don't care

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My husband was feeling a little under the weather for the last couple of weeks. So I finally took him to the doctors today. Being we don't have a family doctor we went to urgent care. The sign over the door should have said we don't care. When we finally got to talk to the doctor he really didn't want to listen about my husband's aches and pains. Besides what my husband was feeling there was other questions he wanted to ask about his health. Oh but the doctor was too busy to listen to anything my husband had to say. And basically mumbled a few words and made his way to the door leaving the nurse there to try to explain things that she couldn't. Aren't one of the first things a doctor is suppose to do is listen to their patient so they can give a proper diagnosis?

March 3, 2012

Coaching mental toughness

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My father in law was reminiscing one day about how hard they had it growing up on a farm in Central New York. His grandfather basically ran the farm. He tells the story  as to how much work and how much stress you could handle in one day and if you didn't handle all of it you are weak in his grandfather's eyes. Literally some of the things you had to do as one man would take two or three men to do it these days. It was a mental state  he says. It wasn't that you were going to fail you had no choice but to overcome. Specially in the winter time  he can remember digging with the regular shovel for almost seven hours straight to make a path for the cows to get into the building after a freak blizzard snow storm had hit the area. Hand sawing wood then splitting it for burning in the wood stove to heat the house, bailing hay in the summer and rising at five am in the morning  was just part of his everyday life. Nowadays kids have it so easy. But a lot of that comes from technology making things easier. We got soft, if you want to be the best of the best  you may have to have  someone to teach you in coaching mental toughness. These people have ways to aspire your mental toughness to gain an edge over your opponent. The site we found online for my friend's son that wants to excel better in football seems to take the right approach. Its a step per step procedure to evaluate the needs of the individual and they move on from there.

Storage wars

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I can't get enough of watching storage wars, pawn stars, and American pickers. It has to be so nerve wrecking to have them just cut the lock on a garage storage door and you don't get to walk in you can just look from the edge of the garage door to see what you may see. And that's all you have to go on for bidding. Sometimes you can see good stuff sometimes you can't. Its fun to listen to the bidders argue as the price goes higher.

Just the beginning

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Our son just started kindergarten and he is always the popular guy in school. With his awards of being best of the best in at least a quarter period of school. His friends are adding up just this week he was invited to three birthday parties. It was great watching him with his buddies at the bowling alley. Non of them at this age can even pick up a bowling bowl the right way. Our son came in second with a high score or 82. No strikes were spares but he did really well for his first time bowling. Go buckaroo!

March 2, 2012

Cotter pins

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We have a 2008 Polaris outlaw ATV. My husband put a trailer hitch on it so we can hook our little tilt trailer to bring up wood for burning during the winter in our wood stove to heat our house. One sunny day when he was done doing this he asked if the kids and I would like to go for a ride in the little trailer. We were having lots of fun  until the cotter pins broke that held the tilting mechanism that made the trailer dump. Luckily we were going slow  and we ended up in a soft field. No one was injured. It was still a lot of fun and we had a great laugh afterwards.

Code breakers

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So many scams out there these days I was watching a history channel program on tv that's shows the government has over 10,000 threats a day on their encryption systems for PC protection. They say most of the threats to breakdown the system for encryption come from China. They said on this program business people would hire computer geeks to sit around all day and just push different codes off a sheet that has been comprised of random numbers and letters.

February 26, 2012

Legal seeker

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As my grandmother got old  and couldn't take care of herself  my mom and dad ended up putting her in a nursing home in Florida. The only problem with this was is that its over twelve hundred miles away from most of the relatives. My mom and dad were there but they would only get a chance once a month to visit. Four months had gone by since I seen my grandmother we planned a trip to Florida to see her. As I walked into the room I could hardly recognize her. I won't go into it in depth here but I thought for sure it was nursing home abuse. I ended up searching this online and coming up with a few different ways that this would never happen again at this nursing home.

Years ago my friend's wife was expecting. Almost all through the pregnancy she was confined to bed rest. She had previously over ten years had two miscarriages. This pregnancy seemed to be going fine up to the last minute. They called the doctor forty five minutes before they would be at the hospital for the delivery. She was in her room at the hospital the doctor was not there. The nurse set up the sonogram. It took a while to find the baby's heart beat and then it was gone. The nurse said the baby had probably just turned on his side and she couldn't get a reading of the heart beat. Still no doctor there. The nurse had left the room. The doctor showed up about ten minutes after that. At this time still no heart beat. If the doctor would have been there possibly they would have done an emergency c-section to save the baby but the baby had already died at this point.  They proceeded to file a wrongful birth lawsuit. But wining their case didn't help with the tragedy.

They say that accidents are accidents but some can be turned around if acted upon pretty much immediately. But sometimes people being human don't catch their own mistakes fast enough. The thing that bothers you the most are when people are trained in a circumstance and don't cross check themselves. It happens a lot less often these days or maybe they just didn't keep track of it or know the cause in the past for brain injuries at birth. A this point you should seek out professional help from cerebral palsy attorneys, it is so much easier these days by going online.

The one main website I went to ahead of time in my case is so knowledgeable on the different issues is They say knowledge is power and this site ranks tops when it comes to that.

Snow sliding

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Its so cold out this morning but it looks so inviting the bright sunshine is here that we hardly ever get in Central New York. Even though its cold this afternoon when its the warmest at about thirty degrees we are going to dress up warm in hopes that there's enough snow in the ground to go sliding with our little one before it all disappears next week with rain predicted almost everyday.  

February 20, 2012

We call it our wishing creek

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Finally I was awaken by the sunshine something we hardly get in Central New York these days. Even though it isn't very warm out I'm going to dress my little guy and go outdoors for the long awaited spring time walk down to our wishing creek. As we walk down there we crossed the old railroad track picking up some small stones and take them down to the creek throwing them in one at a time and making wishes on each one.

February 18, 2012

Garden gnome

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It always makes me smile or laugh when I see one of these little dudes. Sometimes, people have collections of these in their front yard kind of reminds me of the seven dwarfs. The series Lost that was on TV for so many years had an episodes where Hurley and his buddy  after quiting their jobs at a chicken franchise went around their neighborhood  and collected every garden gnome then proceeded to take them and place them on their ex-boss front yard to spell out quite a rude gesture on their part.

New York's mistake

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So over the last three years my husband has been having a battle with the State of New York even though his daughter has full health insurance they keep on taking it out of his pay check.  He finally had time to actually drive to the office which is a long ways away and confront the people. The lady's excuse for the state  was that it was human error and somebody pushed the wrong button to indicate that he had to pay for all the health insurance. Now to try to get back  the almost three thousand dollars they took, he has to file a petition and wait for court date.  In the meantime they may take more out of his pay check. So ridiculous.

February 11, 2012

Atmosphere yoyo

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Growing up I really don't have a lot of toys good thing I had a really great imagination. I remember the first time seeing my friends yoyo spin through the air. That's all it took for me to be hooked on it. I couldn't wait for my dad to come home on the weekend so I could plead with him to take me to the store to buy a yoyo. I wasn't getting anywhere with mom. She never wanted to hear about money being spent unless it was food or clothing. Very conservative. These days raising my own children  I ordered two atmosphere yoyo as an introduction to my addiction through life. They were amazed at what I could do. They're a little frustrated at the learning part but still amazed by their new accomplishments with their yoyos.

Pop tarts

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In this fast paced world some mornings are so  impossible to get something to it before you're out the door. I haven't had them  in many years so when I went to the store I couldn't believe how many different kinds of pop tarts they had. I ended up buying two different boxes. After popping them out of the toaster taking a bite I started to relive the memories of my younger days sitting at the table arguing who got the last one of the pop tarts.

January 30, 2012

Barcode scanners

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Moving our business from one small location to a bigger location  was a lot of work.  It took two trucks just to carry all the new shelving that we had just installed  three months ago. When we went to put all the cabinets and shelving back together we decided to hire carpenters from a local 277. They had everything together in a couple of days. As I was searching through all the boxes that we packed I noticed the box with the barcode scanners was missing. After calling the trucking company I was relieved when they said they have found them on a tops shelf inside the truck we had used. So off I went to pick them up.

Old toys never fade

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The other day looking at my little boy's toys a lot of the toys that were around when I was little are still around these days. They never went out of style including his large collection of hot wheel cars. The great thing about the hot wheel cars is that he likes to combine them having fun also with his Lego blocks. This summer shopping around at yard sales we were lucky enough to find a whole large box of Lincoln Logs. He doesn't play with them much but he does play with them  extensively when he does.

January 25, 2012

Doctors medical malpractice insurance

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Years ago my husband had a general contracting business. After the first years in business he was doing really well. The only thing that he said that was somewhat unexpected was compensation insurance. Compensation insurance is based on payroll so obviously the more jobs you get the more payroll you have, the more insurance you have to pay. So after paying quite a bit each quarter at the end of the year he had to come up with another 6,200.00 dollars to balance the compensation insurance. After understanding all these its not so hard to understan Doctors medical malpractice insurance. You do one little thing wrong these days or you don't do anything wrong at all and there's still people out there that just feel like suing you for the heck of it.

X-treme power quarts infrared heater

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Our back porch is such a joy in the summer time. Its lightly shaded from 11:20 am to sundown. Opening up the windows to catch a nice breeze on the summer day while sipping tee with a friend is so relaxing. In the winter time though there's no heating system in there so it makes for a very cold room. The other day we got tired of that cold atmosphere and decided to buy a new x-treme  power quarts infrared heater. They say it will heat the room for about a dollar a day but that's a regular room . The back porch is about 50% glass which is very cold in winter but its well worth it to be able to use the area in the winter time.

January 24, 2012

Dermal Fillers

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A friend of mine that I went to school with and then eventually college always had her bouts  losing weight then gaining it back again. She was always so excited with having to go out and buy new clothes but then six months later going back to her old clothes. After years with this she finally found the right program that she could stick with that kept her weight stable.

After all these she went in for a few cosmetic procedures on different parts of her body.  One of her main concerns that she had was restylane cost. As she searched online which seemed to last for months she either printed or wrote down all the pros and cons of xeomin and later on the juvederm filler. There's so much information online these days, a great site that helped her the most in her search is at  She says when in doubt I'd go there for answers and also to cross checked herself.

The nervousness and stress would always be apparent  in the countdown of days before she would go to the doctors. The reward for her turned out to be extremely great. What I didn't realize was she was taking before and after pictures all through these even though I could see the extreme difference after she laid out the pictures on the kitchen table. I was so astonished.

Facebook updates

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Facebook can be a lot of fun these days. I think more fun than anything else.  The only problem is you have to make sure if you don't want the whole family to know everything at once you better  learn how to refrain from writing all of your daily activities. Sometimes my cousin will say something and I will repeat it where other people will see it and he gets mad that they know his business before he decides to tell them. So that starts  a little war so I really started watching what I am typing.

January 20, 2012

Medical computer

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A friend of mine was in a car accident sometime ago it was so crazy  a deer  ran out in front of him so he swerved to miss it and ended  up side down in the ditch. By the time he made it to the hospital over an hour had gone by. Luckily he is strong because it had taken so long to get him out of the car. At the hospital the nurse had brought in one medical computer and it seemed to not work so she rolled it out and  in a few minutes she came back with another one. Plugged it in and this one didn't work. I looked at her she had a blank face like she didn't know what was going on. I told her obviously the outlet isn't working.

Ankle massager

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I finally found something that works for my tired legs. I bought a small machine that I lay down and put my ankles up on it and it massages my tendons in the back of my ankles. When I'm done massaging them I slide up slowly so it massages my calf muscles. It's so nice, its like having new muscles in my legs everyday.

Low cost energy

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Our energy company keeps on sending us comparison audits in the mail saying that we use a lot energy than our neighbors. I'm getting tired of seeing this in the mail. They don't take into consideration the square footage  of the house or the number of people in your household. We have two apartments and seven people, two refrigerators and one deep freeze freezer. Of course we're using more energy than our neighbors. Most of the houses have two maybe three people living there. Compared to us their bills will be lower. We've already had our house weatherized and assessed for low cost energy programs  that our state and county promotes.

Motion sensored lights

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Sometimes my husband has to work at night and the house feels so empty. If anybody knocked at the door I'm not answering it. They should call first. I'm so happy with the extra lighting my husband installed outdoors. They're wireless outdoor motion activated lights that also have a little solar panel to charge during the day. The funny thing about it was  that the wind must have angled one towards the ground the other night.  I seen the light come on, I went to the window to see what it was and there was two rabbits playing in the snow. How funny.

January 12, 2012

Welding helmet

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Keeping the maintenance up on a home sometimes can keep you pretty busy. Good thing my husband is pretty handy at that. He has replaced all of our windows and the front door and also built a second storey deck up the back of our house. It seems like one or two times a year we need something welded and he is always taking it some place else and its been very expensive.  Last month he went out and bought a small MIG welder to fix the rails on the back deck that had become loose.  He also bought a high quality welding helmet. The one that came with the MIG welder was so cheap it fell apart on the first day.

Painting done quickly

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I decided to change  the color of our master bedroom the other day. Its not so much doing the painting it's moving things out of the room that takes longer than painting. Being I wanted to get the whole thing done in one day I asked my friend from across the street for a little help. My husband left for work and before he was home we had completely moved everything painted the room and put everything back. It was to his real amazement as he walked into the room and saw the new color. He said he liked it. I hope he really does.

Steel buildings

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Too many big boy toys and not enough room to store them. The backyard was getting out of control. We just didn't have enough room in our shed to store everything that we've collected over the years. Between the snowmobile and two four wheelers along with all the kids toys that you put up for winter the shed was overwhelmed. So we started looking for prices on steel buildings. We found the ideal size for us within a few minutes online. And being we're having a mild weather in Central New York we expect to have it up in the next couple of weeks.

Dead battery

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It doesn't happen very often  I was kind of embarrassed but at least I was prepared. I had left my headlights on at work and by the time I noticed them  they were really dim and it was six hours later. I shut the headlights off but there wasn't enough power to start  my car. I called my husband and he reminded me that in the trunk was a booster power pack for just such an occasion. So I opened the hood followed the instructions and the car started right up. My co-worker guys were asking me if I needed help and I just looked and smiled and said no. I have it under control. Thank you.

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