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March 3, 2012

Coaching mental toughness

Posted by Malou at 3/03/2012 09:21:00 PM 0 comments
My father in law was reminiscing one day about how hard they had it growing up on a farm in Central New York. His grandfather basically ran the farm. He tells the story  as to how much work and how much stress you could handle in one day and if you didn't handle all of it you are weak in his grandfather's eyes. Literally some of the things you had to do as one man would take two or three men to do it these days. It was a mental state  he says. It wasn't that you were going to fail you had no choice but to overcome. Specially in the winter time  he can remember digging with the regular shovel for almost seven hours straight to make a path for the cows to get into the building after a freak blizzard snow storm had hit the area. Hand sawing wood then splitting it for burning in the wood stove to heat the house, bailing hay in the summer and rising at five am in the morning  was just part of his everyday life. Nowadays kids have it so easy. But a lot of that comes from technology making things easier. We got soft, if you want to be the best of the best  you may have to have  someone to teach you in coaching mental toughness. These people have ways to aspire your mental toughness to gain an edge over your opponent. The site we found online for my friend's son that wants to excel better in football seems to take the right approach. Its a step per step procedure to evaluate the needs of the individual and they move on from there.

Storage wars

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I can't get enough of watching storage wars, pawn stars, and American pickers. It has to be so nerve wrecking to have them just cut the lock on a garage storage door and you don't get to walk in you can just look from the edge of the garage door to see what you may see. And that's all you have to go on for bidding. Sometimes you can see good stuff sometimes you can't. Its fun to listen to the bidders argue as the price goes higher.

Just the beginning

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Our son just started kindergarten and he is always the popular guy in school. With his awards of being best of the best in at least a quarter period of school. His friends are adding up just this week he was invited to three birthday parties. It was great watching him with his buddies at the bowling alley. Non of them at this age can even pick up a bowling bowl the right way. Our son came in second with a high score or 82. No strikes were spares but he did really well for his first time bowling. Go buckaroo!

March 2, 2012

Cotter pins

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We have a 2008 Polaris outlaw ATV. My husband put a trailer hitch on it so we can hook our little tilt trailer to bring up wood for burning during the winter in our wood stove to heat our house. One sunny day when he was done doing this he asked if the kids and I would like to go for a ride in the little trailer. We were having lots of fun  until the cotter pins broke that held the tilting mechanism that made the trailer dump. Luckily we were going slow  and we ended up in a soft field. No one was injured. It was still a lot of fun and we had a great laugh afterwards.

Code breakers

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So many scams out there these days I was watching a history channel program on tv that's shows the government has over 10,000 threats a day on their encryption systems for PC protection. They say most of the threats to breakdown the system for encryption come from China. They said on this program business people would hire computer geeks to sit around all day and just push different codes off a sheet that has been comprised of random numbers and letters.

February 26, 2012

Legal seeker

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As my grandmother got old  and couldn't take care of herself  my mom and dad ended up putting her in a nursing home in Florida. The only problem with this was is that its over twelve hundred miles away from most of the relatives. My mom and dad were there but they would only get a chance once a month to visit. Four months had gone by since I seen my grandmother we planned a trip to Florida to see her. As I walked into the room I could hardly recognize her. I won't go into it in depth here but I thought for sure it was nursing home abuse. I ended up searching this online and coming up with a few different ways that this would never happen again at this nursing home.

Years ago my friend's wife was expecting. Almost all through the pregnancy she was confined to bed rest. She had previously over ten years had two miscarriages. This pregnancy seemed to be going fine up to the last minute. They called the doctor forty five minutes before they would be at the hospital for the delivery. She was in her room at the hospital the doctor was not there. The nurse set up the sonogram. It took a while to find the baby's heart beat and then it was gone. The nurse said the baby had probably just turned on his side and she couldn't get a reading of the heart beat. Still no doctor there. The nurse had left the room. The doctor showed up about ten minutes after that. At this time still no heart beat. If the doctor would have been there possibly they would have done an emergency c-section to save the baby but the baby had already died at this point.  They proceeded to file a wrongful birth lawsuit. But wining their case didn't help with the tragedy.

They say that accidents are accidents but some can be turned around if acted upon pretty much immediately. But sometimes people being human don't catch their own mistakes fast enough. The thing that bothers you the most are when people are trained in a circumstance and don't cross check themselves. It happens a lot less often these days or maybe they just didn't keep track of it or know the cause in the past for brain injuries at birth. A this point you should seek out professional help from cerebral palsy attorneys, it is so much easier these days by going online.

The one main website I went to ahead of time in my case is so knowledgeable on the different issues is They say knowledge is power and this site ranks tops when it comes to that.

Snow sliding

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Its so cold out this morning but it looks so inviting the bright sunshine is here that we hardly ever get in Central New York. Even though its cold this afternoon when its the warmest at about thirty degrees we are going to dress up warm in hopes that there's enough snow in the ground to go sliding with our little one before it all disappears next week with rain predicted almost everyday.  

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