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March 24, 2012

Rosetta translation

Posted by Malou at 3/24/2012 08:04:00 PM 0 comments
My husband tells me stories of travelling all over the world as a carpenter for the union. The first thing he has to say is that it is hardly ever local work. But seeing the world and getting paid at the same time is a good deal. You don't generally think a carpenter has a lot to do with the nuclear facility but they do. In general, once a year the plants shut down for repairs and that where carpenters lend a hand specially when it comes to the steam towers. The only problem can be language barriers when you're in different country. London translator(s) sure come in handy in a lot of different situations. My husband tells me of times when the work order read one thing and its a good thing he had done this before because what they wrote down wasn't really the right details. That's when the statement "when in doubt you stop your work put things in a safe condition then consult your supervisor if that doesn't make you feel comfortable you can go above him without the fear of retaliation. That's the promise that we get from  the men at the top. All in all the double and triple tracks that we do with multiple personnel keeps us all safe."

Cisco router

Posted by Malou at 3/24/2012 07:48:00 PM 0 comments
A few days ago we noticed that our wireless connection was slowing down. We reset the road runner router, we reset the cisco wireless router still speed is very slow. We unhooked everything and hooked our main computer directly into the road runner router and the speeds were incredibly fast so it meant that there was something wrong with the cisco system. After going into the program it did say that the speed is really slow. Contacted cisco system on the phone  and after she tried to sell me a program over and over again I finally told her I didn't want anything for my PC I just needed cisco to run as fast as it did. She says oh wait let me try something and the speeds automatically went fast. It makes you wonder if they just searched out all the IP addresses  that are attached to cisco routers and purposely slowed them down so you would call and they would sell you more stuff. Think about it.

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