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June 16, 2012

Shop pharmacy counter

Posted by Malou at 6/16/2012 07:54:00 PM 0 comments
Growing up in one country then coming to another you have to get used to the different rules and regulations. Some things that you can buy over the counter in my original home country you can't buy here without a prescription and the price here is fifty times more on some of the products. I started shopping online to see if its possible to ship some of these. They told me no so I guess its back to the doctors for prescription. One place that was promising is

Mischievous movie little rascals

Posted by Malou at 6/16/2012 07:47:00 PM 0 comments
Its always nice to go through our collection of DVD's to find an old movie that we haven't watched in many many years. Recently I found an old copy of Little Rascals and my five year old has never seen it. Hecouldn't stop laughing but as I watched it I knew my little guy was getting big ideas on how many stunts that the Little Rascals have done.

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