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March 29, 2013

Robins are back

Posted by Malou at 3/29/2013 08:58:00 AM 0 comments
You can tell when spring is here. The robins are back along with the red wing black birds. I couldn't believe the other morning that there was birds in our upper bedroom's eve of the house. During the high winds of the winter it had knocked a piece of the facial off creating a nice place for the birds. My husband now has to get the ladder out to fix that piece before they start nesting and make a real mess.

Banner printing services

Posted by Malou at 3/29/2013 08:55:00 AM 0 comments
Trying to draw attention to my friend's new store was getting  a little frustrating. We had an okay crowd for the grand opening but it kind of trickled off. It must have been all the free stuff that we were giving away that weekend that enticed everybody. In the weeks to come we are utilizing a banner printing services to print up simply the words free coffee with the name of the store underneath and hopes to draw some additional people.

Walking exercise

Posted by Malou at 3/29/2013 08:50:00 AM 0 comments
My husband has been lightly preparing himself for the upcoming start of his new job. Being laid off most of the winter can definitely be a disability if you start right in on a hard job lifting and moving can hurt you very quickly. The other day he said he was going for a walk and didn't come back for an hour and a half. He ended up walking about three and one half mile. At least his legs is getting a workout.

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