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May 31, 2013

Above ground swimming pools

Posted by Malou at 5/31/2013 08:49:00 PM 0 comments
With this year's summer temperature expected to be hotter the most. We decided to look in to the pricing of above ground swimming pools. I remember years ago at our other house that it wasn't so much the price of the pool. The ground over there wasn't level enough to set the pool up. We ended up buying one load of sand and working through the weekend to level the ground so the pool would work right.

Roofing quotes

Posted by Malou at 5/31/2013 08:44:00 PM 0 comments
My husband and I were looking at our roof the other day and it won't be long before it needs replacing. We have decided this time to have a contractor do it instead of my husband. Its a good thing that I'm knowledgeable about roofing shingles. The first guy that I talked to lied to me at least three times while he was measuring the house. He didn't know that I already had all the measurements. He was over measuring the house at least by thirty percent. It goes to show you that you should be ready and knowledgeable.

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