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August 27, 2013

Gator trombone cases

Posted by Malou at 8/27/2013 07:38:00 PM 0 comments
We had a great summer with the kids. We didn't get to go to too many places but the places we went to were great fun adventure. When we got home from one of our trips the kids went downstairs and the noise never stopped for about four hours. I think it was because they get hungry not tired of playing all of their musical instruments. After lunch I went downstairs and our seven year old was sound asleep in the gator trombone cases. His sister was playing the trombone and the trumpet was in the case with my son.

Isuzu VehiCross

Posted by Malou at 8/27/2013 07:32:00 PM 0 comments
I hope someday soon we are able t fix our Isuzu VehiCross. Its been three years now since we've driven it. It had an oil fire underneath burning the wires that controlled a lot of the truck's controls. To see a lot of fun pictures of the VehiCross, just go to and type it in.

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